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Father&Son Double Pen - a mixed disapointment
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// Another recount of a escort session. Actualy this one dont realy qualify as a escort, it vas just a meet-and-fuck thing, no evening out or anithing. //

Same place I usualy take my clients to, Esplanade, top floor...

This vas a more un-usual thing then most, and the first time I serviced a guy and his son at the same time. So, 7.30 in the evening, I ride my bike over to the hotel, and the two of them wer alredy there in the lobby, looking lost. I know those looks, from 1st time clients who feel akward about the vhole thing. It vas also reflected in there desires, vhen they contacted me over mail. No kinky stuff, no special rekuests, not even a evening out before fuck, these two just wanted to hop in the bed vith me right away. Serius, no-nonsense, they abided by my main rule w/o question, mailing me both of there medical papers within a day. Both of them clean, both healthy as rain, so we aranged a meet. Only thing they inzisted on, vas fucking me at the same time, and coming together at the same time in my mouth. Ok, DP is no problem for me, and you guys know how much i love oral and swalowing sperm, so I akcepted, for triple my basic package fee (2 guys, DP at the same time, that raises the price alot, and its fixed, no mater how long they fuck me or how long the vhole session lasts, vhich is where these 2 wasted there money, IMO).

So, the father... 50-so guy, prety fixed-up and wel cared for (something I like to see in a man), a suit, 3 days beard, a litle on the obese side but vithin my akceptable range, average heigt and build. The son... skinny. No, not lanky, skinny. Vhen I looked at him, a early 20's guy, I vas seriusly wondering if hes healthy, because he vas so skinny. But he had color in his face, so I just assumed thats how his metabolizm works. The kind of guy who wuld have to tye him-self down to keep the strong wind from knocking him off his feet. But he vas cute. Jeans, vest, and a goofy cap. And a BIG mouth! The father, vhen I introduced my-self, vas polite and distanced, maybe even too distanced, like he vas stil nervous about the vhole thing. The son... first thing he tryed vhen I sayed who I am, vas to flash me a broad grin, and grope my boobs, vhile calling me a slut, in a teasy way. I didnt let him, not out there in the lobby ofc, in full sight of other ppl there; I vas like "easy there tiger, wait for the room"! His father slapped him down in short order, but I kind of liked him. Not many guys have the guts to go so assertive vith me, and it vas refreshing! He did know how to keep it teasy w/o crossing in-to dis-respect. Also something I like, since it can be such a fine line to walk.

Aniway, we got on the elevator, and headed up to the room. The son kept swalowing my cleavage under my top vith his eyes, while the father just looked embarassed. Now in hind-sight, I'm actualy wondering if the son vas the one who talked his father in-to the whole thing. I mean he vasnt even hard yet. Glancing down at his pants, I culdnt see a bulge yet. Usualy with my clients, it takes them all of 2 minutes, at most, to get hard, vhen we meet. His son vas at atention in less then 1, actualy, I culd see his member trying to burst out of his pants even as we wer walking to the elevator. Culdnt help but lick my lips, that thing looked big, in-spite of how skinny the guy was. Evry time I suck on a new cock, its a vhole new expirience, after all!

So, we get up to the room, and, as per the arangement, we imediatly start un-dressing. It vas weird - all they wanted vas sex. Not even a strip-dance, or any kind of foreplay to get them in the mood. No teasing, no edging-on, nothing. I honestly felt a litle bad for charging them my usual DP+escort fee vhen all they'd get is a DP. But I am a escort woman, not a prostitute, so I dont include regular meets in my price menu, I'l only do them if the client agrees on a full escort fee for it. They realy shuld have hired a prostitute for vhat they wanted, but... there call. They wuld have saved kuite a bit of money. I guess they wanted a classy slut,  not some trash off the street :P . And I can undestand that, but there ARE classy prostitutes too, who dont do escort. I guess they didnt look hard enogh, or maybe one of my regulars recomended me.

Wel, I got out of my jacket, top, and pants, now standing before them both in my leather bikini (I always wear that on meets). Finally I culd see the father's cock growing as wel... I mean, about time. The son, he culdnt restrain him-self any longer, he vas all over my tits, lifting my leather bra and licking them like mad, in the time it wuld take me to say "sex hungry stud". Talk about desire, and it imediatly got me wet! No sense in wasting time, both wer showered, as vas I, also I vas anal-showered and lubed-up in my rektum, ready to take cocks in there too if either of them wanted to anal-fuck me, so no need to do that either. Spiral implant placed nice and tight in my uterus, contraceptive lining my vag. Ready for action. I picked him and his skinny 50-so kilos up and tossed him on-to the bed, before landing atop and planting his face betwen my boobs for a moment, before leting him get some air. He looked shocked a litle scared, but served him right for being such a tiger! XOXO He wanted it bad, hed get it bad! And the father's face at all that vas priceless lol! He looked like he culdnt decide vhether to apoligize to me for his son's acting, or join in the fun, and looking a bit scared of my phisique. He just stood off to the side there, jerking off, the top part of his suit still on. Poor guy, he probably did get talked in-to it... aniway, I curled a finger at him vith a smile and "come here" gesture, looking straigt at his growing cock, vhile I licked my lips.

