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The Captain's Poirtrait, by Danny,
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Intro: June 1876, H.M.S. Triton has pull up into ST. Katharine Docks with its mysterious crew lead by Captain Heilige.


The 2nd of June 1876, H.M.S Triton takes port at London's famous St Katharine Docks after travelling at sea for over two years. The men are eager to set their feet on sturdy land and their faces in women's bosoms. It's a dark stormy night just after 10 o'clock when the crew are rushing down the port towards the closest ale house, they had run out of ale three months ago and this was a welcomed sight on all their eyes. As the men approach the entrance they here there captain bellow from the rig.
"Have fun my boys but remember the golden rule, and god be with you if you break it for you will need intervention from he himself to stop her."
The captain was an old sea veteran who, legend has it, has sailed the seas for over two hundred years. He was an older man with a grey beard and a powerful stare from eyes which seemed to hold more wisdom for a man even of his age. He was quite tall and had a very large build, in his younger days he would keep trim but know he seemed to let that go. He turn and stepped down onto to the deck of the ship and was surprised to see his newest recruit, Verrader still standing there. Verrader was a tall man easily six foot five and though he was strongly built and a powerful and experienced fighter he was slimmer than the old captain.
"Verrader we wont be in port for some time after this you should go and take care of any business you have on land my boy"
"I will captain but the others wont tell me this bargain that they must keep to."
"This is no bargain Verrader this a rule, a law, and as for the boys you must earn there trust you have only been here for a few months."
"I killed seven of my own crew, my own men to earn my place on this ship that should earn there trust"
"Aye in battle you are almost unbeatable"
"I am unbeatable"
"Almost unbeatable, but being part of my crew is more than that you have to look out for each other as if they were your own kin, understand?"
"Aye, but how do I earn there trust?"
"The time will come my boy, the time will come. Now this rule is simple follow me."
Verrader and the captain walk across the silent deck and into the captains quarters which is a mixture of old and new, lavish furniture decorated the large square room, on the wall to the left were massive maps of different oceans each with markings and scribbled writings detailing the adventures of the crew in the open seas. On the right was a large table decorated with treasures and trophies of battles the crew had won. In the centre there was a large oak table with a large decorated seat on one side for the captain and a small stool on the other for his guests. However the first thing Verrader noticed was a large oil painting of a women hung on the wall above the captains chair, watching the entire room. Her face was pale and gaunt her eyes were dark as if no life had ever stirred behind them.
"Erie is she not, an old warlock in Germany painted this the day before his death, sometime later it came into my hands. All the legends you have heard about me and my crew are true, because of this painting. This is a portrait of Amphitrite true goddess of the sea. Many say Poseidon is the ruler of the seas but that be false, Amphitrite mother of Triton, is the ruler, yet she is jealous of men and Poseidon's fame so here be the rule."
With this captain Heilige circled round to his trophies and picked up a sword with a jewel encrusted sheath he gripped the golden handle and slowly un-sheathed the blade and stood in front of Verrader without a moments pause to think he thrust the blade into Verrader chest straight into his heart. Verrader coughed up blood and with the last of his strength looked up at the captain who leaned forward and whispered in his ear.
"When we are at sea we are immortal, Amphitrite protects us however if you are on land for more than twenty four hours she will come for you and kill you."
The captain then with drew the sword from Verrader, the blood drained magically into the sword as the diamond embedded in the hilt glowed dark red. Verrader gasped at the air as he felt his heart repair and his rib bones moved back into place he starred at the painting and wondered how this could be possible he looked down to find a scar where the sword had been, then he turned to the captain.
"Don't try to fathom it boy just believe it now go and use your twenty four hours but be careful as you are not protected on land as you are at sea."
"Why does she come after us after a single day"
"This is not known, I believe she sees it as an insult, she uses her power to protect you yet you refuse it and stay on land. Either way it is no matter of why she does it as long as she does it just remember twenty four hours from the moment you foot touches the docks."
With this the captain laughed heartedly and told Verrader not to worry about it for several hours, the captain then shoved Verrader out of the door and went to study his maps to see where the crew would travel next, until he hears Verrader walk away from his door and off the ship, he then pours himself a class of scotch, which he had managed to hide from the crew and raised his glass to the portrait and smiles
"We will soon find out, it cannot be anyone but him."


