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Porn Casting Sessions!
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...but with a twist! For a girl (or a guy) to get akcepted, they wil have to go above and beyond! Demonstrate the ultimate level of stamina, debauchery and depravity, to stand out above the VERY intense competition! Initiate rape, get raped, both, by/to as many partners as possible. I'd play the head casting agent (female), personaly evaluating all the hopefuls, male and female ones. I wuld get involved in all the action, but I'd be just one of several agents who wuld take part in it.

It wuld be more of a RP based tho. If akcepted after a succesful casting, a character wuld obviusly start to appear in trash-porn movies, and earn money. As they do, they can get enhanced vith silicone (girls) or get penis enlargements (guys), to make them even more competitive for future castings, to get roles in more high-end movies. Each casting wuld be more dificult then the previus one, rekuiring the character to perform more extra-ordinery feats of sexual prowess, and look good doing it.

Posible types of characters:
1) Casting Agents (asyde from me, room for 2 more, male or female). Casting agents can not advance in career, but unlike hopefuls and pornstars, they can at any time pick any one of the non-Agent characters to use sexualy any way they want. Perks of the job :P . Not realistic ofc, but like I sayed, this is with a "twist", a more wild version of normal porn casting process.
2) Hopefuls. All non-Agent characters start as Hopefuls, which have to pass there first casting, to become a pornstar. These rookies can be used and abused by anyone above them; Agents, Pornstars, and Glamour Stars.
3) Pornstars. Once a non-Agent character passes there first casting, they become a Pornstar, starring in low-end porn (gonzo and such). To advance, they need to pass more castings, each one more demanding then the one before. Vith advancement come perks, like more classy scenes and more classy partners, less low-down filth to put up vith. Pornstars are stil subjekt to sexual exploitation by Agents and Glamour Stars.
4) Glamour Stars. Highest ranking Pornstars, who passed at least 10 suckessive castings, they are the cream of the crop. They only play in the most high-end porn, like feature films, and they have there pick of partners. Also, they are the only Pornstars that can reject a Agent's overture, and can even use Agents instead. They can also pay Agents to work for them personaly, to filter-out the kind of future partners they want to play vith.

Anyone interested in this kind of group-RP, post here vith ideas! The premise needs more work I think, so feel free to post ideas on it as you see fit.

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)