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*Temple of Darkness: Preperations for the Festival of Rape*
« on: October 28, 2013, 01:37:23 PM »
Temple of Darkness

Preparations for the Festival of Rape

I was cast from the heavens to this world at the beginning of the human dawn. The world was ill prepared for my arrival and as the Creator abandoned his toy, it was left to my mercy. With no rivals, my powers spread and grew. My awareness spread around the globe, often fractured and distorted, but growing. Determined I would never be weak again, I gathered my strength, and whatever I could find.

The creation of this world and its inhabitants created residue. Left over bits and pieces, some little more than emotions, or spare thoughts, others are stronger and much more powerful. Over the millennia I have collected this residue. Calling it to me, holding onto those powers so others do not claim them. Passing them down from one of my reincarnations to the next.

In time, I have had reason to pass along one of these pieces to a worthy individual. In doing so, I literally pass to them, a godhead, creating a minor deity with powers and strength of their own. Their power never rivals my own, and what some have failed to understand, what is given can be destroyed.

Genophan is a perfect example of passing a godhead. To my High Priestess I have passed Death and Healing. A beautiful pair of voices to add to her already chaotic head. For her, they essentially became hands of a power, able to focus and channel the power of death and healing upon her whim.

Of late, I have been seeking a new host for one of these powers, insatiable lust. As the mortals have long called it, rape. I have sought a host for it before with a priestess, a priestess that let a little power go to her head. That does not deter me from seeking a new priestess after so long, although recently my eye has turned to maybe a priest would be better suited for such a gift. I have had ill luck with priests in the past, I have to wonder if it’s the men I draw to me, or men in general. I lean towards men in general.

I had my eye on a new arrival of the temple, what started out as a prisoner and quickly rose through the rank of guards. Sadly, as savvy as he was, he was blinded by love. His attempts at deception were poor, and his ability to learn from his past mistakes with an innocent all but sealed the fate of his love. Such a waste but that is the curse of human will.

So I must search elsewhere.

It is my hope to bestow the godhead during the celebration in February.

While my title and powers come from darkness and rain, in all its forms, there is no doubt that my conception and history is heavily steeped in rape and torture. Both of which have played large parts in my worshippers and temples from the beginning of time. In some ways is a replay of my virginal rape by the Creator, in other ways it’s a way to pass along my own suffering to those who serve me.

Why kill an enemy when you can sacrifice someone who worships you.

One good thing did come out of my fallen-from-grace-guard  he did bring me the promised ten virgins before his madness set in. There will be more than simply ten at the festival, but these ten will be the main show. A rape victim is always a fun a delicious thing, but I want more of a show. I want a woman truly fighting to live. The death screams are near impossible to compare to. For the next few months, they will be taught and brain washed to believe that if a man has sex with them, they will die from it. That sex is as toxic as any poison known to man, and one that beyond any pain they can imagine.

   My priests and priestesses will also be on the search through neighboring villages and prisoners for more promising entertainment. Virgins are the ideal sacrifice, although a gem of a potential will not be turned away. The essence of rape is not picky whether the victim is a whore, or a virgin, or a faithful lover. It’s blind to race, age, and creed, an equal opportunity seeker. Although we have not had a god of rape for a number of years, my priests know just what to look for.

   True death is uncommon during this time of celebration, but it does happen. I do not limit the performance, or kinks of my followers. Let the creativity flow, along with the bodily fluids of sex and blood. Even though there are a few months before the festival, I have already started to choose performers, men and women, mostly my priests and priestess although that is not a strict demand, to be the main entertainment and guests of honor.
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Re: *Temple of Darkness: Preperations for the Festival of Rape*
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 11:05:39 PM »
Interesting not many stories about what is basically a rape cult, not just rape+religion.