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Role-play Requests / seeking female for rape rp in yim, or skype
« Last post by roleplayrape on Today at 01:35:15 AM »
Seeking a mature woman for a rape roleplay in YIM or skpye.    In  Skype I am roleplayrape.   I will be on for three hours tonight.
Savage Tales / Re: Motel break-in
« Last post by Gobstopper on January 20, 2018, 08:33:07 PM »
Nice, you gonna feed them something else?
Savage Tales / Re: Motel break-in
« Last post by edextract on January 20, 2018, 04:15:11 PM »
Pizza was served with a careful sequence of ungagging, regagging, and the ever-present threat of the stun gun, as the girls remained fixed in place in the bathroom.  Once that was done I considered what the next part of the adventure was going to be.  I ran my fingertips over Julie’s thighs and ran my middle finger along her slit, brushing the trimmed hairs aside until her lips were fully exposed to my gentle motions.  A few moments of  stroking and I felt a tiny but unmistakable drop of lubrication seeping out of the girl.  I used that to slowly increase my speed and penetration, as Christine began “screaming” through her gag yet again, realizing that I had abandoned the pretense of our bargain.  For her part, Julie just wiggled her hips and grunted.  Soon I had two fingers massaging her canal and my thumb rolling her clit, as her breathing picked up despite her desires.

I took my hand away and untied Julie’s wrists from the towel bar, then unfastened her feet from the toilet base.  I pulled her to her feet by her still-tied elbows and wrapped my arm around her waist, feeling her nude body against mine as I tugged her back into the main room.  As we approached the bed I released my grip and gave her a push forward onto bed.  Julie squealed as she hit the mattress face down, and again when I grabbed both ankles and pulled her back off it so her hips were at the edge of the bed and her bent knees almost lay on the ground.  As she realized what was finally happening, she started kicking again but I pulled her thighs apart and raised her hips back up to my height.  Then, at last, as I held her up, I pressed my distended cock head against her pussy lips and slid it forward.  Wet as she was, it only took a couple of  strokes until her vagina held my cock deep inside her.  I felt her ass squirming against my belly as she tried to somehow get away from the invasion. My balls having been drained twice recently I was able to draw out the fuck for longer than I expected, despite the tightness of her young sheath.  I was able to vary her noises and my pleasure by shifting my angle and depth repeatedly, until her wheezing and irregular breaths themselves thrilled me to near-climax.  Finally my cock swelled that last, impossible bit, and I groaned as I loosed spurts of cum into the girl.

As I enjoyed the softening of my cock in her cunt, I leaned over and whispered into her ear: “Good girl.  You earned something.”  I reached under her pussy and pressed and squeezed a bit.  Her pussy twitched around my cock as she responded by pushing her cunt back against my hand.  I pulled out, rolled her over and knelt on the floor, my head between her thighs, and began to lick at her clit.  I added three coned fingers into her cunt and between all the stimulation it wasn’t long at all before all her muscles froze up and she stopped breathing for a second; then her vagina grabbed my fingers hard and she gasped through her nose repeatedly for a good 30 seconds.  As she came down from her orgasm I grabbed a stray length of rope and re-tied her ankles, just to prevent any nonsense.
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Sigurd13 on January 19, 2018, 11:01:27 AM »
Billy kept her head down as she removed what few scraps of clothing she still had.  Thankful that she didn't hear any laughter, she still blushed just to be naked in front of a room full of boys, especially with her huge nipples hardening and poking out almost right away with the chilliness in the air.  She kept her hands over her private places as much as she could, while tryinf to listen for any pose requirements the teacher had her take.
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Thedoctorisin on January 19, 2018, 12:44:04 AM »
He took her into the chilly art room and set her on a post in the middle of the room.  The boys grinned as they walked in, but a few ruler smacks later they all began quietly drawing her.
Rape Roleplay / Re: At the Mercy of the Court
« Last post by Thedoctorisin on January 19, 2018, 12:42:50 AM »
(No problem.  I haven't been on in a few days either.)

He gently tousled his daughter's hair and kissed her forehead.

"You're joking right?  You could have kicked your sister to the curb at any time.  No one would have thought any less of you.  Instead you drop out of school and work minimum wage jobs so you can adopt her and treat her like she's your own daughter.  And even now you fight for her...after marrying an amazing man and giving me a grand child.  Liz you've done an amazing job."
Rape Roleplay / Re: A Medieval World (armoured & twistedgrimm)
« Last post by twistedgrimm on January 18, 2018, 12:30:22 PM »
(Hm. Uhm just a suggestion but how would Edwin enjoy his own duel? Drunk fisticuffs!)

(I actually do not know much about the Romans beyond their approach to art; I was a Greek Mythology girl. I know some interesting shit about Hades and resident rapist Zeus.)

(... Sorry for the late response. New Years are stressful as fuck.)

I am a wondrous delight he says, and I am curious as to just how rare it is for a woman not to throw himself at him. Surely my lack of interest is all that interests him in return. I do not quite like it as his hand caresses my cheek, but it is far less of an advance than before.

"A village girl," I answered, and my tone was a touch hollow for that had not been true for a long while. "Little more, I promise."

Little more, I think to myself, than a squire turned whore and then thief; not much more than a mother.

I smile, then, and it is sharp. "It would hardly interest a noble man like yourself." I will not give him an opportunity to ask for more information. No, not when my tongue may still be loose from the alcohol.

I do not react as his arm loops around my tiny waist, and allow him to walk us back onto the street. He had more wine. He must want to get me drunk, or perhaps further drunk for I am not quite sure how that elixir he had shared would work. He wanted something, right?

"Regardless, you will find entertainment tonight, I swear it," he says, and my smile turns teasing in response.

"And I will hold you to that."

"First the gardens, and if that isn't entertainment enough, perhaps stolen portraits, exotic statues of marble, gold, ivory or other materials? We'll see..."

My interest piques at the mention of thievery. Oh, I was hardly interested in art, but the escapades of a fellow thief was interesting enough.
Rape Roleplay / Re: At the Mercy of the Court
« Last post by twistedgrimm on January 18, 2018, 11:23:52 AM »
(Sorry, busy with the new year.)

Liz gladly hugged her father back, and smiled. He mentioned that he had been watching her, and that he was proud. Her smile faltered.

"P-proud?" She asked. "I don't think I'm doing so well, Dad."
FemDom' Boots / Re: Castration Party (Fdom/M, gelding)
« Last post by JackSwan on January 18, 2018, 06:31:11 AM »
Certainly sadistic! I liked it but still had to cringe when he was gelded.
FemDom' Boots / Re: Castrated at the Moment of Ejaculation By Martin
« Last post by JackSwan on January 18, 2018, 05:50:07 AM »
I had to cross my legs to finish that.  Very vivid imagery.   :bravo:
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