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"Call me Mr Daniels"
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This is my first attempt at a rape story, and is based roughly on a roleplay I did earlier this year. I'd love to hear feedback or comments, either here or at
If I get a good response, I'll start working on chapter 2 ;)

Mark pushed hard for the final 200 metres of his run. The sun beat down from a clear summer sky, and by the time he reached his home corner he was a lather of sweat. Coming to a stop, he bent over, hands on knees, catching his breath. He pulled his shirt off for the short walk to his house, using it to wipe his brow. He'd turned 40 this year, but was still fitter than most men half his age. His bare torso was toned and muscular, and he still kept up a good pace on his runs.
He stopped short at the house before his, frowning. He knew his neighbours, the Kemps, had gone away for a week, but a strange car was sitting in their driveway. It was a cheap old car too, not anything Russell Kemp would ever be caught dead driving.
Mark walked quietly up to the house, peering in the front windows, but saw nothing. He made his way around the side of the house, through an unlocked gate and into the backyard. When he saw the intruder, he drew in a sharp breath of surprise.
She was tall and slender, with her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. She held the trigger of a hose nozzle, watering some flowers in a garden bed. Mark bit his lip as his eyes slid down her body. She wore a black, string tie bikini top, which cupped her small pert breasts beautifully. Her flat smooth stomach was bare until her hips, which were clad in a tight little pair of cut off denim shorts. As he watched, she released the trigger of the hose, the water cutting off as she bent over to pull at a weed. The tiny shorts tightened across her hot young ass, and as she tugged at the weed, her firm tits jiggled, as if trying to free themselves from the bikini top. Mark felt his cock throb in his shorts and tried to suppress a groan of lust.
Ella tugged at the weed, enjoying her freedom on the warm summer day. She hadn't planned to come home until next week, but with exams finished and her boyfriend going on holiday with his parents, she thought a week with the house to herself would be relaxing. It had been her first year away from home, attending college, and it was easily the best year of her life. She smiled as she wondered if her old school friends would even recognise her again. She was 18 now, an adult and changed in so many ways. She'd come out of her shell in college - instead of the quiet mousy girl who'd left high school, she was now happy and outgoing. She even looked different, whereas she had been chubby when she left, she now exercised regularly and had slimmed right out. Her hair and skin had responded too, and she found she was getting a lot of looks, and more, from boys. She'd even slept with three of them, and now one was her regular boyfriend...
Ella looked up sharply as she heard a noise, then her face split into a wide grin.
“Mr Daniels? Hi, it’s been so long!”
She enjoyed the look of shock on his face, his mouth agape as he looked at her, finally forcing his gaze up from her body to her face.
“Ella? Is that really you? I.. I didn’t recognise you!” Mark realised he was stammering like a dumb school kid, but he couldn’t help it. “I.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.. I just wasn’t expecting anyone home, and I saw your car, and… “ He trailed off, shaking his head.
Ella giggled, “Mr Daniels, it’s ok, I wasn’t expecting to be home yet, you don’t need to apologise. It’s good to see you again though.” She paused as she looked him up and down, “I’d give you a hug, but, well, you look pretty sweaty!”
Mark realised he was staring at her tits again and forced his gaze up, “Ella, please, you can call me Mark.” He swallowed hard at the thought of this hot teen girl pressing her body against his in a hug, and his cock throbbed once more. He couldn’t believe this was Ella, she had barely spoken a word to him when she had lived here, and now… “Sorry, I would have washed up before coming over to see you, but I had to make sure there was no one breaking in.”
Ella smiled, “That’s ok, it’s just a bit of sweat, should wash straight off.”
She bit her lip as she twisted the nozzle of the hose, then squeezed the trigger, sending a jet of cold water shooting straight at his chest. Mark gasped in surprise at the cold shock, jumping back, before bringing up a hand to shield himself from the jet, “Hey, cut it out!”
 Ella laughed, releasing the trigger, “I thought you wanted to wash up? Cool off a little?”
She aimed the hose at him again playfully. Mark raised his eyebrows, “Ella! Behave yourself… or I might have to teach you a lesson!”
She laughed, squeezing the trigger once more, but he was ready this time. Lunging forward through the jet of water, he grabbed the nozzle, pulling her towards him. Ella shrieked, laughing as she twisted, shutting off the water, but gripping the nozzle tight. She twisted as he tried to pull it away from her, fighting him for control. They struggled playfully for a few moments, ending up with Ella twisting around, backed up against him, Mark’s arm’s around her, gripping her hands tight on the hose nozzle. As she wriggled, she felt the firmness of Mark’s cock throb against her ass. She heard him grunt as she squirmed against him. He felt bigger than the guys she’d been with before. She deliberately pushed her ass back, laughing as he gave a little moan, and she tried to twist the hose free again. He managed to control her though, grunting in her ear, “Ella, I’m warning you, let go and behave!”
