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Intro: Min has a secret. And she's heading into the Teusngai valley, but it's a dangrous place so her friends come to her rescue. But what they don't know is, Lord Omaru is also following her. This is the conclusion of "Yes Lord Omaru"


"The valley of Teusengai is a dark place where a powerful being named Audrain sleeps. She wakes every three thousand years and many have died trying to traverse the valley in order to ask her for one wish."

Kira frowned. "But why would Min go there if it's so dangerous?" She asked Miga as he sat on Yashime's shoulder.

"I don't know."

"Hey Yashime how come you didn't try to reach her when you were trying to become a full demon?" Kira leaned forward looking at her husband as they leapt through the trees.

He laughed. "I wasn't that stupid."

Miga spoke up. "Besides she wasn't awake yet and he was impatient." The little bug demon jumped. "Ow!" Miga cried as Yashime slapped him off of his face.

"So she's awake now?"

Yashime shook his head. "She will be in three days. That valley is going to be filled with demons all trying to get to her. Min doesn't stand a chance. I don't understand why Omaru hasn't stopped her."

Both Yashime and Kira looked over at Jaken who was riding on the minor Dagon demon, that resembled a horse like dragon. He looked away. "Lord Omaru has more important matters to attend to than to worry over some human woman."

"He's never let her be in danger before, why now?" Kira commented.

Yashime scoffed. "He's just showing his true colors now Kira. I told you he doesn't care for anyone but himself."

Kira made a thoughtful noise. "Then why did you come to us Jaken? Are you worried about her?"

The little demon with the magical staff stood up dancing all around in anger. "Are you kidding me I would never risk my neck for that girl!" He sat down again and slumped. "Lord Omaru told me to look after her. If she dies now. He'll kill me for sure."

"What do you mean, now?" Miga asked now sitting on Kira's shoulder.

"Just never you mind. We have to stop her from getting herself killed!"

Yashime stopped and Kira got off of his back with a sigh. "I'm not as young as I used to be." She said knuckling her back.

Yashime was here in a second holding her around the waist. "You're still just as beautiful." That made Kira smirk and she leaned forward to kiss him quick then unwound his arms from her.

"I hope the kids aren't giving Sango and Iroki too much trouble."

Miga jumped to a nearby rock. "Those three of yours are Reminds me of master Yashime as a child."

Kira sighed thinking of the twin boys and the youngest, a little girl with silver hair like her father. Yashime smiled proudly. "Yeah they're not as strong as me yet but at least they've inherited some demon traits." He rubbed under his nose and laughed.

"Especially Kiko, she seems to be the most like you." Miga said not sounding very happy about it.

"Excuse me do you think we could get going? Min could be in the valley by now!" Jaken yelled.

Yashime looked at the little demon who served his brother. "Yeah, yeah we're going. I still don't see why we have to risk our necks for someone so bent on committing suicide."

"Yashime!" Kira cried. "Min and I are friends or have you forgotten? Besides there must be a reason she's doing this. She would never leave Omaru's side unless there was a good reason."

"I agree. Min was always loyal, she never left his side. There was a time when I thought perhaps she would teach Omaru to be less critical of humans." Miga sighed. "But I guess he's more stubborn than I thought."

Up ahead Kira saw a dark sky over a crack in the earth that seemed to go down forever. "Is that it?"

"Yes. That's the Teusengai valley." Miga said.

"There's a massive demonic aura coming from there. I haven't felt anything this powerful since Savakis. I hope Min is ok."

"Well if she is, she won't be for long. Come on." Yashime said picking up speed.

While they entered the crack in the earth where only a small amount of light shined Kira asked. "Jaken do you know why she's doing this?"

The little demon didn't say anything but made a strangling noise. Yashime turned and grabbed the demon off the Dagon's back and slammed him against the rock face. "If you know something you little toad then tell us!"

Jaken struggled. "Get off of me you half breed! I can't tell you!"

"Let him go." Kira said. Growling, Yashime let him fall to the ground.

"Why can't you tell us Jaken? Did Omaru order you not to? Does he know what's wrong with Min?"

"No!" Jaken cried. Then he said more quietly. "Lord Omaru doesn't know anything about this. He's been gone for seven months now."