Verrader wandered down the pier and stood outside the ale house where his fellow shipmen would be undoubtedly drinking, fighting and having sex with over priced women. He entered hesitantly and looked around, he found some of his crew mates sitting in the corner drinking and singing merrily. He had to show his face to keep the charade that he actually wanted there approval, he went to the bar and got himself some ale and sat with his crew mates. He remained largely unnoticed until a few started to ask what he was going to do tomorrow night whilst laughing drunkenly. He told them he knew the rule and he wouldn't be easily tricked. They jeered him and said he was lucky only to spend a few months on the ship. Then he decided that this was his chance to sneak off and be apart from the people who he had grown to despise.
"Your right which is why I shall go back to the ship right now and keep our dear captain company, but first bar keep." he then held up a velvet purse in his hand "Bar keep here are fifty shillings for my crew to buy as many drinks and women they can manage and keep what is ever left for any damages, good night gentlemen."
Verrader left to cheers and songs of his kind nature to a crew which undoubtedly now excepted him as one of there own. He opened the door to the street as a black crow flew past him and into the ale house causing some commotion, he left smiling to himself and turned off down a side street into London's dark dangerous streets. He feared no man and counted himself as England's greatest fighter so when muggers approached him he gave them fair warning, which they did not heed and so he walked away with all their takings and a new dagger as they lay dead on the floor, yet he only just managed to beat them this concerned him as he continued to walk. After about two hours of walking he finally came to the place he wanted to be, a pub called the Gilded House, a quiet place where only men who knew the locals were aloud to drink. He walked in and the bar keep motioned him over.
"He is up stairs, and your late, third room on the left" said the bar keep.
Verrader walked up stairs and found the room knocked and entered.
The room was dimly lit and not well furnished despite the name of the ale house. A man was sitting on the bed staring out of the window where a bright street lamp could be seen lighting up an empty passage way.
"Watch that passage way in exactly twelve seconds a man is going to be murdered out side." said the man on the bed.
A tense, silent twelve seconds passed and a man was seen running until he suddenly stopped dead in street, a minuet passes and no murderer is seen.
"He has simply collapsed probably too drunk to walk" said Verrader
"It will be hard for him to do anything without this" said the man as he turned to reveal a bloody heart in his gloved hand.
"I see you have not lost any of your powers Duivel."
"And you are not as strong as you were I saw you fight those two thieves"
"All the way from here? You must have amazing eyesight?"
"Do not use petty wit on my Verrader I can break you as easily as I did that man in the ally, you know that I am in all shadows no matter how bright fire burns, so tell me why are you here?"
"The legends are true, at sea the captain and crew are invincible the painting's power is loyal to the ship, on land he is vulnerable."
"Which is why he is always upon his ship, how certain are you if you are wrong we will be at a great disadvantage, which will not please me."
Verrader slid off his overcoat and unbuttoned his shirt to show Duivel the scare on his chest, but before he took a step closer Duivel appeared in front of him touching the scare and smiling.
"This magic is pure, with this I will ascend into true power, we will leave this instant."


The captain was stood at the helm of the ship with his jewel and Diamond embodied sword at his side when he saw Verrader approach, the captain moved down to the deck to meet him blocking the entrance to his quarters.
"You know why I am here Heilige so why don't you just hand over the painting and leave with you life, or do you whish for your crew to find you dead in the mornings light?"
"I would be smiling if I didn't have to kill you and your accomplice"
"You cannot beat me I am England's greatest fighter"
"But your power and skills were not your own so I had to take them from you" said captain Heilige as he unsheathed his sword again.
"How did you know?"
"A man can not fight as well as you did without magical help. Now you will have to die"
"Ha I am on your ship you cannot kill me you old fool"
"You're the fool boy, that is a simple protection curse for my quarters, no one can be killed in my there, its easier for when I meeting with questionable characters like yourself and Duivel"
"How did you know?"
"I recognise my brothers foul powers at work, come brother show yourself"
Suddenly Duivel stepped forward out of darkness and in front of his brother, however he was scarred he was staring at the sword in his brother's hand.
"Verrader you must get that sword it drains magic, it could kill us both."
"How, no sword has that power"
"The hilt contains one of the forks from Poseidon's trident itself."
"Well he is on his own we can both attack at the same time."
"I wouldn't count on that" smiled Heilige as a black crow landed on his shoulders "This is my message bird Verrader you should of stopped it at the ale house."
The crew burst from there hiding places and rushed towards Verrader and Duivel, however Duivel managed to summon a hundred dark warriors to fend off the crew. An epic battle began on the ship as men and demons fought for their lives and their masters. Verrader ran to fight the crew he detested so much leaving Duivel to fight his brother.
After a fierce fight of magic and steal in which many gave their lives for their side of good or evil alike, Heilige found his mark and struck down his brother in an instant the demons disappeared as there conjuror fell. There was a moment where everything went still until Verrader charged at the captain who ducked and threw him on the floor where he sunk his blade into his stomach.
"A slow death is what you deserve boy, for making me kill my family and watch my crew die." cried the captain to the joy of his remaining crew.
Verrader did not give up he crawled towards the captains quarters, the door had been broken in the fight he got over the threshold and started to laugh. Then the captain laughed and the crew joined him, Verrader soon stopped laughing and stared at the captain.
"I said no one could be killed in my quaters I did not say no one could die in my quarters" with this the captain turned to his crew and shouted orders to treat the wounded and throw the dead overboard except for his brother, to whom he walked over and took a chain from his bloody neck.
"You were not fit to wear my family crest." he then kicked the body overboard and stood over Verrader and watched him die. Captain Heilige ten limped into his quarters he was more wounded than he first thought but it was nothing a stiff drink could not fix. He leaned over to his scotch and poured himself a generous helping and raised the bottle to the portrait.
"You were right mother it was him."

"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.