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General Discussion / Tabletop gaming thread
« Last post by Trill on Today at 06:25:57 AM »
So, I've been playing D&D regularly for a few months now and we're gearing up for Adventurer's League later this week. I just wanted to show you a portrait of my AL character I made in The Sims 3. This is Alistrina, a rogue princess who skipped the kingdom to get away from an arranged marriage:

Rape Roleplay / Re: Harlock's Legacy: Warhammer 40k (Jdrake, Kimbra)
« Last post by Jdrake on Today at 04:29:01 AM »
She might have thought that bit about maybe being able to throw him off if she wanted to a bit loudly, because right after she did she felt Gideon growl, the sound carrying through his chest into her back more than she could hear it through her ears. The hand around her neck tightened, even as his other arm slipped around her, pinning one arm tightly to her side even as he reached around to grab hard onto one of her tits, locking her even tighter in place as he fucked her ass ever harder, enjoying the feeling of her  hot body squeezing all around him.

It was strange... now that Cyn was paying attention, she could feel HIS pleasure in addition to her own. It was an odd sensation, a bit floaty,,, she didn't have a cock, obviously, so it was hard for her to put much context of the sensations she could feel flowing through her lover... but the ecstatic pleasure didn't require much explanation, She could feel it as his excitement build, felt it from both sides as he accelerated inside of her. It wasn't fair... just the sensations she were feeling would be enough to drive her nearly mindless with pleasure and need and longing. Feeling all the pleasure of the two of them was unbelievable, mind blowing. She could feel her own orgasm from both sides too...  feel the pleasure wash over her, but also felt how good it felt when she clenched his length.

This kind of sex between psychics was something she had never experienced before. Perhaps she hadn't been strong enough before, or perhaps there had still been too many barriers between Gideon and her... but this was being as close to another human being as she could imagine being possible. It was like she and Gideon were sharing a soul.

The sensations blended together into just a wave, and she knew that he was about to cum... from the way he sped up, from the way his cock was growing inside of her, from the way his own pleasure was swelling to a sharp peak, and the sensations were enough to make her cum again... and then he did the same. The heat was almost too much combined with the incredible intensity of her lover cumming deep in her ass. Sharp, pounding, heavy.... it felt like it lasted forever, his cock hard as a length of iron, skewering her deep.

Then he sighed and finally let go of her throat and she got to take the first clear breath of air she'd had in minutes, his weight pressing her flat to the bed in a very, very familiar fashion... resting right against her, his face nuzzled against her slender neck.
Rape Roleplay / Re: Harlock's Legacy: Warhammer 40k (Jdrake, Kimbra)
« Last post by kimbra_ailis on August 21, 2017, 07:42:40 PM »
The more intimate they had become over time, the more she had gotten use to their minds almost melding together. To be able to have that contact mentally. A contact that she didnt have with anyone else. Often able to share her pleasure and his pleasure and their pleasures. Cyn was utterly shocked as she realized what she was feeling, feeling his mind in a way that she hadnt before. Knowing he hadnt opened up to her, not really... yet she could feel him... could hear his thoughts, see his visions... Gideon was powerful... but she was inside of his mind, not even trying.

Had her own strength grown? That much? Was that because she was in the Blind Tesserect? Was it because she had grown that much in the future? Gideon was an amazing teacher. She had prayed often for the Emperor to help guide her mission and give her the strength that she needed. Was Gideon still her teacher in the future? She could not think of a stronger psyker. So many questions. SO many wonders. 

Cyn was trying to make sense of that, when his vision flashed through her head. Utterly, Utterly, utterly fucked. Distracted by the flash and need and everything.

Suddenly she was face down on the bed. Screaming as his cock thrust into her. Screaming in utter pleasure and need. There was no writhing, no ablity to move, he had her fully pinned. There was a vauge thought that she might be able to shove him off of her, but she didnt want that. She wanted him to fuck her. For her thoughts to still for a while. Not sure how long this moment would last, but wanting to hold onto every moment she had.
Introductions / No longer so innocent
« Last post by Nolongerinnocent on August 21, 2017, 11:36:19 AM »
Hi All!

I've been lurking for some time no, decided to register. I will probably posting my stories here, maybe if I'll muster courage I'll try looking for an RP.
I'm from Lithuania, finished college a year ago, living in Poland right now, previously lived in Czech Republic.
My fantasies all put me in the position of the victim - getting raped, beaten, whipped, gang banged, pounded in all my holes, whored out to other men, degraded and more pleasant things :)

I'd love to chat and exchange ideas and kinks.

Yours truly,
Rape Roleplay / Re: Harlock's Legacy: Warhammer 40k (Jdrake, Kimbra)
« Last post by Jdrake on August 21, 2017, 03:11:49 AM »
Cyn could feel the intensity of his lust by the pressure against her, the way his sheer need pushed on her mind, He wasn't trying to press into her head... he wasn't even trying to send anything to her or reaching out psychically. She could sense the sheer power and enormity of his lust, his need.

