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"I hate you..." by Wannabe Rapist
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"I hate you..." by Wannabe Rapist

Part 1
Hope choked out the words even as John tightened his grip around her neck. She knew she shouldn't have agreed to meet him one last time - she should have just let it go. He wasn't very happy about this being their last fuck. Her boyfriend didn't know about them, and she always felt so guilty afterwards, but John fucked her with such aggression and anger that she couldn't stop thinking about him.

He'd tied her up with the remnants of her shredded clothes - wrists behind her back, his favourite position. They never wasted much time - the hotel door had barely closed before he'd got her naked. He had slapped her hard across the face, and she'd tripped and fallen over. He pulled her legs apart and roughly entered her.

'So, you don't wanna see me any more, you little bitch?' John growled in her ear. 'Well, I'd better fuck up you so badly you'll be too scared to come back! I may as well use you up and stretch you out before sending you back to your boyfriend... though he may not want you back when I'm done!' Hope's eyes were still stinging from the slap John had given her. She looked up at him in silence, lying awkwardly on her wrists as he pounded her pussy with his hips, gritting his teeth.

'You know, I can't even feel you. The only pleasure I'm getting out of this is watching you in pain' John grunted, smirking at Hope. John would occasionally use a desensitising spray, meant for premature ejaculation, to make him last longer. He would use so much that he couldn't even feel his cock, and then fuck a whore non-stop until the feeling in his dick returned and he finally came. The only problem was that after an hour of literally non-stop rough sex, the whore in question was usually too sore to keep going, and he'd have to go rent another one to finish up in. Unfortunately for Hope, this time he was going to keep going, not matter how much it was hurting her...

'You fucked so many guys you're not even that tight any more, you slut', John smirked.

'Fuck you' replied Hope. 'I hate you, you fucking asshole'

'Sure you do - that's why you came over here and let me fuck the last little bit of tightness out of your holes'

'Fuck you, asshole. I shouldn't have come. Untie me & let me go, bastard!'.

John didn't answer. He pulled out of Hope and dragged her across the floor, into the bathroom. He pushed her knees back to her chest, and slid his throbbing cock deep inside her. The sweet, tangy scent of her pussy filled the air, and he could feel her juices running down his balls. He ground his hips into hers, and smirked as she winced.

'You like that, bitch? Don't lie to me, you know you do. This whole room smells of your pussy, and there's a damp trail on the carpet where I dragged you in here. Nothing like a tiled floor to help me get deeper inside you, though.'

John slammed his hips into hers again and again. He pressed his feet against the walls of the small bathroom to get more leverage. Hope whimpered each time he thrust - he was fucking her so hard that her head was banging on the cold tiles. She was moaning a little too - her arms were still twisted behind her. Sweat dripped from John's brow into her eyes as he mercilessly pounded her - her entire body bearing the brunt of his anger.

'This hurt you, bitch? You know I'm just warming you up for the main event, don't you? I'm really going to hurt you - gonna give you an adverse reaction to sex. Once I'm done with you, you'll wanna throw up the next time you feel your boyfriend stick his dick in you. And the best thing is that I can't feel a thing. My whole cock is still numb!'



'...Asshole, let me go!' Hope grunted. John was fucking her more slowly now, letting her lift her hips off the ground as she struggled to get out from under him. Hope arched her back, pushing her hips up, only to have John slam them down with his, onto the tiles. The impact of the bathroom floor against their entwined bodies only served to drive his cock deeper into her pussy. Hope yelped in pain, but all John could feel was a distant squeezing at the tip of his cock. Using that spray made him feel like his dick was a destructive weapon, that he could use to inflict pain on her without feeling anything himself - and he loved it.

'You want me to untie you, so you can run back to your pimp of a boyfriend?' John smirked. He stopped, his cock still deep inside her, sweat still dripping into her eyes. 'Tell me I'm the best fuck you've ever had, or ever will have, and I'll let you go'.

'Whatever. You suck' Hope replied.

Angered, John slapped her across the face, his cock still buried inside her. Even as her eyes teared up from the sting of his hand, he felt her pussy get slicker with wetness. A smile slowly spread across John's face.

'You little slut' he smirked. 'Your mouth may lie to me, but your pussy can't. You love it - I can tell. And you love it more the more I hurt you. You're really gonna love what I have planned, you dirty whore!'

John pulled out of Hope's sopping pussy, and went back into the bedroom. He returned with a thick 24" double dildo, grinning from ear to ear. He reached down and unceremoniously hauled Hope to her feet. Taking hold of her by the throat, he dragged her into the bath, and stood her against the corner. He put one arm between her legs, and hoisted her off her feet, her back in the corner between the two walls. She started kicking and yelling immediately.

