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Give Them An Inch by Karinthia, Femdom, humiliation
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Give Them An Inch by Karinthia, Femdom, humiliation
A new batch of free man arrive for The Commander to turn into abject slaves

     “Where did you say these were caught again, Sophie?”

     “Right near the border, Ma’am. Seems the rebels are getting bolder by the day.”

     “Or more desperate. Okay, march them through the courtyard. Let me get a good look at them, then we’ll see which seem to be worth the bother. Some are in such bad shape, it’s just not worth the effort re-training!”

     Down below, armed guards drew the uniformed men through the archway to the open courtyard. Chained hand to foot, they had no chance of escaping. This program had been running far too long for a chance of that ever happening now. The blindfolds they wore were simple things, as the Commander preferred them. Her favorite saying was, “The more complicated you get, the greater chance there is for things to fuck up” . . . and since what she said goes, that was the way things were.

     A dozen men clanked their way until they all stood in front of the Commander’s balcony, unseeing, but being seen by all. Doors were cracked with quiet voices petering out in the stillness of the surroundings. Windows where people could be seen walking back and forth were now still as those walking by were captured by the vision of the men in chains. New prisoners were far and few between now, so this was quite a spectacle. 

     The Commander quickly walked down the stairwell with Sophie, clipboard in hand, and together, they went through the men one by one. With a touch to his shoulders, this one was pronounced too old. Gazing at another’s wounds, that one was categorized as irreparable. 

     The women walked through the line deciding men’s fates as they enjoyed the sunshine warming their faces and chatted quietly to one another as they made notes next to each man’s number. Near the end of the line, a man stood quietly with his head cocked to one side, listening to them, testing the chains that held his wrists tightly in place.

     He still had some hope, Sophie realized. That would soon be taken care of, she grinned. There were some aspects of this job she would never grow tired of!

     Standing in front of the line of prisoners, the Commander motioned to the waiting guards to take the culls. She didn’t let them know even by the inflection in her voice what awaited them next; but, by their lack of response, she knew the marching to get here had numbed them. They were too tired to have a response.

     Well and good, she thought to herself. The sooner they got them logged in and sent to their next destination, the simpler life would be for all of them. 

     Now, to handle the leftovers …

     “Guards! You know the drill. Strip them of their rankings.”

     One by one, the men were stripped of insignia, stripes, and the telltale markings of their place in society. A few struggled. A few put up feeble protests that might have been heartbreaking to see if it hadn’t been seen dozens of times already.

     The Commander had realized a long time ago that by simply removing their rankings first, she would be able to deal a blow to their precious male egos. A lot of these men could only see themselves as part of a male structured, rank driven society. By taking that away in the first part of this ‘disrobing ceremony’, she was able to drive a huge wedge into their perceptions of themselves, and in turn, make their retraining that much more successful.

     With their knives glinting in the bright sunlight, the guards quickly stripped the men from collar to cuff.

     They shivered naked in the morning sun. This was probably the first time they had paraded naked in front of an audience since their parents cooed and caa’d over them as newborns.

     She was proud to note that she had trained the guards well. Not a snicker or a jest did the guards let out as they witnessed the prisoner’s humiliation. They knew that this was just the beginning of what the prisoners would experience. Laid on too thick and they would lose the prize they were all after.

     The prisoners were taken, one at a time, to the blacksmith’s awning and fitted with new gear. Strong leather cuffs were form-fitted to grace their wrists and ankles. Next, a thick leather collar was buckled around their necks with the locks being welded shut. D-rings adorned the back and front, but the most noticeable thing was the wide leather strap that dangled down the back. Along that leather strap were dozens of small latches perfect for locking the prisoner’s hands wherever his handler needed them to be for the moment. Until they learned the benefits of docility, they would be kept in strict bondage.

     Never getting over the thrill of watching the blacksmith at his work, the Commander and Sophie stepped closer. They were just in time to see him settle the quiet man into his bindings. Glancing over at Sophie, the Commander realized just how well she had chosen for the aide’s position. The girl was practically licking her lips while watching the men being fitted!

     Sophie leaned closer to the Commander and whispered excitedly, “THIS one is going to be fun to put through his paces, just you watch!”

     Grinning in agreement, the Commander nodded and proceeded to watch the quiet man. Those were the ones who usually caused the most trouble, she found.

     The blacksmith, meanwhile, had almost finished setting him up in his bindings. The leather strap had been taken down the middle of his back, brought between his spread legs, and was now being fastened permanently to the front of his collar. With the guards carefully looking on, the prisoner’s wrists were drawn back and fastened to one of the latches above the crack of his ass. The only thing left to do was pull his cock and balls through the metal ring purposely made in the strap. This was usually done with a bit of pain because the fit had to be exact. Not a centimeter of free space was allowed, and the blacksmith was not known for his patient ways. That was the part Sophie was hoping to see. More than one man had been brought to his knees by the ham-fisted blacksmith.

     Standing there blindfolded, the prisoner didn’t know what was coming until he felt a thick, meaty hand grabbing his cock. The second he did, he reacted. Unknowingly, unthinkingly, he just reacted. His knee flew up just in time to catch the bent over blacksmith and promptly smacked him square in the forehead. A vague remembrance of a giant falling in a children’s fairy tale flashed through the spectator’s minds. The blacksmith, meanwhile, was down for the count.

     The quiet prisoner, on the other hand, was busy feeling the full weight of the guards as they felled him quickly and efficiently. He was flipped onto his back, and booted feet kept him pressed tightly to the ground.

     From the prisoner’s closed in world, a female voice spoke. Sexy sounding and as smoky as no woman’s had a right to be, the voice captured his complete and utter attention.

