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Mr Whittle gets some Slap and Tickle
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Old Mr Whittle was painting the apartment of a young couple. The husband was away at work as usual and poor Mr Whittle was stuck with his work while having to listen to that annoying brat of a wife.

“Why can’t you just PUT ANOTHER COAT!”

Mr Whittle grimaced to himself as he painted the wall of the lovely three-bedroom apartment. This was the tenth time that morning that she nagged him about his work.

“Begging your pardon, Miss, but I don’t feel it’s necessary. Your walls are white enough in this room and putting another coat will imbalance things everywhere else”.

“That’s because you haven’t done a proper job in the other rooms”, came the haughty reply.

Mr Whittle sighed to himself. This little brat was 25 and young enough to be his granddaughter, but she was a massive pain in his hind parts. Her name was Linda, and she was only five feet tall, but she certainly was making his life a living hell over the last few days. If she was just a constant annoyance to him, it wouldn’t have been as bad. The problem was that she had a very pretty face and her slim body was offset by some very generous assets.

Now, Mr Whittle had seen some very pretty young things in his time, but this little lady certainly took the cake. Her dark flowing hair and well-rounded figure was extremely enticing. If she wasn’t such a brat, he’d have enjoyed working for her.

Right now, her sexy tight shorts were great to look at, and she looked cute in her t-shirt dress. It was extremely distracting. He was experienced enough to check her out when she wasn’t looking. For some reason she seemed quite naive and it was easy to have a good look at her.

The bratty minx was called Linda.

Linda looked at the wall he was working on with a look of disdain on her face.

“You need to redo this wall, or I’m not going to pay you for this”.

“Miss, I’m not going to redo this wall. This is fine and an extra coat of paint will cost you above the amount we agreed on”.

Mr Whittle could see she didn’t like that answer one bit. The brat did not like to pay extra for anything. Her tongue was sharper than her mind though, and Mr Whittle could see the quick flash of temper on her face.

“I WON’T pay you for work like this. I’ll find a different painter who will do a proper job. You’re FIRED!”

Mr Whittle sighed. He just saw that coming a mile away. The little brat even stamped her foot to emphasize her point.

“Now look miss, we have a contract and you have to see it out”.

“NO! You can pack your things and go!”

There it was. He just knew it wouldn’t be possible to work with this lady. Her husband was a decent young lad, but this little lady just couldn’t keep her temper in check. What a pity that she was so good looking. What a waste! Mr Whittle didn’t like wasting fine things. A little bit of discipline would probably fix her attitude. He would miss looking at her fine body.

Mr Whittle paused. That gave him an idea. It was a reckless idea that was bound to get him into trouble, but he had nothing much to look forward to in life anyway and he could afford to take a risk.

“I’m not going anywhere,” he said, and met her scowl with a look of steel.

He could see in her eyes that this was a girl who was not accustomed to losing arguments.

“What… What... Who… Get out! We can find a different painter!”

The girl was so angry she was sputtering now. It would be a pleasure teaching this one a lesson.

“I’ve had just about enough of your rudeness and your nagging young lady. It’s time I taught you a lesson,” said Mr Whittle as he strode towards the newly married hellion.

He grabbed her firmly by the ear and twisted as hard as he could. Linda squealed and yelled in shock and pain, but the pressure on her ear was so great that she was easily frogmarched to the wide couch. Mr Whittle sat down and hauled Linda down after him so that she was draped conveniently over his lap.

Mr Whittle paused for a second to take in that wonderfully round bottom encased in those tight shorts, before bringing his palm down as hard as he could with a loud SLAP.

“YEOW! Stop this at once!”


“OWW! Hey! Let me go!”


“OUCH! Stop!”

Her high-pitched squeals were like music to his ears. Mr Whittle couldn’t remember any time that he was happier in his long life. He brought his hand down hard with all his strength. He was a man who was well versed in using his strength, with many years of physical labour under his belt.

