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Deus Ex Thread
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Because I feel like starting one, and because I fucking LOVEE cyberpunk, and I fucking LOVEEEEE Deus Ex game franchize. :)))) The only serial of computer games I vent out of my way to get, and make time to play all, from the original one to Mankind Divided. Second one in the series, Invisible War, is probably the worst (but stil awesome) of the series, story, enviroment and game-play wise, but since its the only one vhere theres a option to play as a female char, it gains extra points in my book.

Btw, I dont count The Fall as part of the franchize, that is just a poorly done port from mobile platforms on computer, and I didnt play it (reading the reviews on it and seeing gameplay videos convinced me not to get it).

Aniway, heres a realy great fan-maked movie I run across on YT, vith theme from DX Human Revolution. Asyde from a bit clunky HtH scene betwen Jensen and Fedorova, I loved all of it! :))) Maked me want to play HR agen. And it is a bit sex-charged too, at the start XOXO

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)