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Rape Roleplay / Re: Saving Her Soul
« Last post by twistedgrimm on Today at 12:52:45 AM »
Lucille shot a questioning glance toward the men. Would they allow it? She prayed they would.

“Ooh, please,” she found herself begging. “Please, Jane, I want you to...”
Rape Roleplay / Re: At the Mercy of the Court
« Last post by twistedgrimm on Today at 12:50:10 AM »
The color drained from her face.

“A d-deal? Why would she do that?” Her voice trembled.
Rape Roleplay / Re: At the Mercy of the Court
« Last post by Thedoctorisin on Today at 12:01:45 AM »
"I had an interesting chat with your sister.  You know...before she went to school."

He still feigned being engrossed in his paper.

"She wanted to make a deal with me.  Oh beef jerky is on sale."
Rape Roleplay / Re: Saving Her Soul
« Last post by Thedoctorisin on March 21, 2018, 11:58:31 PM »
There was a moment of silence.

"Can I...may I do that for you?"

She couldn't fight back a smile.
Rape Fantasy Topics / Re: Blackmailing sex with family
« Last post by sakk84 on March 21, 2018, 09:07:19 AM »
i feel that one.  i have 3 sisters and a mom that i would blackmail
Wow, what a many to choose from!

Like a few people here there was one girl at university I'd have to consider; really nice and innocent and one of my friends but there was just something about her. Perhaps it was because she was a big Christian, maybe because she was cute or maybe it was just she had these great big tits but I woke up a few times fantasizing about having her begging me to leave her alone.

Obviously there's plenty of celebrities/porn stars one might put at the top of the list - although I don't subscribe to the angry 'cockteasing' justification. Anyone I'd choose it would just be because they were hot, which is really the only criteria in any of my fantasies.

If I was forced to though, as a leftie I'd think about Tomi Lahren. Hot and it'd be great to take her down a peg or two...

Tomi Lahren for sure. Not a leftie, but as you put it, knocking her down a peg or two would be great, considering how hot and independent she is. Either her or Dana Loesch or Ivanka Trump.
Rape Roleplay / Re: Sorrow and Flame (Kimbra, Jdrake)
« Last post by Jdrake on March 20, 2018, 11:57:18 PM »
Mordekai pulled abruptly out of Callida, his wet cock stained crimson as he playfully slapped Lyanna's ass. "You hear that, slut? Someone thinks she's still a hero after all. She's really willing to suffer all that to save your life. Your worthless, empty life as a cumdump. You should be so happy, 'princess.' " He paused, as if he were going to slap her again, then frowned and lowered his hand. "Well, a promise is a promise. I'm done hurting you... but you're going to have to watch everything I do to this cunt.  I want to see if you can still call her your savior while you watch my cum drip out of her dead body." He glanced over at Callida. "Keep begging, slut... otherwise I might start doubting your decision."

Mordekai rose and began to untie Lyanna, leaving Callida where she was for the moment. He wasn't exactly gentle, for but Mordekai he absolutely treated Lyanna like a delicate flower as he lifted the weakened girl off the bed and brought her over to the crucifix, kicked some of the unused lumber out of his way to pile it at the base as he did. "I suppose nails wouldn't be very kind to you, would they?" He said, shaking his head with a frown. "No barbed wire or anything else interesting either. More's the shame." He lifted her into position, and began to wide rope around her arms and legs, holding her in place with mere cord and twine rather than far more painful methods Callida had suffered. "See, slut?" Mordekai said as he looked over at Callida, letting a bit of false annoyance show on his face. "Safe and sound and unhurt. Just like I promised you."

He turned to glare at Lyanna. "You will watch the whole thing, whore," he growled. "If you don't... your savior's sacrifice will be for nothing, and I'll be angry."

