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Innocence corrupted
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Theo isn’t very bright, actually when saying that he isn’t very bright it is like a compliment for him, most people just call him the retard. He has a serious learning disability and, at 19 years old Theo has the mind of a 6 or 7 year old boy. At first that was not much of a problem, but when at age 14 he reached puberty, or better, his body reached puberty while his mind stayed on the level of a preschooler, the frustration started to change him. Tantrums and outbursts of rage and fury made Theo dangerous and unpredictable but lucky for him and his parents a unique therapist with rather unusual methods managed to calm Theo down by teaching him to masturbate. His parents were horrified when they discovered it, but the result spoke for itself and because of that, Theo was allowed to stay at home instead of being locked away, so they didn’t say anything about it, just made sure that Theo understood that he should only wank himself when he was alone.

But retarded or not, Theo is an adolescent young man and ever since that young couple moved in next door 11 years ago, he had really liked the woman. She had been pregnant with their first child back then, and since then she had born 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. But more important, she had always treated Theo with kindness. Over the years his liking her had become a crush and finally an obsession. Theo wanted her, needed her, and the fact that she was 15 years older and married didn’t matter to him.

Her husband is an engineer and has to maintain and service machines all over the world, which means that he is often gone for weeks, sometimes month, leaving her alone with the kids. For Theo that is a clear indication that she must need him, because Theo is always there and would never leave her. But Theo also knows that she doesn’t see him like he sees her, so it is quite obvious that he has to convince her.

Now he might not be intelligent, but that doesn’t mean Theo is not smart, a kind of street smart that develops when everyone is looking down on you and because people don’t think that Theo understands, they usually talk quite openly in front of him. When he noticed that his mom always took a pill before going to bed, he asked her about it and she told him that she has trouble falling asleep and those pills help her. Theo got all excited about it, and she thought he was worried, so she explained that 1 pill is quite safe and only makes her drowsy enough to fall asleep. Even 2 or 3 pills would be safe, only by taking 20 or more they would be dangerous. Theo nodded to that and the subject was off the table, or so his mom thought.

But Theo got a wonderful idea from that, knowing that he was not allowed to masturbate when others would be able to see him, but desperately wanting to do so when his cute and kind neighbor was around, he figured that, if she would sleep without being disturbed by him, it would be ok.

Theo knows of course that he can’t just give her the pills, but he also knows that the neighborhood barbeque is coming next Saturday, and Theo always helps out by serving people drinks and food, so that will be his chance, especially because her husband is on one of his business trips again.

Patiently Theo waits until all younger children are in bed and only then he swipes 5 of his mother’s pills, carefully grinds them and stirs the powder into her orange juice before he brings it over with a smile. It doesn’t take long and she begins to yawn and within 30 minutes she excuses herself and heads home to sleep. Theo waits another 30 minutes and then he also excuses himself, but instead of going to bed, he just gets the neighbor’s key that his parents have in their key box in case they accidentally lock themselves out and walks over to her house. Silently he sneaks up to her bedroom and opens the door. Theo gasps when he sees his beautiful neighbor on the bed. She must have been so tired, that she collapsed on the bed before she was ready. Her clothes lie on the floor, her nighty is still on a chair, the only thing she is still half wearing are her panties, but those are down at her knees.

Theo never saw a naked woman before, well, not life, he only had seen some pictures in a magazine that some of the boys had given him to taunt him, but this is very different, this is the love of his life. Theo notices that his penis is painfully hard, but before he releases it from his shorts, he pulls her panties completely off and throws them on the pile of clothes. Theo is in total awe as he looks at her angelic face, framed by her long, blond hair.

“I love you Sandy” he whispers, for the first time ever using her first name instead of calling her Mrs. M. as he usually does “I really love you!”

She looks different like those women in that magazine, her titties are smaller and softer, they sag and don’t stand up like perfectly round hills, her nipples do not poke out and between her legs she has hair, just like him. Her asshole is tiny and pink, not stretched and brownish like those women in that magazine, but Theo things she is the most beautiful woman in the whole world. Gently he touches her tits, just a handful each, and so very soft. Theo almost jumps back when her nipples begin to harden under his caress and she groans a little in her sleep, but Sandy doesn’t wake up and he has more time to explore her. The slit between her legs is closed, but Theo knows from the magazines that it doesn’t have to be, so he gently opens it up with his fingers to see the pink inside of her lips. For reasons he can’t understand his excitement grows even more and he finally lets his rock hard penis out of the confinement of his shorts, to his surprise it is already dripping.

