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Title: A Foxgirl's Ordeals
Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 08, 2017, 04:33:25 AM
((This is a repost of several PMs, which we've decided to move here)).

Panting in exhausted terror, tits bouncing, you run for your life through the hellish landscape, with three of the Master's undead hounds in hot pursuit.

You are totally naked, the cum from your latest rape drying on your sexy thighs, even as you feel the unpleasant sensation of your virginity restoring.

Master had just finished raping you for the 5th time that day, leaving you curled on the floor in his study, sobbing. The portal that suddenly appeared seemed to surprised even him, and he quickly prepared himself, thinking it was a rival launching an attack.

In a sudden, desperate hope, you suddenly scrambled to your paws and dived into the portal, and just started running, not caring where you end up, just so long as its away from him...

That was mere moments ago, and you can hear his hounds closing... up ahead you see two possible escapes. A river you could dive in, or a large cave to try to hide in.

Fear. Pain. The rocks are biting into the soft pads of my paws as I run. My tits bounce painfully. They're too big for my slender body--Master made me to please his eyes, and his cock, without caring for the discomfort I would feel.

I used to be an animal, but I don't remember that. A fox, running in the forest. Master has powerful magics and he used them to shape me into a girl--willowy, save for those full, round tits and the firm curves of my ass beneath my long, soft, plumed tail. My face is both foxlike and human, with huge expressive eyes and a narrow, small muzzle. My sharp ears prick up from the ruff of fur that is my hair. Elsewhere, the fur on my body is soft, fine, and short--especially over my breasts and belly, and the plump lips of my slit.

Master made my cunt hot and tight for him, and the spells that created me ensure that all of my holes will heal quickly no matter how many times I am ravaged. Raping me was the first thing that Master did after creating me; I blinked to life, confused and new, and he pushed me to the stone floor of his tower and tore my virginity from me savagely. And then he did it again, and again, and again, because his magic restores my maidenhead whenever it is violated.

Master used me for other things too. Menial chores, cleaning and mending. Small magics too trivial for him to bother with himself. I was his familiar--I was *his* in every way, as he reminded me constantly. Only now, I have the chance to escape, and I've taken it. I didn't know where the portal might lead but I thought it had to be better than the life I suffered before. Now, I'm not so sure.

I'm so afraid of the hounds. They'll find me if I try to hide in the cave, I'm sure. I might drown in the river, but--if I'm fast, if I'm nimble, perhaps I can escape them there. I dive, my tail streaming out behind me before the rushing water swallows me.

You dive under the water, feeling the icy cold all around you. The river is surprisingly clear, and holding your breath, you look around. The hounds seem hesitate, barking at you, the sound distant and echoing from under the surface, before diving in after you.

Just then, you see, near the bottom of the river, a tunnel in the river bank as might be made by a large burrowing semi-aquatic creature. It'll be a tight squeeze, especially for your oversized tits, but you might be able to escape through it, as long as you can hold your breath long enough.

I feel a stab of panic as I realize that the hounds have followed me. I am not a strong swimmer: they will catch me if I cannot find a way to escape, and then what? Will they tear out my throat? As soon as I spot the tunnel I make for it, kicking my slender legs and paddling with my front paws. I throw myself into the tunnel with all the force I can muster, already knowing that it will hurt: my nipples peek out shyly from beneath the fur of my tits, and they are so exquisitely sensitive that a simple twist of Master's fingers can make me scream and promise to obey.

As the muddy, pebbly riverbank encloses me I twist and writhe, enduring the scrape of the small rocks against my fur and the crushing pressure against my tits. I want to scream but I can't, I can't--I have to hold my breath or I'll drown. I give another wriggle of my body, my ass jiggling and tail swishing back and forth in the water, as I struggle to pass the narrow opening. I hope this tunnel leads back up to the air...

It is with great relief that the tunnel does, indeed, lead up into the air, and crawling on your belly, your beautiful, soft fur now covered with mud, you emerge into a large round chamber... and almost scream in terror when you see the piles of humanoid bones. Whatever lives down here is definitely not a herbivore.

There is one other tunnel, leading up, this one a lot wider, but just as you are about to move to it you suddenly hear a snuffling, growing sound coming from up that tunnel... as something starts to crawl down it.
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I have to cover my muzzle with my paws to keep from screaming. Oh no, oh the undead hounds are behind me, and something terrible is ahead. I cringe back, feeling my eyes well up with tears, and I wrap my tail around myself. I can't imagine going back down the water-filled tunnel I just made it through, but I just might have to...

