Author Topic: Hard Rock of the Golden Era  (Read 384 times)

Hard Rock of the Golden Era
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Aniway, to continue on my previus 2 themes here. I feel its my civic duty to present more of the REAL music to people, not the piece of shit comercial pop-crap pumped out these days. This thread is dedicated to 60-80's Hard Rock. damn Tepper is hot! speaking of hot... as a girl I had the BIGGEST crush on Billy Idol! probably my favorite workout tune. Great Tepper song for a awsome movie! Listening to this on my phone most times I ride my bike. Classic! Oh fuck me this is beter then self-afirmation before a fight!

Just a few gems... lots more, but this is to start vith! :)

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)