She just laughed, having fun as she tried to wriggle free once more.
Mark grit his teeth, his cock was fully hard now, and his hot little cunt of a neighbour kept grinding her ass against it. He was going to lose control in a minute if he didn’t do something to stop her. He had her pinned, but he wasn’t able to pull the hose free from her grip. Standing behind her, looking down over her shoulder, he watched as her firm young tits jiggled in her bikini top. Licking his lips, he followed the bikini ties up to the bow tied behind her neck. He grinned… he shouldn’t do it.. but she’d brought it on herself…
Keeping a grip on her wrists with one hand, he quickly used the other to yank at the bow, feeling it come undone in one easy movement, the bikini top falling forward. Ella shrieked in surprise as it fell. She let go of the hose, Mark quickly snatching it from her grip as she pulled her hands back to cup her breasts, covering them. She turned to face him, surprise on her blushing face. He stood there, holding the hose, pointing it at her, grinning.
Ella shook her head, “I can’t believe you did that! That’s so naughty!”
Mark laughed, “Hey, you brought that on yourself… and guess who’s looking a little hot and sweaty now?”
Ella’s eye’s widened, “Hey, no, don’t you…” He words were cut off with a squeal as Mark sprayed a cold jet of water straight at her body, the bikini top hanging below her breasts doing nothing to protect her. Mark laughed as she squirmed, not daring to lift her hands off her breasts to try and stop the water. Her face was screwed up in a grimace as she endured the  cold water spraying her bare skin. He stopped the spray then, grinning at her as she opened her eyes once more, “Ok, you got me back, we’re eve…”
Ella squealed again as this time the hard jet of water sprayed straight into her face, hurting her eyes. Her hands jerked up in protective reflex, blocking the water, but giving Mark a perfect view of her  bare tits. She heard him groan, and she spun around, her back to him now, covering herself once again.
“Mark! Th.. That’s going too far!” Her voice trembled in anger and embarrassment.
“Holy Fuck Ella, you have a hot little pair of tits there…”
She could hear the lust in his voice and she grit her teeth.
“Give me another look… come on, turn around, show me those pretty tits…” Mark taunted.
She glanced back over her shoulder, furious at him now, “Stop it! You should leave now!” Humiliated, keeping her back to him, she reached down to grab the hanging cups of her bikini top, lifting them back up to tie the strings behind her neck. She yelped as another jet of water sprayed straight onto her ass, soaking the denim shorts, making her drop her top again.
“Leave? But Ella, we have so much more catching up to do!”
Before she realised it, she felt his hand yank at the other tie on her back, freeing the bikini top completely, snatching it away from her. She growled in fury, crossing her arms over her breasts before she turned back to face him.
“This isn’t funny! You give that back, right now!”
Mark just grinned at the angry, half naked girl, “Aww, Ella, I’m just having some fun… but if you really want it back, here…”
He held the bikini top out in front of her, dangling from his hand. Using one arm to cover her breasts, Ella reached for it, but he snatched it back at the last moment. She glared at him as he laughed.
“You know what.. on second thought, I think maybe you should apologise for spraying me with the hose, and then beg for it back… I’d like to see you beg, Ella.”
She glared at him, her pretty face screwed up in anger, but then realised he wasn’t even looking at her face, “Why are you being such an asshole?! I was just having fun with you.”
The coldness in his voice sent a shiver down her spine, “Yeah, well now it’s my turn to have some fun with you.”
She felt the first wave of fear through her body then, this had gone way past anything she had expected or experienced now. She wasn’t sure what to do.. If she tried to run inside, would he chase her? Maybe hurt her? Maybe it was just better to do as he said, it would do no harm to apologise to him, even beg for top back.
“Please Mark, I.. I’m sorry I sprayed you with the hose. Can I please have my top back now?”
“Oh Ella…”Mark stepped towards her raising a hand to softly caress her cheek, “That’s not how you apologise or beg. Now do it properly, get on your knees”
Ella yelped as his hand suddenly shoved down on her shoulder, pushing her to her knees with a thud onto the wet ground. She looked up in alarm as he stood over her, the large bulge in shorts obvious now. She managed to keep her arms across her breasts as she shook her head, coming up onto one knee to try and get up, “Mark, I’m not doing this!”
She squealed as he grabbed her ponytail, yanking her forward. She was forced to put her hands out to catch herself, ending up on her hands and knees in front of him.