'Put me down, you asshole!' she yelled, trying to get free. John almost dropped her because she was struggling so violently.

'Don't make me slap you again, you stupid bitch!' John growled, but Hope didn't stop. After waiting a moment, he slapped her across the face, much harder than before. The effect was immediate. Hope went quiet and stopped struggling as tears welled in her eyes. John felt his cock stiffen - it was like someone had pulled the skin tighter round his shaft and swollen head. He couldn't believe how much hurting Hope was turning him on. He felt that he could get off just by watching her reaction while continued to slap her.

'I fucking hate you, you fucking asshole' Hope whispered, still defiant.

John didn't say anything. He put his knees to the walls so that Hope was straddling him, with her legs open. Her feet were dangling in the air, her entire body off the ground. With a grin he pushed the head of the dildo up her pussy till it wouldn't go any further, watching Hope's expression in anticipation. He stared him down, eyes flashing with anger. He gripped the dildo between her legs with both hands, one fist above the other and smiled at her.

'You ready, bitch? This is really going to hurt....'

A look of fear flashed across her face. John gripped the dildo tightly and thrust it upwards as hard as he could. Hope's hips jerked upwards as her weight of her body drove the dildo deep inside her. The force of John's thrust almost lifted her clear off his knees - but not quite. Her face wrenched into a grimace, eyes screwed shut.

'Nnnngggggghhhhahhhh!!!' she grunted, before John let go and let her weight slump back onto him. Hope opened her eyes, which were brimming with tears.

'You're a sick motherfucker, you know that?' she spat at him. 'I fucking hate you so much.'. She was breathing hard, her chest heaving, beads of sweat on her forehead. But the bathroom too now was filled with the scent of her pussy juices.

'God, I love it when you tell me that' John grinned at her. 'Especially coming from you. You're the most insatiable whore I've ever met, so you know sick when you see it. But I'm going to mess you up so bad, there won't be anything left for me to do to you if we ever fuck again'

He thrust upwards again, but this time pulled his knees away, so that Hope's entire body weight was being supported by the fat dildo deep in her pussy. She screamed. John braced his legs to support her weight, her back still resting on the bathroom wall, two fists gripping the dildo about 6 inches below where it disappeared into her. Hope squealed and opened her eyes, tears running down her cheeks. She was thrashing around, her feet kicking, but she couldn't get herself free. She was impaled on the plastic cock, and each time she struggled, her weight drove it deeper inside her.

'Oh god...let me down you sick motherfucker!' she wailed. 'I'm gonna rip your cock off when I get my hands on you!' Her legs were hanging limp now, feet clear off the floor, her thighs gripping John's arm in a vain attempt to take some of the pressure off her cervix. But she was still sinking further onto the dildo. John had to move his top hand below the other one, because she'd sunk about six inches further from all her struggling.

'You stupid whore, you're only making it worse on yourself! It's a good thing you're such a skinny bitch, or else we would have ruptured something by now' John smirked. 'Stop struggling, and you'll stop sinking!' Tears rolling down her cheeks, Hope let her body go limp, teeth still clenched, and eyes occasionally scrunching up from the pain.

It felt like an eternity. She didn't think she'd ever had anything that deep inside her before, and was a little worried that was going to do her some permanent damage. Hope didn't want to give him the pleasure of telling him how much it hurt though - she knew that would only turn him on more. She closed her eyes to try to block out some of the pain, but all she could feel was a rawness deep inside her. Just went she didn't think she could take any more, she heard John whisper:

'Best you've ever had?'

She opened her eyes & nodded.

'Say it, bitch!' John growled.

'Best I've ever had!' Hope whimpered.


Hope was terrified that he'd done some real damage to her at this point. She knew that nothing had ever been this far inside her before, but it felt like the dildo was creeping further and further inside her. She felt that it would start pressing up against her stomach soon, and that she'd get torn up inside. But she still didn't realize what John was asking.

'And what?' she moaned.

'Best you'll ever have?!' John snarled.

'Best I've ever had and ever will have!' she sobbed quickly, hoping that he would finally put her down.

'That's right, bitch!' he snarled, slapping her hard across the face again. John lived for that split second look in her eyes, when the wounded puppy broke through, before the defiant whore could reassert itself. Hope didn't disappoint. For a split second, as he looked into her eyes, John saw an vulnerable, terrified girl pushed beyond her limits. It was what he'd been waiting for. His head spun with a mixture of power, lust and anger. And then the defiance returned.

But he'd cracked her, if only just a tiny bit, and she knew it too. To a certain extent, there wasn't going to be anything else he'd want to do to Hope after tonight - after he had widened that crack a bit more and broken her a little more, her boyfriend could have her. But she'd be mentally scarred, and that scar would never go away. Thinking about that always gave him such a rush...