She kicked, struggled, and yelled, but he held her fast and did not let up on her well-deserved comeuppance. After 20 spanks, he felt the message was starting to sink in and she wasn’t struggling as much. Linda was now in survival mode. Mr Whittle knew he had to be quick.

Without giving her a moment's respite, he got Linda back on her feet. Her first instinct was to get her hands on her smarting behind to rub the sting out. Without wasting a second, his hands worked on the button and zipper of her shorts and before she even realized what was happening, he had her shorts down. Linda screamed her head off and made a mad grab for her shorts, but it was too late, and Mr Whittle managed to haul her back onto his lap and resumed thrashing her bottom.

The panties did not offer as much protection as the shorts and Mr Whittle could sense that in Linda’s yells. There was a bit more of a drawn up quality to them now. She wore pale pink knickers and he was pleased to see that her bottom cheeks were a brighter shade of pink than her knickers.



“Do you know what kind of girl wears pale pink knickers?”


“OWWWWW! W... What?”

“A girl who likes other girls, that’s who”.



“That’s right. You’re a little lezzy aren’t you?”



Mr Whittle wasn’t counting the spanks, but he knew he had delivered quite a few now. His hand was starting to ache quite a bit and she had gone from hurling angry words at him to actually apologising. He caught the occasional, “I’m sorry”, “please stop”, and “I’ll be good”. This was no reason to let her up though. He was waiting for the key moment to begin the next phase of her punishment.

It took time to break her, but finally he achieved it and she rewarded him with hot angry tears. It was like music to his old ears and he smiled happily to himself. It was a sign of victory.

Mr Whittle pulled Linda up again. This time she was too preoccupied with her tears and her smarting bottom to interfere with his plans, so he was able to take his time. He slid his fingers into the waistband of her cute little knickers and slowly tugged them down and off.

Mr Whittle let out a low whistle. Linda was completely shaved below the waist and this was very much to his liking. He could barely see her pussy and it looked like she had a small tight one. He gave it a little tickle and cooed at it a little. It was so cute.

“Now there’s a sight for sore eyes. Snotty little minxes like you deserve to be bottomless all the time,” said Mr Whittle appreciatively.

He noticed Linda was beginning to stop her snivelling and starting to look down in horror at the loss of her panties. Quick as a flash he pulled her back over his knee and started spanking her bare bottom.





“I’d rather not,” said Mr Whittle with a cheerful grin.



“Too late for apologies, my dear princess. You’ve had this coming for a long time I reckon”.

20 spanks later, his hand was smarting and her bottom was a lovely shade of bright pink. He had managed to even out his spanks so that he covered every inch of her cheeks as evenly as he could. He paused in his work to admire those lovely round cheeks of hers. They were firm and perfectly rounded, both cute and incredibly arousing at the same time. In all his years, Mr Whittle had never seen such a perfect ass. The cheeks jiggled and bounced about deliciously despite their firmness.

Linda wasn’t sniffing and sobbing lightly now. Mr Whittle was pleased to note that she was bawling uncontrollably like the little crybaby that she really was. He didn’t blame her for her reaction, he didn’t give her any light taps on the bottom after all. This was a proper thrashing.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Mr Whittle certainly did not want to stop, but he needed to give his palm a rest now. He hauled Linda to her feet, took firm hold of her ear and gave it a good twist. Linda yelped, but her focus was more on rubbing the sting out of her cute cheeks. He guided her into her bedroom, which had far too much pink in it for his liking, and found her hairbrush on the dresser. He sat down on the bed this time and hauled her over his knee again.

It took only a few hard smacks with the hairbrush to get the little strumpet to sing like a canary. She threatened to call her husband and the police, before crying for her mummy and entreating him to stop by offering to do absolutely anything. Mr Whittle was tempted to take her up on that, but he simply felt like tanning her backside some more. He had lost count of how many swats he had given her now and his arm was starting to cramp up. Her bottom was bright red now and looked lovely. She wouldn’t be able to sit down for weeks. On top of that, he felt she was definitely broken now and would simply agree to anything to avoid a spanking.