“Look at you Ella, on your hands and knees, practically begging to be doggyfucked, aren’t you? Ha, I guess you do know how to beg after all, for some things anyway!”
Sobbing, humiliated, Ella pushed herself back onto her knees, covering her breasts with her hands once more. There were tears in her eyes as she lifted her head, and she gasped when she saw he’d pushed his shorts down, his hard cock jutting out, pointing straight at her face. She’d been right, it was big, bigger than any she’d seen before, thicker, and longer by at least a couple of inches.
“Mark, please, I.. I don’t want…”
He cut her off with a growl, “No Ella.. Not Mark… Call me Mr Daniels!”
She shuddered as he stepped forward, standing over her, resting his hard cock down on her upturned face. She screwed her eyes shut in humiliation as he continued, “Now beg me Ella… beg for my forgiveness…”
Tears ran down her cheeks as she knelt there, his hard cock rubbing over her nose and forehead, his balls resting on her chin. She felt them move against her lips as she mumbled, ‘P. Please.. Mr Daniels.. please forgive me.”
He sneered down at the sexy girl as she knelt there, hands covering her tits in modesty, eyes screwed shut, tears trickling down her cheeks, while his fat hard cock rubbed over her pretty face.
"Oh Ella... of course I'll forgive you... just as soon as you've sucked my cock!"
Her eyes snapped open in alarm and he laughed, surely she must have known this was coming.
"But... but Mar... Mr Daniels, I... I have a boyfriend, I can't do that!"
More tears welled in her eyes, and she turned her head to blink them away. Mark grabbed her hair by the ponytail, making her gasp as he forced her to turn her face back up to him. "You'll do as you're fucking told, you little cockteasing slut!"
Holding her hair, he grasped the base of his cock with the other hand, and whacked it hard against her cheek. Ella yelped in surprise, she'd never been treated like this by a man before. Mark continued, belting his cock back and forth on her cheeks, poking at her eyes, smacking against her lips.
"Mr Daniels, please, stop, you're hurting me!" Ella cried as her face was bludgeoned by dick.
"It'll stop when it’s in your mouth, bitch!" Mark growled, his self control completely lost now as he revelled in his sexual dominance of his pretty young neighbour.
Ella grit her teeth, sobbing in disgrace, realising she had no choice. As he smacked the cock down on her face once more, she opened her mouth wide, catching the head between her full lips, glaring up at him as he groaned.
"Oh fuck, that's a hot little mouth... Show me what you can do Ella, let me see how you keep your boyfriend happy."
Realising her glare held little power when she had a mouthful of cock, Ella relented. If this was what she had to do, then her best option was to just do it and get it over with, then never speak to her sick pervert of a neighbour again. She started swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, she knew her boyfriend loved that. Mr Daniels’ cock felt so much bigger in her mouth though, but the way he groaned when she did it made her realise she was doing it right. His hand on her head started pressing her forward, and she took the hint, bobbing her head up and down, feeling the first couple of inches of his thick cock slide in and out between her lips.
Mark stood over her, biting his lip as the sexy little slut went to work on his cock. Despite having his cock in her mouth, her hands still covered her tits, protecting what little modesty she had. He moaned as her tongue swirled around again, "Oh fuck, that's good Ella."
Despite her situation, Ella felt a surge of pride at the compliment, then immediately cursed herself for it. This was just something she had to do, she wasn't looking for approval from this pervert! Her jaw and tongue were starting to ache, she wasn't used to doing this for long, and never on a cock of this size.
"Mmm, you must have had a lot of practise at this. Bet you're the college suckslut, aren't you Ella? How many dicks have you had in your mouth this year? 20? 30?"
Ella pulled back, the cock slipping from her mouth, "No! I'm not like that! Now, I did what you wanted... so give me my top back now!"
Mark laughed, "You think you're going to leave me like this?" He smacked his hard cock against her face, making her flinch again. "No way Ella, you're not getting up until you've made me cum!"
Ella started sobbing, her humiliation overcoming her, "Mr Daniels, I don't know if I can! My boyfriend would have finished by now, and... and... I really don't want to make you cum in my mouth, that's, ew, it's too gross!"
Mark smiled as she bawled, tears running down her cheeks, "Aww, there, there Ella... Let me wipe those tears..."
Ella screwed her face up in revulsion as he started wiping the head of his cock below her eyes, smearing sticky precum through her tears.
"Don't worry sweetie, I'm gonna help you make me cum, it won't take much longer, you'll see. And, I promise I won't cum in your mouth, ok? Now come on, open wide, let’s get this finished, and I can give your top back and you can go inside"
Ella looked up at him, trying to judge his sincerity as he kept smearing her tears with his cockhead. Sighing, taking a deep breath, she reluctantly opened her mouth wide once more. Mark smiled down at her, "Good girl..."
