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Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Sigurd13 on Today at 05:57:02 PM »
Billy took the schedule from the dean and started looking at the schedule.  "Thank you sir," she said before going back to her seat.  She listened to him as she looked over her schedule, using one of her hands to pull her skirt as much as possible down her thighs and smooth it out, feeling self-conscious about the amount of skin showing.  When he made his remark about how skimpy her clothes seemed on her, she blushed, her face and upper torso turning bright red.  "I'm sorry if this outfit is too small, sir.  I can make it work, though."
He handed her a schedule of her classes, his eyes catching her provocative new outfit.

"You'll be taking four classes."

As she sat back down he quietly drank in the sight of her youthful in it's new clothes.  He examined her bra enclosing her small breasts, her too short skirt exposing her naked thighs.

"You'll have statistics with Professor Thomas, English composition with Professor Stevens, philosophy with Professor Wainwright, and finally anatomy with Professor Cox. Hmm...that uniform is a little dismaying.  It doesn't leave much to the imagination does it?"
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Sigurd13 on Today at 02:40:50 PM »
Billy fairly jumped up out of her chair and strode as slowly and firmly as she could to the desk, her eyes never leaving the box.  She could feel her heart beating fast in anticipation, wondering what the uniforms would look like.  She opened the box, and her eyes sparkled when she saw the new fabric, not remembering the last time she'd gotten clothing that hadn't been used.  She looked up at the dean, a smile all but splitting her face wide open.  "Thank you so much," she gushed, her fingers feeling the new fabric.  The colors were vibrant, the material soft and not worn through anywhere.   She carefully picked out a set and walked to the nearest restroom, then got into a stall and dressed herself in her new clothes. 

Dressed, she stepped out and looked at herself in the large mirror above the vanity.  The clothes themselves were beautiful, but something wasn't right...they were too short, too tight.  Apparently Alice had given them wrong measurements somehow?   She could even see her white bra through the shirt and feel a breeze up the back of her legs, almost up to her ass.  She couldn't complain, though.  They were brand new and beautiful, and she new she had to be grateful for them.  She grabbed her old clothing from the bathroom stall and exited the restroom before walking back to the dean..

Appearing once again before the old gentleman, Billy gave a quick curtsy.  "Thank you so much for the clothes, Dean.  I'm so grateful for these new outfits."
Guys and girls,
please, before you shoot the rapist, make sure it is not just a roleplay!

Once my partner and I played a game "Innocent hitchhiker kidnapped into the woods and raped". I thought I drove deep enough into the woods, before I dragged her out of the car and started "raping" her. Evidently I didn't drive deep enough, as two passersby started towards us to help her. It took some time to reassure them that it was just rough sex, not real rape :)
"That's what I was hoping to hear."

He leaned back in his chair and grinned.

"You seem sharp as a tack.  I want this to be a successful endeavor.  Your sister gave your sizes to one of my most trusted professors, Professor Cox.  Professor Cox took the liberty of ordering you some uniforms and your books.  He will be your biology professor.  Biology classes will be an important part of your medical training, which I understand you plan on pursuing."

He took a large box and set it on his desk.

"I have your uniform here.  I'd like you to check it and make sure everything fits.  You will receive a stipend to cover underwear and hosiery and the like."

Inside the box where five sets of uniforms.  They fit...but just barely.  The skirts were very short, only coming down to her wrists.  The blouses were too tight, the buttons straining against even her small breasts.  The white fabric was so thin that bra color could be made out as well.

"Why don't you step into the restroom and try them on?"

Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Sigurd13 on Today at 04:42:12 AM »
Billy knew how she had to look before this sophisticated, well-dressed man.  Her dress, although the best she had, on; came to about her knees and was approaching threadbare.  Her flats also were very worn, and although she sat up straight, she was still dwarfed in the chair, and her toes barely touched the floor.   Looking the dean in the eye, she nodded.

"Yes, sir.  I know.  You'll get my best work.  I promise you won't regret admitting me."  Billy hadn't been the best student, but she did work hard, knowing she was the only chance to get herself and her sister out of the tiny apartment they shared and into a better life.  "And I promise I'l be on my best behavior as well."  She knew staying at Brightendale would depend as much on her behaving herself as her ability to keep her grades up.
It was a long and nervous wait in the reception area outside the dean's office.  The dean's secretary finally allowed Billy to go in.  The dean was a rather old and rather rotund man, with salt and pepper hair and dressed in an expensive suit.  He sat judgmentally behind his solid oak desk in a room that smelled as old as it looked.  Which was old.  Really old.

" must be Willamena Moore...our newest addition."

He examined her through his glasses.

"Our first FEMALE addition.  I pulled a lot of strings to get to this point Miss Moore.  You'd better be worth the hassle."
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
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"I know, it feels so good."  Billy leaned up and kissed Alice on the cheek before sitting down and demolishing the eggs that had been prepared for her.  Once she was done, she took a shower, careful as usual not to use too much shampoo...just enough.  She took out her best dress to wear and a good pair of shoes.  The only thing left was to grab her  purse on the way out the door. 

Billy was practically bouncing with excitement as she waited for the time to come for them to leave.  "This is so amazing, Alice.  It's the best thing that ever happened for us!"
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Thedoctorisin on December 15, 2017, 10:22:00 PM »
Her sister broke the hug and smiled warmly at her sister.

"The dean wants to meet with you after lunch.  Get something nice to wear for the meeting, okay?"

She rubbed Billy's shoulder.

"I promise this will change everything.  It's a sign Billy.  A sign from God."
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Only Woman in an All Male University (Sigurd13)
« Last post by Sigurd13 on December 15, 2017, 11:49:39 AM »
Billy's jaw dropped.  She had taken a year off from school when their parents passed, having been too grief stricken to go, and so was a year behind scholastically.  That, combined with the fact that they just didn't have any money, meant she didn't think she was going to college at all.  She had already started a job search, and was set to start next week, but it looked like she was going to get to leave home and go to college after all.  And this was a very prestigious college, even if she was going to be the only female there. 

"Omygod...that's so awesome!"  Billy hugged her sister even tighter.  This also meant she would no longer be a burden financially, which she knew was a big deal.  She looked up at her older sister, tears in her eyes.  "I couldn't have done it without you pushing me al these years to do so well in school.  Thank you so much, sis."
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