John felt his cock twitch in anticipation of ploughing her pussy again. He pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and let her slide to the floor. A good 18 inches of the dildo were slick with Hope's pussy juice. He licked at it contemplatively while she convulsed with sobs, huddled over in the bath, wrists still bound.

After a few moments, he grabbed her and hauled her up from one arm.

'I'm not done with you yet, you dumb tramp!, John grinned, as he dragged her back towards the bedroom... 'If you thought that hurt you're in for a real surprise!...'

Part 2

John dragged Hope roughly to the bed. She had stopped struggling at this point, he noticed. Just the thought that she was starting to give up the fight a little turned him on even more.

'Here's what we're gonna do, sweetie. I'm gonna make you cum, even though you won't want to. And I'm not gonna cum until you've cum at least five times for me.'

John grabbed a permanent marker from his bag, and drew 5 boxes on Hope's quivering tummy. 'Each time you cum, you get a check. And once you've got five, you're done. It may take a while, but we'll get there'

John rolled Hope onto her stomach. He retied her wrists behind her behind her back, and rolled her face up again. She was lying on a pillow, with her arms underneath her. Her face was streaked with dried cum, her eyes red. Her face was flushed, and her legs were still trembling. John roughly forced her knees open. Her pussy smelled so good, he could just drink from it like a fountain, he thought. Hope whimpered, still shaken from her ordeal.

'I beat up that hole of yours pretty bad, don't you think? Looked pretty bruised to me. I'll bet it's even worse on the inside... Does it hurt much?'

'Not as much as you will when I get my hands on you, you asshole', she growled in response.

'Oh you still have some fight in you. God, that's so hot. Y'know, the last girl I fucked this hard ended up in hospital? I think she's a whore now. Must be the only whore who gets off when her pimp beats her.'

'Well, that's more than you could do for her, you stupid bastard. I've seen babies with bigger cocks than yours.'

John's faced flushed red, but he said nothing. After a moment or so he smiled.

'I was gonna go easy on you, but after that, I think I'll just get right into it'. He went back to his bag and pulled out a nice thick dildo with a bolt on one end, and a powerdrill.

John grinned as he saw the expression on Hope's face. He didn't say anything, but silently plugged in the drill, running an extension cord to the end of the bed. He looked at Hope, and clamped the dildo in the chuck of the drill, using the bolt. He could see the fear in Hope's eyes as he stood over her, and pulled the trigger on the drill. The dildo was about 12" long, straight and veiny, nice and thick, spinning at 5000RPM. It wobbled slightly, as John hadn't been able to mount it exactly along the rotational axis of the drill, but he figured that it would only make it a little more interesting...

Without a word, he pushed open Hope's knees - putting his weight on the inside of her right knee, and pushing down her other knee with his hand. He gently nosed the end of the dildo inside her pussy.

'You feel really loose - I must have really stretched you out. I'm kinda surprised that you were still as tight as you were, given that you'll fuck anything that looks at you'

'Fuck you, you asshole'. Hope gritted her teeth and spat back at him. John slid the dildo half way inside her pussy, and pulled the trigger, with the drill speed at the lowest setting. The drill immediately started twisting inside Hope. She yelped and instinctively tried to close her legs, but John had pulled her knees apart and tied them to the bed, so she couldn't do anything to stop him. As he watched her strain her muscles in vain, her self-preservation instincts pre-empted and thwarted, John felt his cock throbbing. He knew that this was gonna be one of the best fucks of his life - he was gonna a real thrill from slowly taking Hope apart, piece by piece.

He pulled the trigger in halfway, and roughly forced the spinning dildo further inside Hope's pussy. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she was gritting her teeth. John smiled - he knew her pride would prevent her showing how much it hurt - and he planned to use it to his advantage...

Despite her best efforts, Hope's pussy was sopping wet. John could see it glisten under the light of their motel room. John loved to fuck in dingy motel rooms. He always felt that cheap trashy sluts were best fucked in cheap trashy rooms - any aspirations the girl had of being an 'escort' or 'courtesan' went out of the window when the pillows were stained, the bathroom stunk of bleach, and there were bars on the window of the office downstairs. At this point, any other smells were masked by the tangy scent of Hope's pussy responding to the drill.

With a wicked smirk on his face, John slowly inched the spinning dildo deeper inside Hope. She looked up at him with her eyes open wide, occasionally grimacing and clenching her teeth. He knew it was hurting her, but she was trying her best to hide it. Occasionally her body would spasm or twitch involuntarily. Each time it did, John's cock would tingle and a thrill would run down his spine. He leaned in closer and whispered so that Hope had to strain to hear him over the whirring of the drill.

'You know this is only on the lowest speed. don't you? And you also should know I'm getting a thrill out of seeing you in pain.. but you shouldn't be surprised by that, really. I can keep this up all night - but I'll stop as soon as you beg me...'