He positioned his cock between her open lips, pausing, savouring it as she knelt there, obediently waiting to take his cock back into her mouth. Unwrapping her bikini top from around his hand, he flicked it around the back of her head, catching it in his other hand, then used it to suddenly yank her head forward. Ella lurched as the material forced her face into his groin, his hard cock stabbing into her mouth, making her gag as it hit the back of her throat. She squirmed, trying to pull back, but he held the bikini top tight, trapping her there, choking as the head of his cock tried to push into her throat. She tried to protest, but only garbled, unintelligible noises escaped her throat.
"Come on Ella, I'm trying to help you, but you've got to do your bit. It’s not even half way down yet. You need to relax your throat and swallow. I'm not letting you up until you get it all down. Now swallow that dick, slut!"
His hands moved from the bikini top into her hair, gripping tight, controlling her head better. Ella gagged as he pushed harder, she could hardly breathe, but he wasn't letting up. Sobbing, she tried to do as he said. She concentrated on relaxing her throat, gagging more as his cock pushed in another inch. She squirmed, trying to pull her head back, but his hands gripped her hair tight. She heard him yell at her, "Swallow it, cunt!"
In desperation, she did it, swallowing like she eating a big chunk of steak. She felt the cock surge forward, driving into her throat, as her face was pressed forward. She gagged, retching as it slid down her neck. She felt like her throat was bulging from the pressure as he pushed in. Her nose was pushed into his pubic hair, and his balls were mashed against her chin. She tried to scream, but no sound escaped her cock clogged throat. Her hands left her breasts, forgetting any semblance of modesty as she shoved at his thighs, trying in vain to push him back.
Mark groaned as he finally managed to force every inch of his cock down her reluctant throat. He held her there, enjoying the sensation of her tight throat gripping his shaft, the vibrations as she tried to scream. Looking down, her pert tits were jiggling around free now as she struggled to push him back. He felt his balls tighten as she gagged, her throat massaging his cock with its spasms, and he knew he couldn’t last long. Gripping her head tightly, he pulled her back, but only halfway, keeping the head of his cock in her throat before he rammed his hips forward. He groaned at the sensation and the muffled squeal. Gritting his teeth, his lips pulled back in a snarl, he began fucking the girl’s face. His hands held her head, pulling it back and forth as his hips rammed, brutally driving his dick down her helpless throat. He could feel her hands slapping and shoving at his thighs, and saw her small tits bouncing with every vicious thrust into her mouth.
Ella could do nothing but choke and gag and cry as he raped her face, skullfucking the helpless teen. Her head swirled, dizzy, feeling she might pass out from lack of air, hoping that she would so she wouldn’t have to continue enduring the awful feel of her throat stretched around his thrusting cock. Suddenly, it was pulled out, and her breasts heaved as she gasped in a huge breath of fresh air. She blinked as she heard him groan loudly, then squealed as his first jet of hot cum blasted straight into her eye. She tried to pull away, but he had one hand still twisted in her hair, controlling her, holding her steady as he continued to cum, spraying sticky sperm across her face, cheeks, nose, lips, even through her hair. She shut her mouth tight in revulsion as she tasted it, felt it dripping down her face, splattering onto her tits.
“Oh fuck yeah, that was good… and you look extra pretty now, Ella… or maybe I should just call you Cumface from now on?”
As she wiped cum from her eyes, she felt her bikini top land on her face as he tossed it at her. She blinked, looking up at him in fury, “I can’t believe you cummed on my face! You asshole!”
Mark just laughed, “Hey, you asked me to, when you said you didn’t want it in your mouth… I was just giving you what you wanted, slut!”
Ella pulled the sticky bikini top off her cum drenched face, humiliated and furious as she scrambled to her feet, hurrying back to her house to clean up. Mark gave her a little wave, calling out  as she slammed the door, “I’ll drop by later Cumface, we’ve got a lot more catching up to do!”

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That was amazing!

I liked the playful banter at the beginning and then the ruthless face-fucking at the end. I really like it when it's rough. ;) The details about fear and humiliation were a nice touch.

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks very much, I'm really glad you liked it! It's always the rough stuff and humiliation that gets me most aroused.
Thanks for your reply!

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Thumbs up, Ella. Nicely done,  it got me aroused! Love the victim.

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 That's well done sweetheart, good story. How's life down under?
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Thank you! Life is great down under, nice and warm, great beach weather today. Perfect for wearing a little string tie bikini top and having a water fight with my neighbour ;)