Even Yashime was surprised. "Seven months?" He whispered distantly.

"I have a bad feeling. We should keep going I think she's in danger." Kira tightened her grip on Yashime's shoulders.


Min hid in a crevice as the group of demons went passed. She clutched her stomach and took a deep breath. "Lord Omaru." She whispered.

Then when everything looked clear she came out carefully stepping over rocks and avoiding the miasma stream that ran along the valley floor. Her one hand held her stomach while the other was out to help keep her balance which was getting worse every month. Then suddenly a scream made her turn seeing a demon coming at her with its fangs bared its large mouth that took up most of its gruesome face open allowing the stench of death to cause her nausea to act up again. She tried to run but knew it was no good. Her feet wouldn't carry her fast enough to escape. She screamed and fell catching herself before her stomach hit the ground and closed her eyes knowing the demon was just behind her.

"Blood Blade!" She heard and felt the razor wind blowing debris and pieces of demon at her.

"Min!" She stood up keeping her back to Kira.

"Go away. I have to do this."

Kira stopped looking at the back of her friend who sounded on the verge of tears. "Min what's going on?"

Min shook her head. "Kira please just go, I have to get to Audrain. I have to."

Kira took a step closer then looked back at Jaken who had stayed way back and Yashime who had his arms crossed looking impatient as always. "Min. This is too dangerous what's so important that you have to get to her?"

Taking a deep shaky breath Min turned around. Kira almost fell over seeing her friend swollen, obviously pregnant.

"What the..." Yashime commented. Kira couldn't ask the question but of course Yashime having almost no manners asked. "Is that Omaru's?"

Min's expression told them it was. "It was only one night and in the morning he told me.." the memory burned in her mind. "You disgust me. I'm going. Do not follow me any more."

"That's horrible." Kira gasped.

"That's Omaru." Yashime growled. "So now he's left you and his unborn child alone."

"No!" Min cried. "He didn't know. How could he know about his child?" She looked down and touched her belly tenderly.

"But I still don't understand why you want to go to Audrain?"

"I know why." Yashime spoke up coming beside Kira. "She wants the child to be full blooded so that Omaru will acknowledge it as his. He won't allow anyone to know he has a half breed child. I wouldn't be surprised if he found out, that he would try to kill it."

Min winced at his words. "It's not just that. I don't want to hurt Lord Omaru. He deserves an heir that is worthy of him."

Yashime harrumphed and shook his head. "He never deserved such loyalty Min. He's just a jerk who does what he wants and isn't willing to take the responsibility of his actions."

Kira went to Min putting her arm around her. "You know. I think he was more angry at himself than you Min. But if you die then so does his child." Her hand touched Min's belly. "Do you want that?"

Min's lip quivered but she drew herself up and looked at Kira. "I can't have a half breed child Kira. I love this child, I don't want to hurt it but I also don't want it to go through what Yashime went through. He would hate the child, I could survive him hating me, but not our child. "

There was a long silence Kira looked at Yashime. His face was a mask of pain remembering his past and all the horrible things he went through because of his human mother's blood.

"Alright then. Kira you go home, I'll take Min to Audrain." Min gaped at Yashime.

"No I'm not going anywhere. We'll both take her." Kira looked at Yashime daring him to argue but her husband after ten years had learned not to argue with her. He grimaced but didn't say anything.

"I don't know how to thank you. Both of you." Min smiled faintly.

Kira looked back to the two headed dragon where Jaken sat looking the other way. "It wasn't just us, Jaken came to tell us what you were doing. He said Omaru told him to keep an eye on you."

She looked back and walked to the large demonic horse like dragon. "Master Jaken."

"This would have never happened if Lord Omaru just let you die all those years ago." Jaken began in a whisper. "I knew, I knew if you stayed too long you would corrupt my Lord. This is all your fault Min!"

"Jaken!" Kira scolded.

Min sighed. "No, he's right. I often wondered why Lord Omaru let me stay by his side. As I grew up I could sense things changing between us but his pride would never allow it. If he had let me stay dead, this would never have happened."