He let the little floozy up and chuckled good-naturedly as he watched her do a merry jig, trying unsuccessfully to rub the sting out of her hot buns. He was both amused and turned on by the display. He thought back to all the times she had been rude to him and felt the brat needed more attitude adjustment.

Mr Whittle grabbed the tart by her ear again and directed the sobbing bottom-rubber to her bathroom. He filled up the tub with water and wet a soap in a bowl, while Linda cried and ran about bottomless like a squawking hen.

“I’ve had to put up with that sharp tongue of yours for far too long, young missy. Now get your fat bottom over here and open your mouth”.

Linda stood in front of the mirror and stared at her tear-streaked face in the mirror. When Mr Whittle brought the soap to her mouth, she refused to open it.

“You’ll open wide or I’ll roast your buns some more,” said Mr Whittle sternly and emphasised his point by pinching her sore cheek. With a squeak, she opened her mouth wide.

Fifteen minutes later, Mr Whittle found himself whistling happily as he coated Linda’s taste buds with more and more soap. She kept spitting out soap bubbles and blubbering. It was obvious she hated the taste of soap and this gave Mr Whittle a warm feeling in his heart. He got her to put her tongue all the way out and coated her mouth and tongue all the way to the very back of the throat. He occasionally made her eyes water when she dry heaved a little and he was pleased that she wasn’t quite enjoying herself. It was time he saw a little bit more of her.

It was simply lovely that Linda was bottomless. Mr Whittle found his eyes drawn to her lovely roasted buns and her completely hairless pussy. Her bottom was quivering enticingly and constantly catching his notice. He wanted to see more of the little tart.

Mr Whittle grabbed Linda’s t-shirt and lifted it up and off her as she struggled, leaving her wearing only her pink bra. He already guessed she was pretty big up there, but now that her top was off, he could see that she was even bigger than he thought.

She shrieked and covered her newly exposed bra-clad breasts. Mr Whittle chuckled. It was as if she wasn’t bottomless all this time in front of him. A quick smack to the bottom got her back under his thumb and she conveniently moved her arms away from her chest and protected her big butt cheeks. Mr Whittle reached behind the brat and unstrapped her bra and she suddenly pulled her shoulders back to try and stop him at the same time.

The result was astounding. Linda’s bra practically flew off and her breasts seemed to pop out with a sound like BOING!

Mr Whittle stared in astonishment at those big round tits as they bounced about uncontrollably and then burst out into loud guffaws.

Linda’s cheeks almost matched the shade of her butt cheeks as she blushed hotly and tried to contain her bouncing boobs that seemed to have a mind of their own. Mr Whittle could only laugh harder. It was like watching someone trying to stop a hurricane with an umbrella. Those hooters were too big for her bra and those slim hands.

The dimwit obviously thought her breasts were 36C, but Mr Whittle could tell she needed a bigger cup. They were natural but she was young enough that they hardly dropped down at all and seemed to stick out nicely without her bra and t-shirt.

“I bet you never imagined being butt naked in front of me with those bazookas on display when you were yelling at me this morning,” said Mr Whittle between hearty laughs. He remembered her attitude that morning and it was a refreshing change to see the nitwit in her birthday suit now.

“Just one more little detail,’ he said, almost to himself and he grabbed her hand and slid the wedding ring off her finger and into his pocket. He could see that she wanted to protest but her newly spanked bottom kept her in check.

The bath was ready by then and Mr Whittle hauled naked Linda towards it, with her bum cheeks jiggling and her boobs bouncing. Without much ado, he pushed her head first into the half-filled bathtub and held her down while humming to himself and looking at her expensive fittings, her heaving mammaries, and her hot buns.

It was a nice looking bathroom for a nice looking ninny like Linda. She struggled and splashed about like a fish out of water, while he held her down by her hair. He admired her bright red butt cheeks as they swayed erratically and those big swinging tits were a joy to behold. She was certainly a gifted girl.