Remembering why he is here Theo begins to wank, but then he stops again. His love is naked, he should be too, so he quickly takes all his clothes off. Sandy turns to her right side now and there is a half-smile on her beautiful face. Theo can’t hold back any longer, his member is throbbing painfully and so he starts wanking again, his eyes glued to the naked body of his gorgeous neighbor. Usually he plays around with himself for 20 to 30 minutes, but he is much too excited for this now and after not even 5 minutes he explodes like he never did before. His cum shoots out in like the jet of the fountain in the park and it doesn’t stop for a long time. Standing beside Sandy’s lower legs his sperm has catapulted out so forcefully that even her face and hair is covered and so is her left boob, her thighs and her bum. For a second Theo is scared that she might wake, but Sandy doesn’t seem to notice, her breath is slow and even only her nose twitches a bit.

Theo smiles, he feels a lot better now, but even though he just came harder than ever before, his pecker doesn’t really relax. It softens a bit, but not like usual when it becomes all flaccid and lax after cumming. He looks at Sandy’s naked body and smiles happy. Remembering some of the pictures in that magazine Theo gently puts the tip of his pecker on Sandy’s lips, but she doesn’t open her mouth, not even when a bit of cum flows out and stains her pouty lips. Theo frowns, but then he remembers something else and turns to Sandy’s slit again.

With his fingers he opens her cunt lips once more and then slowly, deliberately rubs his still semi erected cock against the inside. Instantly he gets hard again, it feels so great, so right! Rubbing a bit harder he gasps in surprise when the head of his cock suddenly slides into Sandy, revealing that there is an actual hole. Carefully he forces his dick deeper inside, and even deeper until all of it is in Sandy’s hole. It feels wonderful, much, much better than masturbating. Slowly Theo pulls out and then forces his cock back in, again and again, faster and faster. His left hand finds Sandy’s bouncing tittie and begins to massage and squeeze it, her nipple hardens again under his touch and Theo pinches and pulls it.

To his dismay Sandy’s smile is gone now and a serious frown is painted on her angelic face as she groans in pain in her sleep. But Theo doesn’t really care, this feels much too good to stop just because Sandy doesn’t seem to like it. After all, he loves her, so she will have to take whatever makes him happy, isn’t that how it is when you love someone? Theo is a little angry that Sandy doesn’t seem to enjoy his efforts, so he starts to pinch her nipples harder now and when she groans in pain again, he slaps her tit. For some reason he feels good about that. Sandy doesn’t appreciate him, so she needs to be punished. Exactly like his parents always do with him when he doesn’t value their efforts.

“This hurts me more than it hurts you” he whispers and smiles happy when he watches Sandy’s nipples and titties beginning to bruise. Hurting this beautiful young woman is even more exciting than caressing her, especially while thrusting his hard cock in and out her slit hole.

Theo’s dick starts to twitch again and he knows what that means. One more hard thrust as deep as possible inside Sandy and he explodes for the second time this evening, but for the very first time of his life inside someone’s snatch.

Extremely satisfied Theo pulls out of Sandy’s hole with a loud plop and, for a while, watches his sperm oozing out of her slit. He planned to keep this a secret, but after having cum inside of Sandy, he knows he will have to tell someone, it is just too good to keep it all to himself. Of course he will not be able to tell his parents, they will never understand, but the boys might. After all, they have those magazines and always talk about “fucking bitches”. Theo wonders, what he did with Sandy, might that be “fucking”? If so, he wants to do it again and again, every day and every night, because it is wonderful.

But the boys will not believe him, they never do. They always call him “retard” and make fun of him. Theo frowns, he needs to tell someone, but if they don’t believe him it is no good. Suddenly he smiles, they will believe him if he can prove it, and prove is easy. Theo grabs his shorts and pulls his cell phone out of the pocket. He starts taking pictures of the naked Sandy, dried cum on her face and in her hair, slightly bruised his and nipples and best of all, his sperm still flowing out of her hairy slit. For good measures he shoves his cock into her cunt again and then puts it on her pouty lips for some more pictures. That is prove, Theo smiles to himself, they will have to believe him now. 

to be continued on request. Let me know if you want more

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Nobody asked me to continue, so I will assume that nobody is really interested in my fantasy and stop boring you with it