     “That wasn’t so nice, was it? He was just following orders, as you’ll soon learn. It might just be that you have ideas that don’t fit your new surroundings and need a little help in getting more acclimatized, no?” She paused for a long moment, and the man lying on the ground could hear the waiting stillness in the guards. Whoever she was, she had their complete respect and attention.

     “Yes, I do believe that’s your problem. The sooner we get you use to the way things ARE instead of how things use to be, the better off you’ll feel; I’m sure of it,” she continued in almost a soothing tone. 

     “Did you hear me, Prisoner? The proper way to respond is, ‘Yes, Ma’am!’ spoken loudly enough to be heard and with respect. RESPECT! Do you understand me completely?” she said loudly and a little to the left of his hip.

     “Yes, Ma’am. I understand you,” he quietly responded.

     “Good boy! I didn’t think your little walk through the valley had completely taken everything out of you. Now… spread your legs. Spread them nice and wide,” she demanded. He swore he could hear the grin in her voice. If only he could see her face. That beautiful, husky voice could never find a home in a woman to compare, he thought.

     She must have made some flick of her wrist because the next thing he knew, hands were dragging his legs apart at the knees, and he could feel someone step between them.

     “Ah, and here I thought that you had a grain of sense, Prisoner,” she tutted at him a minute before he felt a flash of lightening strike his inner thigh. Choking back the scream that was working its way up his throat, the prisoner clenched his legs and instinctively tried pulling them back together before another hurt could be dealt.

     The Commander let him struggle futilely against the hands holding him for a very long moment before speaking again. She wanted this boy to learn just who held the strings to his life from this moment on.

     “Let his legs loose, guards. Let’s see if he has ANY sense whatsoever or if he needs to be sent with the culls after all.”

     He could feel the hands loosen from his body but could still feel the waiting stillness in each guard as they prepared to tackle him yet again. He was starting to feel a sense of helplessness against so many foes. How could he get the upper hand if there were so many?

     “I will ask you one more time, Prisoner. Spread your legs for me, NICE and WIDE!” she demanded in such a no nonsense tone of voice that he was torn two ways. Obey and get this, whatever this was, over with or pretend stubbornness and see just how far he could push her. Ghod! What was he thinking?! Every course he had EVER taken had told him repeatedly, to obey, to follow orders, and pretend to submit until an opportune moment presented itself, then escape, escape, escape!

     His knees slowly fell open; and, with muscles still spasming, he showed his obedience. For the moment, that is, but only until he got to see what this tough lady actually looked like. Then, he told himself, he’d see about escape. Until then, he’d play along.

      “That’s a good boy. Now. See? That wasn’t so hard. I’m simply going to fix you into your bindings permanently. Now, you make one move that I don’t like, and you will sincerely regret it. Do you understand me completely?”

     “I understand completely, Ma’am,” he said in a low, firm voice. While his insides tightened up in preparation for whatever she was about to do to him, he wanted, no needed, to show complete confidence. He was not about to let some faceless woman break his training.

     He could feel both her hands pushing his legs apart a little more, and then he could feel the weight of her knees pressing sharply into them. She was using her own weight to keep him pinned in place! Oh, ghod … he could have done this, he really could have ... if only she had kept that sexy sounding mouth shut!

     “My, you ARE a big boy, aren’t you, P? No wonder you didn’t want someone messing with your goods,” she murmured quietly before grabbing his cock in her firm hands. The first thing that ran through his mind was that she was strong. The next thing was a creeping horror that, no matter how tired and emotionally fraught he was, his traitorous cock was responding to her touch! Ghodammit, count, man. One, two, three ... ahhh ... ghod, her hands feel good ... one plus one is ...

     “My, oh my.. You are hung, aren’t you?” she said while fondling his cock in one hand as she pulled the leather strap away from his body with the other.

     She leaned down a little closer until he could almost feel the sway of her hair against his chest, then she quietly murmured almost absentmindedly.

     “I guess this should teach you the lesson of obedience, shouldn’t it? If you had behaved and let the blacksmith do this, you wouldn’t be the object of so much attention right now.”

     At his small perk of interest, she continued a little louder.

     “Oh, yes, you’ve got the whole village looking at you right now, slut. Ah, cringe all you want, this,” she said, hefting his thickened cock, “knows exactly how much you are enjoying my touch.”

     “That’s not true!” he responded angrily and with more than a bit of shame creeping into his voice. “I can’t help it if you’re a bitch who can’t keep her hands to herself!” he said, and from the tightening of her fingers in his flesh, he knew that he had just hung himself.

     Her fingers slid down the length of his shaft in an almost loving gesture before they latched onto his balls ferociously. Squeezing him, squeezing him until his body tried curling up in itself.

     “I’ve given you every opportunity to learn how to behave, and this is how you respond? Hitting one of my most trusted men and then talking like that to ME?? How dare you, you little fuck! I guess the hard way is the only way that anything will get through that thick skull of yours. So be it!” And with that, she gave his balls one more squeeze that had tears leaking out of his eyes. Even with his teeth clamped tightly onto his lower lip, a keening sound was torn from his unwilling throat, and if he could have seen the devilish pleasure she got out of causing it, he would have swallowed his tongue before giving it utterance.

      “I’m tired of this prisoner’s sassy mouth. Fit him with the mask and have the gag ready! We’re going to put him on the stage and see how well he can say “Yes, Ma’am” properly before an audience!” she said angrily. Ghod, she was pissed. Give them an inch, and they take a mile. Well, this time she would set an example for them all! Let word get back to the others of what happened to him, and she would bet anything she’d have less trouble with them all!

"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.

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