Seconds before she drowned, he pulled the gasping and wheezing beauty out of the water and then plunged her under again. After dunking her down a few more times, Mr Whittle let up on the bare bottomed bombshell and pushed her completely into the bathtub that doubled as a shower area.

He hauled Linda up and flattened her against the glass of the shower cubicle and let out a low whistle. Her breasts looked enormous when compressed against the glass like that. She was still gasping for breath and recovering from her little drowning episode, so Mr Whittle took his time examining her goods. He started off by firmly spreading those bum cheeks and was greeted by the cutest little asshole he had ever seen. It was tiny, tight, and perfectly shaped. The little beauty hole seemed to wink enticingly at him when she realized he was looking at it.

“Well now, I reckon this really is your best feature,” said Mr Whittle with a wide crinkled smile and a tone that was filled with satisfaction.

He spun Linda around and gave her cute little pussy a tickle before moving on to those fantastic boobs. He hefted them experimentally and they bounced about as though they were unaffected by the earth’s gravitational force. Her boobs were capped with perfect little light brown nipples. He gave her sexy little nubs a hard pinch and chuckled as the lackey squealed like a little piglet.

“There’s a good little naked patsy. Not so rude and snotty now are you?”

Mr Whittle got Linda’s breasts to jiggle as he worked those nipples. She was glaring at him, angry and humiliated at the same time. However, she held her tongue since the sting in her bottom kept her in check.

Mr Whittle put some liquid soap on a sponge and made sure to squirt some in the squirt’s eyes for good measure. Linda’s boobs bounced and heaved as she shrieked and rubbed her eyes frantically. Mr Whittle just stood back and watched the show for a while before starting to scrub.

Linda wailed as her face, boobs, pussy, and bottom received a firm scrubbing from the dirty old man.

“Oh, stop it with your crying and your tantrums,” said Mr Whittle calmly as he scrubbed the bimbo’s boobs.

Soon he was done and he pushed her under water again for a while.

“No more soap suds on you, pumpkin”.

Mr Whittle held her down and whistled as she thrashed about. Finally he pulled her up, towelled her off roughly, hauled her by the ear into her bedroom, and threw her down on the bed. The naked cutie looked at him fearfully over her shoulder, while he slowly undid his belt.

Three exciting hours later he was ready to go and out the door. Linda hadn’t been particularly skilled with her mouth, but with smart manipulation of her ears and timely slaps he had managed to get a first rate blowjob.

Mr Whittle was thankful for the wonderful gift of viagra. It kept him up and ready for fun, and boy did he have it. Her pussy was tight, but her cute little butthole was tighter and it took him a good ten minutes of persistence to put it in. This experience really reinforced how difficult achievements were always possible through hard work. The patsy screamed her head off, of course, but that was to be expected.

This was certainly the most fun he had in years. He normally had a camera to take pictures of his painting jobs and he was really glad he brought it along. He had almost run out of film taking naked pictures of the stooge. Linda was either scowling or crying in most of them so he had to threaten her with a spanking to get her to smile in a few. She really looked like she could be enjoying herself in those and they could be useful in case this little episode ever went to courts. He wondered if he could use the pictures to have a bit more fun with the little strumpet.

It was only when he got back to his place that he realized he still had her wedding ring with him. He smiled happily to himself as he wondered what he would make her do to get it back.

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Please post feedback and vote in the poll for part 2.

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This is a good start! I say he should take her on as his new apprentice and make her paint other houses while bottomless. Male clients can watch her work and even take a turn at her body.
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Cheers for the feedback. Yeah, the apprentice idea is one of my favorites. I thought she could wear some dungarees without a proper top on, but I do like the bottomless idea as well!