Then Mordekai turned to go get Callida, slowly untying her from the bed as well. Wrapping a hand in his crimson hair, he paused to bend down and lick the tears off her face, shuddering as the sensation poured through him and his already hard cock grew painful in how it stuck out from him. He paused to glance down at her already bleeding cunt and ass, and used his other hand to casually twist one of her nipples.  She was still blubbering her pleas to die, and that pleased him. Mordekai dragged her off the bed by her hair, ripping some of it free with his enthusiasm, and pulled her to the foot of Lyanna's crucifix.

"Only one hole left to ruin," he said with a grin... and then when her mouth next opened to bed he slammed his cock home in it, all the way down her throat in a single thrust that made her wretch and gag. Even after all these years, she never had completely gotten rid of her gag reflex... she never had gotten used to sucking a cock. Good... he preferred it that way. If she took take his length without suffering, that would be almost something like her being willing. "Don't stop begging," he said as he pulled almost free and slammed back down again, a "glurk" erupting free from her raped mouth.

Gripping the side of Callida's head with both hands, he moved her around as he fucked her until he was slamming her head back against the wooden form on the post Lyanna was suspended on, banging her against it with each violent rape-thrust questions towards her lungs. As her eyes looked up at him, she could see Lyanna staring down at her, see her bleeding cunt... see the drop of blood as it fell onto her forehead, shaken free by Mordekai's violence.

He had barely let her gasp in a pair of breaths since he started raping her throat.
Problems, Questions & feedback / Accidental Duplicate account
« Last post by MissyMystery on March 20, 2018, 05:21:15 AM »
Hi! It had been so long since I've logged in I couldn't remember my account info and thought my account had been purged (I even tried using what I thought was the email I used to find my account) so I made a new one and then saw my old one was still here and now I'm not sure what to do/who to message..

Sorry to be a pain my first 5 minutes re-exploring the site
Rape Roleplay / Re: Sorrow and Flame (Kimbra, Jdrake)
« Last post by kimbra_ailis on March 20, 2018, 02:49:22 AM »
Aware of the woman's pain. Feeling her being fucked. The look on her face. The tears.... the screams... the screams... So much screaming... so much pain... Pain that would... neeever stopped... In time it was her time for pain... Pain... so much pain... screaming....  so much pain... it hurt... it hurt so much.. It always hurt so much... Lyanna knew that...

Callida blinked a few times but she didnt want to focus. Didnt want to think. Didnt want to hear... Knowing he was torturing her...

Callida begged for things, usually when he offered. It was always little things, food, water. Sex if that meant those things... Had begged for a blanket a few times...

Screaming in pain as his cock thrust deep into her ass. The pain was so bad. It was always  so bad... Body jerking a few times against the restraints. His voice still came to her... promises... swearing... promises... reassurance...

Then the pain stopped, at least stopped getting worse. Leaving her in a odd space, an odd feeling. Spacey and high and odd... The sound of her sobs, of the other woman's sobs.

... Let go... of her... let Lyanna go...

Callida physically flinched and jerked violently as if he had hit her with each sentence. Lying whore... condemned... hero...

Food... warmth... clothes...

No more starving to death...

He would kill her still... but not as often... maybe... it wouldnt be every week or so from starvation...

He hadnt lied to her... at least not that she knew... when he said he was going to do something...

Callida didnt remember starting to sobbing again. Physically he wasnt hurting her much, but she felt it just as keenly.

How often did she just wanted the smallest things. Just a little comfort. How often had she begged for it? He was offering it... for only a death... one single death... a death no one would know about. Would not care about.

Almost imagining herself lying on the bed, under a blanket, clothes on her body... She would never stop seeing Lyanna's face.

A slip of a thought flickering through her head... she wasnt sure that she could do that... even if he promised to let Callida herself leave...

"Kill.... mee... me..." Thoughts were jumbled. "please... kill me... Me... Kill... me...  please... kill me... please... " Thoughts felt jumbled and spaced but she was trying.

Rape Roleplay / Re: At the Mercy of the Court
« Last post by twistedgrimm on March 19, 2018, 10:23:05 PM »
Liz wondered where Courtney was; it was strange for her to deal with her uncle alone.

“Y-you wanted to talk, uncle?”
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