"Heh. Omaru made his choice, whatever his reasons. This is his fault, not yours." Yashime said harshly. "Now let's go we only two days left. And there are allot of Demons who are going to be on the same trail."


He stood on the mountain looking down, her scent was carried on the wind. His face expressionless, he jumped down effortlessly down towards the valley. His silver hair shone in the sunlight his two swords on his hip. His mind raced with images of that night.

He watched her laying in the moonlight. She had grown to be a beautiful woman, her loyalty never wavered, even for an instant. It was hours before he had gathered enough strength, or perhaps it was weakness to go to her. She never protested or asked for any sort of promise. But he knew she loved him, he had seen it in her eyes for years. When the sun rose he looked at her and was horrified at himself for what he had done. He pushed her away so that she could never want to have him near her again. Then he sent Jaken to watch over her.

His demon strength sent his body flying over the landscape his eyes focused on the crack in the earth where nothing came out alive.

"Blood Blade!" The wave of energy from Yashime's magical sword blasted away hordes of lesser demons while Kira shot blessed arrows at them. There seemed to be no end to how many kept coming at them.

"Damn. They're not going to stop." Yashime swore jumping back in front of Min and Jaken who still sat on the two headed dragon. Kira pulled another arrow and shot the last of the most recent wave of demons but they all knew there were going to be more. Min grabbed her stomach feeling a shooting pain down her legs and in her lower back.

"Min. Are you alright?" Kira asked coming to her side. Min nodded breathing deep. Kira grimaced. "You can't walk anymore. Come on you have to get up on Dagon." Min nodded reluctantly and Jaken who was about to protest got a growl from Yashime and finally nodded allowing her up. The Dagon's head turned to nuzzle her gently remembering Min was always kind to it.

Yashime was breathing heavily for him which was barely noticeable to anyone but Kira and she was tired and almost out of arrows. They were only a day away and the light was slowly getting brighter day and night. The light was emanating from up ahead where Audrain lay about to awaken. Yashime began grumbling again as they walked.


"He doesn't feel anything." Yashime commented walking in front while Kira and Min talked.

Jaken harrumphed. "My Lord Omaru does not need emotions to make him weak like some half breed mutt."

"What did you say?" Yashime turned around glaring at Jaken who automatically hid behind Min.

Min shook her head making her black hair flow forward over her shoulders. "It's more complicated than that. Lord Omaru is the heir to the great Dog Demon master. He not only wishes to be stronger than his father, like you Yashime. He also wishes to have power. Power that comes from fear and respect." She looked down holding her stomach tenderly. "When your father fell in love with your mother he was already powerful. Many feared him but all respected him. So when he died Omaru wasn't just left with a shadow of a father he could never defeat in battle. But he was left with a tainted inheritance. The Great Dog Demon Lord, in the end did the most noble thing anyone could ever do. He sacrificed his life for the woman he loved and his child. But Lord Omaru doesn't look at it like that. He sees you as someone his father loved more than him. And he hates the fact you took him away before he could defeat him and take his place as the Great Lord."

Kira looked thoughtful while Yashime harrumphed and Jaken spoke up angrily. "Lord Omaru is already the Great Lord of the Dog demons. He has no need to prove anything."

Min looked over at the little demon. "I know Master Jaken."

"I think you see what you want to see. All I see is a heartless jerk." Yashime spoke up making Kira sigh.

"Heads up here comes another wave!" Yashime said pulling out his sword again it transforming into a large elegant blade. Suddenly Jaken jumped off the Dagon and stood with his staff forward.

"Stay back you vile pests! Don‘t worry Min, I‘ll protect you."

"Master Jaken." Min whispered smiling as another giant line of demons came at them, hungering for blood and flesh.

An arc of light flashed as another demon fell to his Tilarin, a sword made form his own fang. Omaru looked around, the ground lay littered with dead flesh and the stench of blood hung thick in the air. Even still her scent was fresh, he was close. The bitter smell of Yashime and the girl, Kira was mingled with hers. He leapt as another demon came at him from under the ground. His arm swung effortlessly slicing the demon, with four horns protruding from its head, in half.

The light was getting brighter and his eyes narrowed peering up ahead. "Audrain." He said faintly, increasing his speed.