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I just thought you could make the bottomless thing a running theme based on your introduction thread. :D
The Web brings people together because no matter what kind of a twisted sexual mutant you happen to be, you've got millions of pals out there. Type in 'Find people that have sex with goats that are on fire' and the computer will say, 'Specify type of goat.'
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Haha, that's an intriguing idea. Never thought of it like that. I think I will almost certainly implement that.

I'm surprised by the lack of votes in the poll. That's somewhat disappointing but I guess that's the downside of being a writer. Not everyone is awesome enough to write back to you. However, I'm not discouraged, I will write only for Trill and myself if I have to. :)

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So I've started writing part 2 and have progressed somewhat. I've decided to go ahead with the apprentice story.

Any suggestions for what she should wear? I'm going to have her bottomless while she paints, but it might be weird for her to walk around like that from the get go.  What would a sexy painter look like?

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Whatever you want, it's your story.
The Web brings people together because no matter what kind of a twisted sexual mutant you happen to be, you've got millions of pals out there. Type in 'Find people that have sex with goats that are on fire' and the computer will say, 'Specify type of goat.'
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Part 2

“Right now, you hear me! I want it right NOW!”

Linda had a look on her face that would probably frighten even the bravest of men, but Mr Whittle gritted his teeth and held his nerve.

“You’ll take off those pants and panties and hand them over to me, then we’ll talk,” said Mr Whittle. He was not going to bend to her angry little looks today.

Taking away her wedding ring just seemed like a fun thing to do at the time, but it was now proving to be a stroke of genius. The stupid dolt needed it back badly and she was also too much of a wuss to report him to the police. It gave him a chance to have another crack at her, but he knew it was going to take a little convincing.

Her first mistake was to unwittingly turn up on his doorstep and demand to have her wedding ring back. Her second mistake was to accept his invitation into his house. Her third mistake was to be an absolute fucking idiot.

“How dare you talk to me that way! You will give me back my ring right this instant!”

Mr Whittle smiled. “You’ll either hand over your pants and panties or I’ll take them off you myself.”

He was pleased to see a sudden worried look pass across her pretty face. It was obvious that she never considered he would give her another good buggering.

Suddenly she bolted to the door and twisted the knob repeatedly in panic.

Some girls screamed when they were in trouble and some just ran about clucking like crazy hens. Mr Whittle was amused to see that Linda belonged to the latter category. Without her anger to drive her, she was a total mess.

He watched that bottom jiggling in those tight blue jeans for a second before springing into action.

He was now an old man, but Mr Whittle was still active and industrious. Before the naive cutie even knew what had happened, her big round buns were out in the open and Mr Whittle had relieved her of her pants and panties.

The tension in the room seemed to clear instantly and all was suddenly right with the universe. Being bottomless seemed to do wonders to Linda’s attitude. The bare-bottomed bimbo immediately evolved from a strong, confident, young lady to a nervous wreck. She even started crying, much to Mr Whittle’s delight.

He placed her jeans over a chair and pocketed her panties before dragging the bottomless bumbler over to the sofa. He sat down and placed Linda in front of him so that he got a good look at her completely shaved crotch. She rubbed her eyes and snivelled as he reminded himself how her slit looked. She still had a tiny super tight pussy that was somehow barely visible and yet looked incredibly cute. Her cute pink top enhanced the look and he was really enjoying the view now.

“So, you want your ring back, do you?”

The poor dear nodded in reply.

“Well, I’m pleased to say that you’ll get it back...”

She had a hopeful and almost pleased look on her face for just a second. He took great pleasure in extinguishing that look of hope from her pretty features.

“...however, I need you to do a bit of work for me first.”

“Sniff, sniff.. What sort of work,” muttered the bimbo in dismay.

“I’m looking for an apprentice for my painting business, and I think you’re just the right little skank to get the job done,” said Mr Whittle with a happy smile as he addressed her pussy.

