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What would you do if you went to rape a girl and she was a virgin

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  • Hi i'm 18 and i've never been with a guy
Like me im a virgin, What would you do to me 🙊

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I actually don't care about virginity.

Maybe she might beg to use her mouth instead of losing her virginity, and that'd be fun for a while, but virginity is overrated. IRL, I don't care about virginity. I just want a girl that knows how to move, how to work with me. Maybe in fantasy roleplay, virginity is fun, but IRL I would much rather be with a girl that wants to please me, that would do whatever it takes throughout the day, over and over again, than someone who doesn't know much yet.
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I like the thought of defiling something sweet and pure.  Virginity is no problem for me.

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I'd continue raping her but with even more enthusiasm! There's nothing I enjoy more than taking her most precious possession from her against her will (especially if she looks like prettypuxxy)! Her pleading and weeping would be exquisite.

"...And now my sweet, let's just expose all of your secrets"

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Virgins are the best.  Especially riding them bareback