The light was blinding as the egg like cocoon hung in the air just above their heads. The wall to the lair closed the moment they came in. Yashime stayed alert his body posture said he wasn't liking this. Min got down calmly and Kira took her hand sensing the aura of the being inside of the cocoon.

"It is a demon but yet it's not." Kira said absently looking up with Min next to her.

"Well whatever it is I don't like this." Yashime said still looking around, his furry dog ears twitching.

Min let go of Kira and walked up to the glowing egg as it lowered slowly. "It's my only hope. Thank you so much for bringing me here. I'm in your debt Kira and Yashime." Her head turned. "Master Jaken. I'm sorry for everything. I wish I could make it up to you."

Jaken was sitting on the Dagon with his back to her but his head turned slightly and she could see his wall of indifference break slightly, but he didn't speak. The ground began to shake. A high pitched sound made everyone cover their ears. Yashime fell to his knees and Jaken laid on the mount in excruciating pain. The light from the egg exploded taking in Min and creating a bubble of impenetrable light.

Min was inside, where everything was quiet. Her fear pushed away she stood as a being of pure light coalesced into a beautiful woman with long flowing blue hair like water. Her eyes opened. They were red and seemed to flicker like the flame of a candle. Her skin was brown and dust fell from her feet as she hovered.

"I have slept for three thousand years. Are you the one who has come to ask?"

Min felt the force of her words like a gust of wind. She swallowed. "I am."

The wild malevolence in her eyes didn't surprise Min. She expected to be in the presence of a supremely powerful demon who had surpassed all other's. "Then ask human. What have you come to wish for?"

She touched her stomach feeling the child kick. "I do not ask for me but for my child. He is a half breed. I wish for him to be a full blooded demon."

When no response came Min looked up only to be greeted by a gentleness she hadn't expected. The woman's head tilted and her feet touched the ground. "I can see past your words and beyond, into your heart. You cannot carry a full blooded demon child to term. It would take your life"

Min bit her lip. "I figured as much." She whispered. "As long as I know the child will be tended, my life doesn't matter."

Kira and Yashime got up from the ground. "She's inside." Kira said. Yashime walked up to the light and sniffed.

"I don't like this we should get her out of there." He was about to strike when Kira shouted.

"No! This is what she wanted. We have to wait and see what happens."

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with Yashime." Jaken said hopping down. "She could be in danger."

A blast of rocks came flying in and Yashime instinctively went to protect Kira. As the dust cleared they all saw Omaru walk in his eyes focused on Jaken. He didn't even acknowledge Yashime or Kira.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Yashime shouted readying himself for a fight.

Omaru came closer to Jaken who was shaking. "My Lord." He dropped to his knees. "I'm sorry my Lord she insisted on this. It wasn't my idea she wouldn't listen to me."

"Jaken." Omaru interrupted his minion's ranting. "I told you to take care of her, not walk her into a demon's lair!" His shout echoed off the walls.

In the midst of Jaken's groveling and constant apologies that didn't seem to phase Omaru, his eyes turned to the light sphere. Kira stepped forward. "But Audrain grants wishes. I don't understand."

His head didn't turn and his tone was absent like he was only answering her as an after thought. "No you don't understand. Audrain can grant wishes, yes. But after granting your wish, she consumes you to regain her powers." At the end Kira could hear the anger in his voice.


"Are you ready?"

Min swallowed and nodded. "I'm ready."

Audrain smiled, her sharp teeth made it look like a snarl. "This will be painful and I cannot guarantee you'll survive."

Slowly Min nodded. "I won't change my mind. And....if I don't survive. I want you to know how grateful I am to you for this."

Audrain laughed throwing her head back. "Do not thank me child. I get reward enough once everything is over and I can see you happy."

Audrain reached out her hand and touched Min's forehead.


"Aren't you going to help?" Kira shouted at Omaru while Yashime stood beating on the light bubble trying to break through. He just stood there staring.

"Damn! Even my most powerful attacks aren't breaking through that barrier." Yashime swore breathing heavily.

Then suddenly a scream of pain came from the light sphere.

"Min!" Kira shouted.