She didn’t seem to know what to say to that, so Mr Whittle took matters into his own hands and dragged the squealing stooge into his bedroom. He took great pleasure in yanking her top off and took even more pleasure in taking off her bra. Mr Whittle laughed as her breasts seem to explode out of the bra like animals that had been trapped for years that suddenly found their cage door unlocked. He had seen it happen before, but it still took him pleasantly by surprise and made him chuckle.

He threw her down naked on his bed, popped his pill, and took up residence behind her. It was like getting on the back of a wildly bucking horse, but Mr Whittle got hold of those glossy dark locks and held on tight. He started with her pussy, of course, but quickly moved on to her most private hole. Like the first time, this was a challenge. The dimwit had an immensely tight asshole that required persistence. Thankfully, Mr Whittle was as stubborn as an old mule and his pill made sure he was rock hard and ready. It took five good minutes to get past her defences, by which time she was crying for her mommy and promising to do practically anything if he would simply stop fucking her.

Mr Whittle did not let her off quite so easily and only let up after an extremely satisfying twenty minutes. He allowed the fool to bawl like a baby on his bed while he made himself presentable.

He got the carefully prepared contract out of his bag and set it up on the coffee table with a pen. A few hard slaps got Linda to focus on the task at hand and she added her signature and tears to the document that made her his apprentice for the next few months.


Linda’s husband couldn’t quite understand why his wife, who had a master’s degree in marketing, would suddenly want to work as a painter’s apprentice. However, he just put it down to the crazy ideas that women had sometimes and let her do what she wanted.

Of course, Linda did not really want to be a painter’s apprentice, but what could she do? She had signed the contract now and, although she had gotten her ring back, she was now trapped. He had those incriminating pictures of her and her name on a contract, and all she had was a lovely pair of tits.

Tensions began on the first day she came to work. It was a Monday morning and Mr Whittle got her to report to him early. So at 6 AM she knocked on his door and was ushered in.

“You’re not coming to work dressed like that,” he said after one quick look at her outfit.

“Wh.. What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Linda asked frostily, visibly struggling not to lose her temper.

“Because I didn’t hire you to paint people’s houses wearing those plain jeans and an unattractive baggy shirt like that. Thankfully, I was prepared for this.”

Saying that, Mr Whittle led her to his bedroom where he had laid out a new outfit for her.

“Get those pants and shirt off, you’ll be wearing this over your underwear.”

Linda stared at the lone pair of dungarees in disbelief. “You want me to wear only this? I’ll get arrested!”

Mr Whittle just chuckled. “That’s not my problem. I’m sure some bull dyke will have a good time with you in prison. You’ll wear the outfit and be happy that I’m not making you walk around naked.”

Linda looked around for a more modest place to change, but he wasn’t having any of that.

“Take those clothes off! NOW!”

The stooge took off her clothes, grumbling all the time. It was fascinating to watch the bitch change, but Mr Whittle managed to keep a straight face and not fuck the little dumbo right there. Plenty of time for that later. He had a good look at her and grinned at what he saw.

Underneath her jeans and shirt she was wearing matching pale pink panties and a bra. These were so tight that they almost seemed painted on. Linda was naive and hot tempered but she certainly had a great looking set of curves.

“Hand over those panties,” ordered Mr Whittle.

Linda had a look of panic on her face, but slid her panties down and off and gave it to the old man. Mr Whittle pocketed her intimate unmentionables with a cheeky wink. Looking at her bare pussy was just a perfect way to start the morning.

Linda stared at the mirror in dismay at how exposed she looked, while Mr Whittle looked positively gleeful. The dungarees hung low on her and were held up by fairly thin straps. This left most of her pink bra on display as it was protected only partially by the front panel of the dungarees. At the back, the dungarees hung so low that if she didn’t hold it up, it would be obvious that she was not wearing panties.

“I can’t wear this,” said Linda in shock.

“Then you can go naked,” replied Mr Whittle with a supremely unconcerned sniff.

They drove in Mr Whittle’s pickup truck and Linda crouched down low in her seat. Occasionally some truck passed close to them and the driver noticed her and blared his horn at them. The stooge simply avoided eye contact and sat red-faced in her seat.

