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The year is 2012 December nearing the end of the year and the vast gulf between dimensions has grown thin.  This end of the Mayan calendar and the creatures from various parts of the multiverse have come to visit our home some of them are simply interested in this new place and the wonders that it represents while others have much darker goals in mind.  The dimension she comes from has been locked in a struggle for longer than anyone can remember with a parallel realm.  They would conduct raids back and forth they would take the greatest resource available, women.  In these alternate dimensions they discovered that locked away inside of women is the ultimate power, the power of a god.  With this discovery society broke down and women became treasures to be protected. The once peaceful realms would know war without end.
   As long as she had remembered she had been in the harem being groomed to take her place in royal life it is all she ever knew, she was bored!  The war had been long removed from her life because her father had been on the attack ever since she had been alive.  She was born at the beginning of her Father's offensive into the alien dimension that attacked.  The life inside of the harem is boring yes she learned how to greet diplomats and educated on politics but life was outside those high thick walls and she was determined to go see it.  In her very structured life there are a few times where she is truly alone she was planning to slip in to this alternate dimension that had grown close but it was going to require some planning.  It takes power to cross dimensions so she came up with an idea, if she got the other consorts to come with her it would only take a small amount of from each of them to go across.  So she arranged her schedule so that her close friends could be with her after her training so she would have plenty of power. 
   The beast they brought in for her this time was large and very strong. The powerful beast squares off against her studying her moves and begins circling

I didn't create any names for this adventure... please when you respond let me know if you want me to make a name.  This is going to be a lot of fun!

EarthElement   :-bd

Amendment: i set up the scenario without naming charicters so that anyone step in to it.  What I am trying to say is god mode end after this
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