In an instant Omaru moved, his Tilarin out. "Dragon Assault!" He called out as a cyclonic wave came from his sword hitting the light barrier hard sending shards of rocks flying from all around but not even denting it. Without stopping at Min's constant cries of agony Omaru relentlessly hit the shield with his blade and two more Dragon Assaults before jumping back. Yashime glanced over at his brother never before seeing him like this.

Omaru clenched his teeth just as the light trickled away to nothing, revealing Min lying on the ground. Audrain stood her once blue hair now gray her once tan skin now pallid. Her once red eyes now black.

"What have you done to her?" Kira shouted running to Min whose body was covered in a pale light.

Audrain smile devilishly. "I did what she asked. And now for my payment. I will feast on all your bones to replenish my energy!"

"Dragon Assault!"

"Blood Blade!"

The two brothers said in unison as their attacks converged on Audrain. Kira huddled over Min's glowing body to protect her from debris. Jaken came over also to make sure Audrain didn't try to take her first.

When the smoke cleared there was nothing there. Omaru looked up and saw Audrain clutching the wall smiling down at them. "Even in my weakened state you are no match for me!"

Omaru jumped up and sent an arc of light at Audrain, while Yashime waited for her to move. Once he saw where she was going he attacked.

"Blood Blade!"

Kira looked on in awe. Never before had the brothers worked together like that. She watched as one attacked and one waited for an opening. No pushing or arguing just focus. Kira knew Omaru had to know that Min was pregnant. He had the same heightened sense of smell as Yashime. He must have put it together. Yashime was fighting to save a child that brought back his past.

The light around Min's body began to fade in the thunderous noise of battle. Kira looked around knowing the cavern wouldn't survive much longer. When she turned back to Min she gasped. Her black hair had turned silver and shining. Her skin was pale and she had purple marks on her cheeks just like Omaru's. "She's a demon." Kira said to herself now sensing the aura around her. There was no doubt, she was a full blooded demon. Jaken turned when she said that.

"Min?" He said astounded.

"Dragon Assault!" Omaru shouted as Yashime was getting up from under a pile of rocks that fell on him. The wave hit Audrain who was slowing now. Omaru had used his dragon strike as many times as he could and sheathed Tilarin. Audrain stumbled up her chest burned and her body mangled but her black eyes trained on Omaru then turned to Min lying beside Kira.

"I'll take care of you first. Then I'll have enough strength." She moved.

"Fanged Pulse!" Yashime sent his most powerful attack but Audrain expected it and dodged. The shockwave hit the already weakened cavern wall. Loud cracks sounded as the cavern began to collapse. Omaru ignored it and ran to head off Audrain.

"Kira! Get Min out of here!" Yashime yelled dodging large boulders.

Kira nodded and with Jaken's help they tried to get Min's unconscious body onto the two headed dragon to get her out. The roof collapsed letting in the sunlight of the outside. Getting on Min and Jaken and Kira took off on the two headed dragon. Audrain looked up and screamed.

"I'm your opponent." Omaru said coming at her with his poison strike. Audrain tried to avoid his attack but the Great Dog Demon's son wasn't about to give up while the rocks threatened to bury them both. Audrain lashed out desperate with her teeth, but he jumped and came down hard punching his poison claws through the demon. Another large boulder fell, Omaru barely jumped out of the way in time but Audrain was crushed under it.

As the Dagon flew up through the opening Yashime was already jumping and making his way out. Kira noticed Min stir. "Min."

The rumble and shaking of the cavern's collapse made Jaken loose his balance and fall off the Dagon into the darkened death pit. "Jaken!" Kira cried.

Movement made Kira's hair blow as she noticed Min was gone. A blur jumped from rock to rock and grabbed Jaken and just as Kira and the Dagon exited the cavern as it sunk into the earth. Yashime was high in the air and landed safely. Then Kira saw Min holding Jaken. She landed softly with the little Toad demon staring astounded at Min who had just saved his life.

"Min..." He stuttered. But just as Min stood straight she began falling over still weak from the transformation. Kira landed and hopped off to go to Yashime.