Linda was so distracted that she didn’t pay much attention to where they were going and she was surprised to see that they were back in her own apartment building. The apprentice followed Mr Whittle, mystified.

When they turned up at the apartment of one of her neighbours, Linda almost turned around and fled. She didn’t like the man who lived there at all, but she was somehow rooted to the spot.

The door opened and Gemmell grinned down at her like a hungry shark that just found a tasty little morsel on his doorstep.

“It’s not fair.. It’s just not fair,” Linda whispered under breath.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mrs Haughty Smartypants herself. I can see your bra you know.”

Linda opened and shut her mouth like a goldfish, hoping against hope that it was all just some sort of bad dream. However, it was indeed happening whether she liked it or not.

Mr Whittle reached out his hand and firmly shook Gemmell’s gigantic paw. He had done his research, of course, and already had a set of clients who were just perfect to introduce his apprentice to. He had met Gemmell by chance while working for Linda, and their mutual dislike and sexual attraction towards the dark haired beauty made them fast friends in no time.

“Not him… not him,” whimpered Linda to Mr Whittle but he just gave her a wink and slid his hand down the back of her pants and gave her asshole a good goose.

The stooge leapt forward with a squeal and soon she was inside the apartment of one of the people she detested the most in this world. Gemmell was tall, meaty, and overweight, not to mention one of the most vile human beings she had ever met.

Big Gemmell grabbed hold of the straps of her dungarees and her bra and lifted her up with ease. He placed her on his wooden coffee table in the very center of the room so that he could get a good look at her.

This girl was the snottiest, haughtiest bitch he had ever met. He had been on the receiving end of her terrible temper on more than one occasion. It was clear that he hated her almost as much as she hated him, but he also wanted to fuck her. Linda was one of the sexiest little things he had ever seen. She had disliked him from the start and was constantly rude to him whenever he tried to flirt with her in the hallways. The bitch seemed to think that being married automatically exempted her from being hit on.

“Here comes the bride, here comes the bride,” sang Gemmell lightly as he held up her left hand. “Time to unmarry you, princess!”

He slowly slid her wedding ring off her finger, bit it, and pocketed it with a grin. He had a good look at the damsel in distress before turning to Mr Whittle.

“Well, you’ve really done well for yourself this time, sir. Will she really paint my apartment as well?”

“Oh yes. She’ll do it alright, and as agreed you can give her a good humping.”

“Money well spent,” replied Gemmell as he shook hands with the wiry old man.

Gemmell wanted to fuck the little skank but decided to get her to do the painting first. He knew if he started banging her, nothing would get done. So, the cutie got to work with her brushes and her rollers, setting things up under the direction of Mr Whittle.

Linda kept tugging the back of her pants up and Gemmell got curious and placed himself behind her. Immediately he grinned. Her dungarees were too baggy and when she didn’t hold them up, they eventually slipped down to show off the top of her ass crack and the upper curves of her butt cheeks. He took out his phone and snapped a picture.

Linda looked back at him over her shoulder when she noticed the flash and he took another picture of her butt along with the furious glare on her pretty face.

The apprentice started painting, but it was done with a lot of bad grace. She was furious, glaring and pouting at the two men. She held her tongue, but only because she was a little bit concerned about what they were going to do with her.

“This won’t do. If we don’t fix her attitude now, she’ll ruin my apartment with her sloppy painting.”

Mr Whittle thought for a second and gave the big man a suggestion. “I’ve noticed her attitude improves tenfold when she’s bottomless. Maybe you could try that.”

This was like music to Gemmell’s ears and Linda immediately looked frightened.

“N.. now see here,” she stammered as he bore down on her. “WAIT! NOOOO!”

But it was too late. Her dungarees were off before she could blink and she was standing in front of both men wearing just her bra.