The son didnt need ANY prompting. He vas lactating me like a animal, tongue playing vith my pierced nipples, vhile he alredy had 2 fingers up my vagina, pumping me, his other hand striping - no - RIPPING off his pants! Just goes to show its not about size, vhen it comes to asertiveness - that guy ranked among the most assertive clients I ever had. I teased him a litle, reaching down to slap his balls, vhen he finaly got his pants off. Not hard, he realy didnt look like he culd take it, but he seemed to love it, as he grinned up at me agen. His cock... oh yes! Vhen I finaly got my grip on it, I culd see I vas right. Big, and pretty thick, hard as a rock! Pushing my thong-line asyde, I guided it in-to my vagina. Reached all the way back, not too tight a fit, since my tunnel is prety wide from all the workout it gets, but not bad. He had girth.

Aniway, he started fucking me, panting hard and licking my neck, vhen his father finaly got closer. I reached out one hand to grab his ass and pull him closer to my mouth, before I started sucking him. First licked his cock head a bit, enjoying the salty taste, before taking it in all the way to his hairy balls and back. Rinse and repeat. His cock vas kuite a bit smaller then his son's. He culdnt even reach the top of my throat vhen he vas full-in my mouth. I urged him to show some initiative too, and face-fuck me, by slapping his bare ass on each thrust he maked. After some prompting he started doing it... tentatively, but ok.

So, pussy and mouth-fucked for the next 5 mins or so, it vas only then vhen the father puled his cock out of my mouth (just as I started tasting a drop of his precum), and asked if we can do the DP now. He looked more relaxed and eager, I guess he finaly let go of his reticence. I smiled and nodded, vhile the son just lifted his head up from my neck and grinned. So, I rolled us both around, me atop him now, giving his father akcess to either my asshole or vagina, if he wanted to double-vag me as wel. I vas hoping he wuld, since that tiny cock of his wuldnt give my asshole much to feel in. Stuffed in my vagina, it wuld make it nicely tight, alongsyde his son's big member. But he didnt do that, he first started fingering my rektum, before he shoved his little cock in. I almost rolled my eyes at that, it vas like haveing a anal-shower plug in there, and about as thick. AkA - not very thick. Stil, it was there show, they payed for it, and they wer at liberty to do vhat-ever they wanted to me, vith-in the limits of our arangement.

And that DP draged on, for vhat seemed like a hour or more. For diferent reasons tho... the son, he must have come 3 times, in the time it took the father to finaly bareeeeely come once. And they didnt folow-thru with there original rekuest, to come in my mouth. Disapointment No1 for me. I love man-juice, and I love drinking as much of it as I can, especialy tasting new flavors. I didnt get a chance. Grr! So, they just filed up my vagina (son), and my assjhole (father) vith cum. I did scrape off some of it driping out of me and swalowed it, but not much.

So final verdict - meh. The son vas good, he pumped me to the cervix, and he came HARD 3 times, out of that delicius cock of his. Just not in my mouth.... :(  Decent stamina too, vhich suprised me. Definitly up to meeting that guy agen, and fucking vith him for fun, maybe even adding him to my circle of fuckers, if hes up to it (texted him, didnt get a reply yet). The father... nope. About all he did vas give my asshole a gentle massage vith his tiny cock, then after a hour, FINALY spurted some seed down in it. If only he DvPd me along vith his son, it wuld have been SO much beter and he wuld have maked a good acount of himself. Still... his 1500 euros, his kicks. That stil cracks me up. They spent THAT kind of money on a session they culd have expirienced from any prostitute for about 1/6th the price. Not even a all-nighter. I mean, they did stay the rest of the evening until about 10 PM, we talked a bit, we watched TV in the room, the son and I maked-out some more, got to know each-other, some 69ing, and he culdnt get enogh of my nipples, but thats all (no, he didnt even come agen). Most of the action hapened in that first hour or so.

The End

// So, I decided to share this expirience vith you guys, to show that not all escort is fun... and not all escort even dezerves that name... sometimes it IS a chore, just a job, vhen the client is under-whelming, vhich hapens more often then I'd like. This one at least had the son and his entusiasm as a saving grace, so not as bad as some I had. But stil... they sayed they'd come in-to my mouth, and they didnt even do that! Grr. Wel at least I'm 1.5k euros richer. //
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