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Shadows within beginning, by mojo,
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Intro: Mark town- assassin


      It was midday, the sun was shinning, the birds perched high up in the lush green tree's were chirping and the clouds up above looked like giant fluffy marshmallows that were bouncing along in the bright blue sky. It was a perfect day for just about anything, even murder.
Mark Town didn't look like an average guy, his hair was so jet black it matched the twilight sky and his eyes were so blue, almost neon blue in colour and those bright intelligent eyes were focused dead ahead as he strolled casually, humming a favourite tune to himself as he crossed the road heading towards the train station.
Mark was about six foot two and he wore a black tee-shirt, that couldn't match the dark richness of his hair, and it showed his muscles underneath. Stretching around his right wrist was his only other defining characteristic apart from his eyes, an impressive cobra tattoo and when he moved the snake stirred too, seemingly alive as the tendons in his arm contracted and relaxed. The snake had piercing eyes that seemed to bore deep within your soul and its pronged tongue flicked out licking the knuckle of his middle finger. Along his left arm ran a series of Korean symbols, one of the many tattoos that he had picked up when serving sentences in one of the many horrendous jails and across the right side of his chest was the one tattoo only a few would ever receive, a tattoo that proved him to be a elite, strong and something to fear. The tattoo showed who ever was privileged enough to look upon it's beauty and intricate design that he belonged to an elite group of assassins, the only assassins the government trusted to help sort out their affairs, Mark Town belonged to Hawwk.
    Mark danced around an on coming car which honked its horn loudly and obnoxiously at him until it rounded the corner and Mark entered the train station which was full of angry shoving passengers who all glared at anyone who dared to make eye contact. Mark ignored the drama and joined one of the crowds who pushed and shoved through the old beautiful train station as If their lives depended on getting that train. Mark didn't care about anything other than his target, a young man with dark brown hair who was swaggering through the crowd up ahead, his bag thrown other his broad shoulder. Mark didn't know what he had done to deserve die, he didn't even care, he just wanted to get the job done quickly and efficiently with out a hitch.
He began to move flawlessly with the crowd, blending perfectly, just another city slicker in the morning rush. He kept his walk brisk going only as fast as the suited man next to him, he listened to the steady rhythm of his own heart as he gripped the cold metal gun that was in his jacket pocket. He was calm and contented as he scanned for camera's in the busy train station, five, there were five.
He kept his head down but his eyes stayed locked on his target. His moving target. He waited until the camera nearest to him zoomed towards the opposite way, with his calculations he had ten seconds before the camera was back on him, long enough to get the job done.
Target up ahead, eight seconds remaining, his nerves still calm like always he pulled his gun out, the tightly compacted bodies surrounding him acting like a cloak, he was invisible. He waited until the shot was lined up perfectly as he still moved gracefully with the crowd before he pulled the cool trigger.
There was no sound. No one flinched or screamed. The man went down, jerking like a dying fish. He pulled a woman down with him, she screamed kicking out until she realised she covered in his blood. Then a crowd formed, Mark joined them in gawping at the man he had freshly killed. He smiled at the perfect shot before making his escape. He was back out on the street and no one even suspected.
When out on the street he pulled his jacket tightly around him, the wind had gotten up. When he was a couple of streets away he pulled out his phone, the eyes of his target stared back at him; he clicked a button and the words deceased scrolled across his gruffly handsome face. Mark sighed before clicking send as he reached his motorbike.
His shocking blue motorbike matched his eyes and reflected his personality perfectly, wild, fast and un-predictable. He and his bike suited, they were made for each other it had seemed and he did look amazing upon it, he oddly looked strong and striking.
     People who passed by couldn't help but rest their glazes on him as he fired up his beauty and it roared into life, a few off them stopped and watched him zoom off flawlessly, he and his bike one.
He zoomed on along the road passing the entrance to the train station. He took the next bend a little too dangerously passing the wailing police cars that rushed to inspect his handy work.
His speed dial increased rapidly as he zoomed past the cars he was carelessly overtaking. Neither he nor the bike wanted to slow, they had whizzed along, flying over bumps making him soar gracefully before gravity took hold once more and made him plummet back down mercilessly towards the pot holes that he narrowly missed.
He loved the adrenaline rush he got when riding, the light as a feather, pulse pounding adventure that took hold of him whenever he took to the road. It thrilled him and sent his blood on a whirlwind spin and that same journey sent his internal organs on a white knuckle ride of the century.
Another reason why Mark loved his bike so much was the fact that traffic jams where a thing of the past, he longer had to endure the painful nuisance that they where and also he no longer got the aggravating fist pounding anger that came with the wait and time it took to move down a small part of the road, he simply roared along to be first in line before zooming off again, tearing up the road.
Which had then brought him to his destination sooner; he begrudgingly slowed in front of an old renovated farm house. His final task of the day, cook dinner for his family and friends. Easy.
"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.