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Role-play Requests / Re: Looking for an RP
« Last post by Sigurd13 on Today at 09:17:40 AM »
If you don't mind a male playing a female part, I'd love to hear any ideas you have
I wonder if the #MeToo movement will accept the robot into their circles now!
Rape Roleplay / Re: Don't Walk Home Alone (armoured & rvplymates)
« Last post by armoured on Today at 03:26:03 AM »
"You're going to leave your door unlocked every night. You're going to stop wearing panties, and you're going to sleep either nude, or with an old t-shirt. No pajamas or shifts or anything like that. You belong to me now."

Tom stood and slammed a fist into the bathroom wall, making a deep crater in the drywall.

"If you make me mad, you'll regret it." He growls.

Tom stood to and walked to the door.

"Don't worry, it'll probably be temporary. Think of me as your abusive boyfriend. Just a phase that you'll live through if you listen." He says.

"You can bring home guys if you want, if I haven't seen you in a while, but you gotta be careful because if I run into them, I'll kill 'em. Anyway, g'night sweat-heart."

Tom walked through the door, and Jenny could hear him dressing, buckling his belt, pulling on his boots and shirt. There was the sound of wood straining, then a metallic clink, and Jenny realizes it was the knife being pulled from the floor. Tom walks back into the bathroom, holding the knife. And for a moment Jenny fears the worst, but then Tom sheathes it at the small of his back.

"Just came back for a kiss before I go." Tom said.

He pulls her up by her hair and kisses her deep for several minutes, not caring that he just used her mouth only a couple minutes ago. After a bit, Tom lets her go, and then walks out of the room. A minute later, Jenny could hear her front door open and close. He was finally gone, for now.
BDSM Roleplay / Re: Garden Apartment - RV and Blud
« Last post by rvplymates on Today at 02:22:49 AM »
I moaned loudly as you started to speed up pounding into me hard and deep.  I could feel an orgasm beginning to build as you handled me roughly.  Intense sensations were running through me as you kneaded my breasts even more.  I moan loudly from the pleasure you were causing as it surged through my body.  You began pounding into me harder, deeper and faster and my sounds of pleasure got louder.
BDSM Roleplay / Re: New Earth: 2513 (Bludmagnus & RV) SPECIAL...
« Last post by rvplymates on Today at 02:17:09 AM »
Pleasure and excitement ran through my body wildly as you pounded into me harder and deeper.  When you yanked me roughly I moaned louder. My excitement grew quickly as you mixed gentleness with roughness as you massaged my breasts.  I moaned loudly as you pinched my nipples sending waves of pleasure through me.  Your shaft was so deep inside of me that it hit my cervix over and over sending waves of excitement through me.
BDSM Roleplay / Re: Executive Position (Blud & RV)
« Last post by rvplymates on Today at 02:08:03 AM »
"No matter what one's business is, there are always people who will do bad things, Jessica.   There are also people who will see either or both of us as target for ransom."
I raised an eyebrow as you told me that we both could be targets for ransom.  I told you, "Maybe we should have body guards so no one can kidnap us.
I waited for your answer to what I had said.  I actually thought it was a good idea.
I raised my eyes to you as you spoke, "Well after we are finished eating, we can get started on it some.   Not going to rush, but of course not going to dawdle either."

I smiled as you nodded and we both continued to eat.  The food was so good.  I began to think of all the things you have taught me.  Even eating healthy was because of you.  This assignment was helping me in more ways than one.  I did not want it to ever end.

I gasped as you pulled out of me and made a sound of disappointment.  I was surprised as you pulled me off of the dresser and pushed me roughly to my knees.  Your fingers tangled into my hair holding me in place.  I looked into your eyes as you pushed your shaft deep into my mouth and throat.  You growled at me, "Take it all and suck on it in slave holly's mouth and throat.  Clasp your hands behind your back like a good girl, and suck Master's cock.  Show him how much she loves him and accept the way he loves her.  Take it deep in her throat and express how appreciative she is for him taking her as he has."  I immediately did as you ordered.
Rape Roleplay / Re: Hard Lessons (Jdrake & wickdsally)
« Last post by Jdrake on December 13, 2017, 11:15:03 PM »
Malcolm greatly enjoyed the first few seconds of watching her struggle to move, the way whimpered as the pain shifted with each movement of her weight... but he sighed as she stopped, watching the realization set into her eyes. He waited, hoping she would find it in her to keep moving, to keep trying to escape, but she just lay there for a full minute and then more, not moving.

He sighed louder. "Aww, poor slut. Did you give up and decide that you wanted to be a good little whore after all? You seemed so opposed to the idea... come now, just because its hard doesn't mean it isn't worth doing." He chuckled as an idea occured to him. "You know what? I'll help you." Leaning down, the big man grabbed Sam by her long, dark hair and yanked her along the floor by it. That dug a new set of pins into new places on her body, and flinching away from that pain and the pain in her scalp only showed her new places to hurt. He drug her along the floor, out of the room, and over to the stairs. "Come on now, this is the hardest part," he chuckled. "The door is just down the hall, I know you want it. Silly little sluts like you always want things, but their too lazy and scared to go for them. Sometimes, they just need a little... push."

As he spoke, he had dropped her hair, letting her sag down to the ground again. He walked around to her side, grinning... and put his heel on her side and shoved. And his new pet whore toppled down the stairs, rolling. He had carpets, of course, and it wasn't a very long fall, so he wasn't really worried about her being seriously injured. If she broke a finger or twisted an ankle, well, serves the slut right for making this difficult. She didn't need those to satisfy him anyway. Regardless, it shouldn't come to that... but the impacts of her body against the steps was sure to feel agonizing with the additional sharp stabs of pain to add to the bruises.

Malcolm watched, already hard as a tree again, as he fell down the flight of stairs and sprawled in the hall at the bottom, new trickles of blood emerging from some of the pin stabs."Two minutes left slut. You sure you don't want to go for the door?"
Savage Sex / Re: Sex Robot Suffers Damage At Trade Show In Austria
« Last post by Natalija on December 13, 2017, 07:10:31 PM »
Exacly. That is the only kind of "woman" they dezerve to have! :P
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