A sudden thought, a very foxy thought, occurs to me. I have two threats to escape now, the hounds and whatever beast it is that lairs here. But what if I could lure them into clashing with each other? I slide back the way I came, not quite fully immersing myself back in the water, but ready to dive back down at a moment's notice. Despite the pounding of my heart, I have to wait and see what kind of a monster's den I've stumbled into now.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 08, 2017, 05:26:26 AM
As the undead hounds start to crawl up the tunnel that leads into the river, something else crawls down the other tunnel. What eventually emerges resembles a nightmarish mix of giant, hairless mole-rat and centipede. It has no visible eyes, but sniffs around with nostrils surrounded by hundreds of tendrils.

It starts to scramble towards you, having picked up your unusual scent. You prepare to dive, ready to try to lure the this monster against the hounds... but a tentacle suddenly lashes out, wrapping around your ankle... and pulling you under the monster's mass. Looking down, you shudder in horror at the sight of the massive, chitinous, twin cocks emerging from the underside of the mole-demon.

The hounds burst into the lair, and launch an attack on the monster, but a single swipe from the demonic mole-rat's huge front claws shred's them like dry leaves.

There is little for you to celebrate, however, as more tentacles wrap around your ankles, forcing your legs wide open, on your back, your belly and tits squashed against the beast's slimy underbelly, even as the huge cocks start to push against your virgin cunny and arse...
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Post by: Innocentia on May 08, 2017, 06:04:13 AM
My scream is half the high, wavering cry of a girl, and half the terrified yip of a hunted fox. "Aiiiiiieeeeee-yi-yi!" The horror is almost more than my mind can handle. What hellscape have I found myself in? This monstrosity can't possibly be a natural creature--it must be a demon.

The tentacles are pulling my legs so wide that I'm almost doing the splits. Master made my cunny girlish and petite; it hurt me when he rammed his cock inside me, but at least he was human! This thing will rip me apart. I fight with a desperation born of panic, as I feel its massive, jutting cocks pushing against both my holes at once. My struggles only succeed in rubbing my body against its disgusting underbelly, coating my tits and tummy with its slime.

I have no idea if it can even hear me or understand my speech, but I begin to beg, my voice choked with fear and sobs. "P-please...whatever you are, please don't r-rape me...please, please, I'll do anything!" Tears streak down the fur of my cheeks. I'm wet, muddy, and spread open, nothing between my virgin holes and the mole-demon's cocks. This can't be happening, it can't... "Please, no!"
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 08, 2017, 06:39:24 AM
If the monster above you understands your pleas, it shows no sign. It just pushes its twin cocks forward, stretching your virgin pussy and arse as they force their way in. Even though he kept you for his pleasure, mostly, he designed your eternally virgin holes to be able to take cocks of any size without permanent harm.

The agony, however, is a different matter, and it feels like you are being torn apart as the cocks ram into you. The sweet release of unconsciousness is denied you; you are forced to endure every agonising second...
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I scream again, my back arching and every line of my body going tense as those monstrous cocks simultaneously push past the tight pucker of my ass and tear through my magically-restored maidenhead. "Please no, no--aaaaAAAIIIEEEE! YI! YI!"

The pain is white-hot, a blaze of agony in my most vulnerable and sensitive places. Almost as bad is the sheer disgust. I can only imagine how obscene it must look, those two bestial, chitinous cocks disappearing inch by inch into my slender body, as they are rammed deeper and deeper into my tight and unwilling holes. This...this monster is fucking me, and as my skin crawls and my mind reels in horror I feel I will never be the same again. I'll always know that this happened to me; some part of me will be here forever, pinned and spread beneath the most disgusting creature I can imagine while it slowly forces itself deeper and deeper inside me. I whimper and sob as I'm impaled, the agony and humiliation overwhelming me.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 08, 2017, 11:17:14 PM
Your long, sexy legs are released by the tentacles holding them, free to kick uselessly as the twin cocks are forced all the way inside. The cock in your pussy breaks through your cervix to fill your womb.

The brutal monster's fuckthrusts grow harder and faster; you know it's going to cum, soon.
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I cry with the pain, my tears flowing freely as the creature rams into me again and again, its massive cocks pulling out only to slam agonizingly inside me once more. Each brutal thrust shakes my body, making my oversized tits jiggle even while they are pushed flat by the creature's weight. Its rough hide rubbing against my sensitive nipples is an additional torment.