With a start, though her lust addled and oxygen deprived brain, she realized that that wasn't right. That she shouldn't be able to sense that, not that clearly. No way. She had grown stronger. Way stronger. It was hard to tell how much of that was her time on Mara, and how much of it might be the future she was in... but her psychic sense of him was unbelievably clear, and she wasn't even trying.

Just the slightest attempt to read him, and she could see his thoughts, his visions. She was fucked a hundred times in those two seconds she was in his head... pounded with her ankles by her head, fucked in the ass from behind, hanging from the ceiling by the neck while his cock kept her up, laying back on the bed with her head hanging off as he fucked her throat, hungrily licking at her cunt even as his hips drove his dick further past her soft lips, holding her throat as she rode him, kneeling while she wrapped her tits around his cock while he sat on the bed.

It was all too much... she could see every thought he had while fucking her, every way he wanted and planned to fuck her, everything he was considering to do next. She saw it as he settled on it, saw it coming a moment before he pulled out of her, barely letting go of her throat for a second as he roughly flipped her over and drove his cunt-slicked shaft into her hungry ass in a single stroke. His hand found her throat again, and how his entire weight was on her, pushing her flat as he dominated her compeltely.
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Back Door Inn - Anklestrap 10 & rvplymates
« Last post by rvplymates on August 21, 2017, 02:37:39 AM »
"Yes, yes, I do. It looks delicious! Thank you."  I was smiling at you as you sipped your coffee.  I took a drink from mine before putting it down and picking up a plate with a piece of cake on it.  I held it out to you waiting for you to take it.  I blushed as you told me how good the coffee was.  I smiled at you again as we began to talk  I was having a good time and I knew it was because of you.  I watched as you set your cup down and than turned to face me.  I looked into your eyes as you face came closer to mine. 
I closed my eyes as your lips pressed against mine.  I was enjoying the wonderful kiss we were sharing.  My heart was beating wildly as I wondered if you were the one.

Rape Roleplay / Re: Abducted, Converted & Sold (Open To Rvplymates)
« Last post by rvplymates on August 21, 2017, 02:17:49 AM »
I saw you looking at your phone as I waited for you by the passenger side of the car.  I smiled at you as you told me, "You're absolutely perfect, Ginger!" I slipped into the car and turned my face to you as I felt your warm hand on my leg.  The car started up and I rested my head on the back of the bucket seat.  I can feel myself slipping away into sleep.

Rape Roleplay / Re: Mind Conversion (Open To RVplymates)
« Last post by rvplymates on August 21, 2017, 02:11:05 AM »
Suddenly the pain in my breasts stop and pleasure takes its place.  I feel a gentle squeezing sensation before something wet and gentle moves over my nipples.  I moaned with pleasure from the sensations before I heard a voice telling me, "I have the perfect name for you...I'll call you Barbie, because that is what you are becoming, a Barbie doll, do you like that name?"  A soft moan left my lips before I answered, "Yes".  Excitement was running through me as wetness on my nipples made me moan.  I gasped as I felt something warm go between my legs to press against my vagina.
Rape Roleplay / Re: A Princess Purchased (Derick and HybridGypsy)
« Last post by Derick on August 21, 2017, 02:07:29 AM »
Tailen would return to his tent, smiling as he approached her. "How does your father fair?" he asked as he set his things aside,  eventually coming to rest down on top of the pillows beside her. The afternoon had been exhausting, as his people were starting to worry, that this gamble would fail them. If the King recovered he would not recover his investment if the Princess was sold. He had remained silent on it, but many of his own people knew what his desire would be, and he knew he would loose people because of them. He could not be the one to kill the King, the King took the gamble willingly, knowing the risks, and he made the gamble with the King knowing the risks. He would not loose his integrity, over this. Yet he knew the Princess had a stake in this gamble as well, her own person, her Kingdom were what was being toyed with by him and her Father, and she was simply part of the deal, yet Tailen wanted her, as much as he wanted her Kingdom. Yet she was free to act. He leans towards her, looking over at her, as he gently kisses the side of her face. He would not show his concern or his own worry, only showing his desire for the woman he was with at the moment.
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Escaped Prisioner (Open To RvPlymates)
« Last post by rvplymates on August 21, 2017, 01:54:31 AM »
"Are you able to walk? You need to pay for this hotel, at least a few nights. I still have the taser, as well as the gun I showed you. No more funny business, ok? Now let's go."  I could barely walk as you helped me out of the truck.  Your arm went around my waist.  You were supporting my body as I moved my legs.  We entered the hotel and for a moment I wanted to scream out help but than I came to my senses as I knew you would hurt the people that came to help me.  Your arm was still around me as we approached the counter.  I told the girl we needed a nice room for a few days and took out my visa to pay for it in advance.  She handed the key to you and you put it in your pocket.  You were still holding me tightly as we went into the elevator.
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