Before Min hit the ground Omaru was there and scooped her up. Jaken spoke up energetically. "Oh Lord Omaru I'm so glad you're ok. ...Not that I ever thought a lowly demon like Audrain could ever defeat you my lord. I was just..." His babbling was lost on Omaru who was staring at Min.

"Jaken." He said finally. "Let's go."

He began walking away. "Hey Omaru!" Yashime yelled.

Omaru stopped but didn't turn his head. "Next time we meet, I will defeat you and take our father‘s sword." He said calmly then began walking again.

"Yeah you just try it! I don't care if you have a kid or not I'm going to taker you out one day, Omaru!" Kira and Yashime watched as he walked away with Min in his arms. "Heh. He hasn't learned anything and he never will!" Yashime crossed his arms scowling.

Kira smiled. "I think he has. He just won't admit it."

"Ah I love happy endings." Miga said starling Kira. Her eyes narrowed.

"Of course Miga you coward." She swiped him off her shoulder.

"Come on let's go home." Yashime said quietly touching Kira's hand. She turned to him.


****( Four Months Later)****

Kiko and Maroki were playing while Hinari read a book under a tree. Kiko stopped as the ball smashed her in the face knocking her back.

"Ow!" She said angrily rubbing her head.

"What's wrong?" Maroki asked coming up to his little sister.

She sniffed in the air. "Someone's coming, and it's a demon."

Hinari's black furry ear twitched and he looked up from his book. He stood up and joined his siblings. "I wonder who it is."

Maroki made his nails glow ready to defend his home if need be. "Father!" He shouted.

"Yeah I know." They all heard and turned as Yashime landed lightly on his feet. Kira came running out her hair done up into a bun.

"What is it?" She asked as a figure appeared coming towards them. It only took a moment to see who it was.

Dressed in a luxurious kimono with the royal lotus the dog demon came to them. "Min!" Kira cried smiling.

Min smiled distantly. "Kira. Yashime." She said and swept a smile over the three children still staring at her. She had met them all before but now seeing her as a demon was strange for them.

"How are you?" Kira asked keeping a slight distance not knowing how being a demon now would change her friend.

"It's strange really. I'm me, but I'm not me." Min walked slowly around looking up into the sky reminding Kira of Omaru then came to stop right in front of Yashime.

"Dedarestu.... this is your uncle Yashime." She let the baby look at him and Yashime stared amazed. The little baby with the markings of a full blood but with such an innocent face. He wondered how long he would look that way.

"He's beautiful Min. I'm so glad everything worked out the way you wanted." He said uncharacteristically gentle.

Kira came up and smiled. "You named him after Omaru and Yashime's father."

Min smiled. "He is the grandson of the Great Lord of the Dog demons."

Kira looked up at her. "So how is Omaru? Are you two....."

"Demons don't think of it the same way as humans do. But yes, for now being the mother of his child we are rarely apart." Min touched her child's face as he fell asleep. "I came here to let you meet him and to thank you for everything you did for me and for Lord Omaru."

"Oh it was nothing. Everything turned out right and that's all the matters." Kira waved it away with a grin.

Min nodded gratefully. "Lord Omaru is also grateful even though he won't admit it." Her eyes found Yashime. "He's even grateful to you Yashime."

Yashime sniffed turning his head away. "I doubt it!" Then he began mumbling about Omaru being a jerk. Min laughed softly.

"I should go now."

The three children came to Kira's side and huddle around trying to look at the baby. "We won't see you for a while will we?"

Min's smile slipped. "No probably not." Kira nodded understanding.

Kiko seemed mesmerized by the little demon baby. Min noticed and bent down so she could see him better. "Good bye little Kiko. Take care of your family." Min said.

Her silver hair shone as she lifted her chin. "I will."

They all watched her go. Kira had a feeling that her children would have a destiny that would entwine with Min's. "You ok?" Yashime asked taking her in his arms breaking her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah. I just got a feeling."

"Really." His smile was mischievous as he came in and kissed her.


Min met Omaru on the mountainside. "Let's go." Omaru said, formally offering her his arm.

She nodded with only a hint of a smile. "Yes, Lord Omaru." Then took his arm holding their child close. Jaken ran to catch up leading the two headed dragon following the Lord and Lady he served.
"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.