I can barely think of anything but the white-hot pain, and I desperately want it to end, but... the thought of this foul creature cumming inside me is horrible. I disliked the salty, musky odor of Master's cum when he forced me to take his loads, but I can't even imagine how much worse the demon's seed will be. What if it impregnates me with some kind of terrible demon spawn? The thought makes me panic, and though it's useless, I try to fight--pushing against its bulk with my fists, kicking my slender limbs.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 09, 2017, 12:17:05 AM
With a roar of lust, the demon mole starts pumping twin torrents of thick, foul cum deep into your womb and bowels. So much cum that it sprays out around the cocks still pounding into.

It keeps fuckraping you for a few more agonising minutes, cumming all the while, before, finally sated, for now, it pulls out and crawls down the underwater tunnel, seemingly dislocating its limbs to do so, leaving you lying splayed on the ground, cum leaking from your already regenerating pussy and arse...
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As it begins unloading its hot, sticky cum into me I stop fighting, overwhelmed by despair. I can only lie there limply and take it, my tears making wet rivulets in the fur of my cheeks, my spirit broken. It goes on for longer than I would have believed possible, pump after pump gushing into me, more than my slim body can hold. The sound of the the thick, disgusting liquid squelching out of my raped holes as its cocks continue to piston into me makes me moan with horror.

Even after the thing withdraws I lie there, shaking with sobs, feeling its thick cum slowly leaking out of me. I am filthy, foul, so degraded that I feel lower than dirt. I wonder if I'll ever be clean again. I have no idea whether demons can breed with magically created foxgirls, but for the next month I'll live in terror, wondering if its cum will transform my body in horrible ways.

For now, I push myself up on shaking limbs. I know that I have to get out of here. The bones strewn everywhere tell me that this creature is a carnivore, and perhaps I should feel grateful that its lust caused it to rape me instead of devouring me. For the first few steps I limp, but Master's magic is healing me quickly, and soon I can jog--then run. I make for the tunnel leading to the surface, the monster's disgusting cum still dribbling down my thighs and ass.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 09, 2017, 01:16:56 AM
You emerge from the tunnel, and for the first time since you escaped through the portal, take stock of your surroundings. It is now clear that you are, indeed, in a different world altogether. The sky is a deep, blood red, with no visible sun. In fact, you can't even tell if its meant to be day or night.

The landscape all around you is twisted and foul, in all directions. Three landmarks stand out as possible destinations to explore. Downstream from the river is a city, made of a chaotic mess of obsidian and bone buildings. In another direction, a mountain range of rusty bare stone spans the horizon. The third landmark is a vast forest, the trees of which look like the claws some twisted monster beneath the surface, trying to grope the sky.
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Post by: Innocentia on May 10, 2017, 06:00:34 AM
I scrub my paws against my cheeks, absently cleaning the tracks of my tears as I look around in dismay. What is this horrible place? I flinch away from the mountains--the pads of my hindpaws are already sore from running, and those rocks look cruel.

I look longingly towards the town. People! Maybe an end to running? But... I look down at myself, and I cringe. Muddy. Cumsoaked. Disgusting. I'm hurting and ashamed and I can't imagine facing strangers as I am. Maybe once I've had a chance to rest and clean myself.

I certainly can't stay where I am.'s the forest for me. I'm a fox; the woods should be a natural home. I picture a hollow in the roots of one of those trees, a leaf-strewn bed where I can curl up and rest and be safe. I start to lope towards the trees, as fast as I can.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 10, 2017, 06:34:37 AM
You get to the forest, and move into the relative safety of the trees. On the one paw, the forest is thick and dark, sheltering you from anything that might find you from above.

On the other paw, the forest itself seems to be filled with a malicious lust, and although you cannot see any other creatures at the moment, you can feel thousands of eyes on your perfect body.

You looking around, and do indeed see, under a tree, a small hollow... that might provide shelter, if you dare risk it...
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Everything here feels wrong. But there's that little sheltered hollow, exactly what I wanted, and I'm inclined to trust it because I do have some small magics of my own that are mostly centered around finding and tracking. It was useful for Master that I be able to retrieve items he needed. So maybe my magic led me here? Or's a trap. I can't be sure, but I so badly want to rest that I don't hesitate for long before crawling beneath the tree's roots and curling up, wrapping my tail around myself like a blanket. I close my eyes, desperately eager for the mercy of sleep.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 10, 2017, 10:32:10 PM
Your sleep is not peaceful at all. You relive the countless rapes at the hands of your Master and his minions.

You are suddenly awoken by something grabbing your beautiful tail. You find your self dangling in the air, in the grip of a huge, demonic ogre, who stares at your naked, upside body with open lust, drooling like a hungry dog.