John reached down and tweaked the speed control up one notch. Hope gritted her teeth, but her eyes watered a little. The dildo was buried all the way inside her at this point - the chuck of the drill was inches away from her pussy. Her body was trembling and shaking, but she still had a defiant look in her eyes.

'Fuck you, asshole', she said through gritted teeth. 'You're trying to make up for your tiny cock, but it won't help. You're still a pussy'.

John didn't respond, but reached down and tweaked the speed control up all the way. Instantly Hope bucked her hips and arched her back. 'Nnnnnnnggggghhhh!' she grunted. The drill kicked so hard John almost lost control of it, but it continued to grind into her pussy. As she lifted her hips clear off the bed, John could see a mix of sweat and pussy juice trail between her legs and drip onto the bed. Hope's eyes were scrunched shut, and her teeth were clenched. Because the dildo wasn't set exactly in the center, the drill shuddered violently at high speed, and John's arm was almost numb from holding it. Hopes hips were clear off the bed, her back was arched. John always thought the facial expressions of a woman in pain were very similar to the look of a woman during an orgasm. He got turned on either way.

John grabbed the shuddering drill with both hands and drove the dildo deeper into Hope's pussy and forced her hips back to the bed. She grunted and moaned in pain, her eyes still closed, but tears streaming down her face. John jabbed the dildo as hard as he could inside Hope. The spinning chuck of the drill was now rubbing up against her pussy lips, and the cold metal made her open her eyes in shock.

'Aaahhhh!' she squealed, almost sitting up, as the shuddering dildo ground into her pussy. Her bloodshot eyes met John's, and he also came right then just from the look of pain on her face.
John always knew he was a little twisted, but he didn't realize how badly he was screwed up until just then. He could tell immediately that Hope was beginning to crack. She was still trembling, covered in sweat, but her hips and thighs were slick with her own juice, slumped back on the bed. The corners of her mouth were covered in drool and tiny saliva bubbles. Her chest heaved as she fought for breath, and tears still streaming down her face, though she didn't make a sound. Her lips trembled, but she steeled herself after a few seconds. It was too late, though - looking into his eyes, she knew that John had seen her moment of weakness, and knew that he would exploit it for all he was worth.

John's blood ran cold. In all the times he had raped and hurt women, he had a plan, and knew exactly what he would do, and how it would progress. Even with Hope. But now he realized that he could get thrills just from watching her fight the drilldo, but knew that she couldn't last forever. But it could. With a mix of fear and arousal, he realized that he could quite easily get off watching Hope get drilled for an hour, but didn't know what state she would be in when he was done. They'd always joked that they might one day fuck each other to death, because Hope got off on being hurt, and John got off on hurting her. But John now realized that he enjoyed it more when it was too much for to take, and that he had the means to inflict a whole lot of pain on her with no mental triggers to make him stop.

His entire body was shaking. John was so turned on, his cock hurt. As he pulled the dildo out of Hope, she grimaced again, but juice came gushing out of her. Her pussy was so raw now that any movement inside it would be painful for her. Which of course planned to take advantage of. The entire room now smelled of sex and sweat. Hope lay there, looking at the ceiling, occasionally shifting awkwardly. From the way she was moving it was clear that she was very sore.

John dropped the drill on the floor and climbed on top of her. He roughly forced his dick inside her. The shock make Hope open her eyes and look up at him, and she let out a gasp. He pinned her hips to the bed and began slamming his cock into her raw pussy.

'Ahh! Ahhh NNnnngh! Fuck... God fuck' Hope grunted and moaned as he fucked her. He entire body jerked with each thrust, and tears filled her eyes again. Her anger was slowly returning - she was using her pain to rebuild her defiant spirit. Each tiny movement was agony for her, and John knew it.

'This hurt, you little bitch?' he growled.

'Not as much as you will when I get my hands on you' Hope spat back.

'Then maybe I'll just have to fuck up you so bad you never will!' John shot back.

Hope's eyes opened wide, and he could see fear in her again. His head spun with a pure sexual rush, mixed with the thrill of power. Hope was worried about the same thing he was, and she knew that she wouldn't be able to stop him if that's what he decided to do. She knew he had total control of her at this point. The fact that she was acknowledging his power over her was such an incredible turn on, so much so that John was almost taken by surprise when he blew his load deep inside Hope's wrecked pussy. She didn't even respond - she was still staring at him in fear, realizing the enormity of her situation.

John's orgasm was so strong, his body was still shaking moments later.

'You haven't even cum yet, have you?' he smirked.

This was gonna be the best night of his life.

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 :clap2:  Best story ever, this cannot be the end, he's not done with her...more I need the end  >:/