Gemmell stood back and whistled. She was a beauty. Her hairless little pussy was barely visible and she looked stunning. Her bottom lip quivered and it was impossible for her to maintain eye contact.

“You were right. Getting her pants off really improved her attitude,” commented Gemmell thoughtfully.

To Linda, he spoke more forcefully. “Turn around and show me those big fat buttocks. NOW!”

She complied and Gemmell was treated to the cutest roundest bubble butt ever.

“Well now, that just looks so damn hot. Why couldn’t you just show me that ass the first time we met instead of giving me all that attitude?”

Linda was just too cowed to reply at this point.

“Back to work! Move that fat bum of yours and paint!” Mr Whittle could be a hard taskmaster when he needed to be.

Work commenced again but there was a notable difference in Linda’s attitude and quality of work. Getting her out of her pants and panties certainly improved matters in a significant way. Additionally, it gave the men something more to look at. Under Mr Whittle’s strict guidance Linda did an excellent job of painting the walls and entertaining the customer.

Gemmell enjoyed the show immensely. Linda was made to stretch up on her toes to reach the top of the walls with the roller brush and she had to get down on her knees to paint the lower part of the wall. In both instances, the cutie’s bottom stuck out nicely. However, when she got on her knees, Gemmell was treated to an unexpected view of her tight little back passage. The big man immediately wanted to see more.

The painting wasn’t even half done, but money was exchanged and hands were shaken. The idiot realized she was in trouble and panicked.

When they’re afraid, some girls scream for help, while others fight like mad women. However, there are a select few who run around clucking like frightened hens and both Mr Whittle and Gemmell burst out laughing when they realized that Linda was one of these.

The men just couldn’t help feeling both amused and aroused as they watched Linda scuttle around the room with her bare bottom jiggling, squawking and squealing in panic. She tried the door frantically for a while before she realized it was locked. Gemmell cornered the distressed damsel with ease and lifted her up by the waist so that her pussy was at eye level and her legs dangled awkwardly off the ground.

“That’s such a pretty pussy for a brainless bimbo like you,” commented Gemmell with a snarky grin.

He placed Linda back on top of his wooden coffee table and switched on the overhead light so that it looked like she was under a spotlight. He spun the dumbo around and had a good look at the best looking round ass he had ever seen. It was incredible how big, firm, and round that ass was when considering how slim Linda was.

He spun the stooge back around to face him and reached behind her to unstrapp her bra. At the same time, she spasmed and pushed back her shoulders in an ineffective attempt to shake him off. The result was that her bra practically flew off and her breasts seem to just burst out with an audible POP.

Gemmell just stared at Linda’s boobs in shock as they bounced about uncontrollably in front of his face. The dimwit was trying to cover up her chest, but her hands were just not big enough to keep those big round boobs in check. She was also simply not smart enough and too flustered to place her hands in the right places to block his view.

Mr Whittle guffawed at the look on Gemmell’s face. “I told you they were something,” he said between hearty chuckles.

Finally coming back to his senses, Gemmell joined in the laughter, cracking up as he looked at those heaving, bouncing titties combined with her cherry red face.

“Here, I’ve even recorded it on my phone,” said old Mr Whittle showing the big man the video. They both watched the video and chuckled as Linda’s bra few off and her boobs bounced out with a pop.

“Now, time to give this stupid skank a good hard raping.”

“OW! LET ME GO! THAT HURTS!” Linda yelled and squealed as Gemmell twisted her ear and dragged her into the bedroom.

Mr Whittle counted out the money he received as he smiled and listened to the girlish squeals emanating from behind the bedroom door.




“Now see here, if you let me go I’ll…”



“Oh pease, oh please, not back there, not…”



Mr Whittle grinned as he listened to Linda crying while she got her buggering. He wondered how much more fun he was going to have with her.

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Updated the poll.

Also, I'd really appreciate more ideas on where this can go and what we can do to her.

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Great stuff. I love your comical descriptions. Linda is an idiot.

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No arguments there. :)