"Hmm... fox pussy... gooood!"
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I give a high-pitched, yipping cry and begin to squirm and kick, causing my oversized tits to bounce so hard they're nearly slapping my chin as I writhe upside-down in the ogre's grip. "Let me go!" I squeal. "My Master is a powerful wizard!" ...I never should have run away from him, I realize that now. He made me as a rape toy and it seems that everything in this hell dimension recognizes that--they take one look at my slim, vulnerable body and swollen tits and they know exactly what I'm good for. Still, I try a desperate lie: "He'll punish you if you hurt me!"
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The ogre just laughs stupidly, as it grabs you around the waist with one massive hand, holding you upright in front of him. With his other hand, he plays with your oversized tits, roughly fondlung, molesting and groping them without mercy.

He then removes his loincloth, exposing his monstrous cock. Chuckling, he sits you on it, the hwad started to between your tight, soft arsecheeks.
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I arch my back and twist from side to side as the ogre mauls my tits, but my struggles only succeed in thrusting those curvaceous globes out for his enjoyment. I yip softly every time his rough fingers pass over my sensitive nipples, which swiftly harden under the rough treatment until they are jutting out from the soft, fine fur that covers my breasts. I am as I was made: a willowly, girlish body save for my high, firm, strikingly large tits--and they jiggle and bounce in response to the ogre's molesting as if they were merely toys for his amusement, and not sensitive and delicate flesh.

When he exposes his cock I moan at the size of it. I am still kicking and twisting as he spreads my legs and positions me on his lap, the head of his obscene shaft pushing between my vulnerable asscheeks. I'm clenched up in anticipation of pain, the pink pucker of my ass as small and tight as a virgin's. "!" I moan.
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Shifting his grip, the ogre wraps his his hands around around your slender, soft furred thighs. With a grunt of effort, he pulls down, and you feel the massive cockhead pop inside your extremely tight, eternally virgin arsecheeks.

Using your long sexy legs like levers, he pumps more and more of his cock between your arsecheeks. Your upper body is free to flop helplessly with his brutal rape thrusts, huge tits bouncing and shaking.
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I screech with the pain as my ass is violated, the ogre's hands on my slim, soft-furred thighs pulling me down inorexably until I'm impaled. Each time he grinds deeper inside me I yip and whine; it's a burning sensation, as if his cock was a red-hot poker. I can't help but arch my back as the agony flares through me, and when I do--because of the way he has me positioned--my tits are displayed for him, their pink tips still jutting out from my fur as they jiggle and bounce.

If I look down I can see it, his massive shaft like a log between my legs, forced deeper inch by inch as he thrusts up into me. I push at his chest, struggling, but he's huge and I'm helpless to stop him from doing what he likes with me.
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Post by: Demon_Rapist on May 11, 2017, 03:52:28 AM
The ogre fuckrapes you harder and faster, delighting in the sight of your huge, round tits bouncing wildly. He pants in lust, drooling as his cock pounds its way between your lovely arsecheeks.

He throws his head back and roars, as his cock starts pumping thick, foul cum deep into your bowels. He pumps for a few more minutes, cumming all the while, before grabbing you around your slender waist and lifting you off his cock.

He then starts to push his huge cock against your impossibly tight, child-like, ever-virgin cunny, even as you feel your arse healing, tightening.

At that moment, several spears and arrows suddenly strike the ogre, who drops you to flee the sudden onslaught. For a moment, hope rises... and then you see your 'rescuers'. Dozens of twisted, tumoured and hunched man sized demons, each sporting a thick, disgusting cock that reaches below their knees... that stir as they behold your perfect body, splayed on the floor from when the ogre dropped you...
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I'm stunned, reeling from the ogre's assault. If I'd started running the instant he dropped me, perhaps I'd have a chance of escape. But instead I barely managed to catch myself on my hands and knees. I'm confused, aching, terrified. When I look over my shoulder it takes me much too long even to understand what's happening--why I'm on the floor, where the spears came from, why those ugly twisted men are leering at me like that...

Oh. Because what THEY see is my freshly-raped ass held in the air, my long plumed tail waving above and my girlish slit peeking out between my splayed, cum-stained thighs. My fearful face looking back at them, understanding and horror slowly dawning in my huge shining eyes. I have to run, but my legs are trembling from the rape and can barely hold me up. I mewl with terror and manage to crawl forward a few unsteady paces...
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You don't get far, when you feel a pair of clawed hands digging into your hips, pulling you back onto a huge, fully erect, wart covered cock, ramming past your smooth, tiny cunnylips.

The rest of the tribe of hunters gathers around, srroking thier thick  cocks, oozing precum in anticipation for their turns, while the first of them pounds into you, reaching around to grab your full, round tits, squeezing them hard while he rapefucks you with brutal thrusts.