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THE THREE VISITS, by actung,
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Intro: It's christmas time and i get get three strange visits.


      Sometime during Sunday night December 21st going into Monday morning, 22nd of December 2008 I was woken by the TV in my bedroom coming on. It was filled with snow like as if there was no reception and when my TV is like that there is a 5 minute timer that is automatically activated so that the TV will turn itself off. I was still half asleep so I decided to let it turn itself off and that's when my TV began to talk to me, and I don't know why but this somehow felt perfectly normal to me.

      'Karl' said my TV, 'what?' I replied. The 5 minute timer had come on. 'I don't have much time so listen to me', 'Why should I?, I am far too tired for this'. 'I have to tell you about tomorrow', continued my TV. It told me 'you will be a recipient of 3 visits during tomorrow, take what you will from these visits'. 'Visits, what sort of visits?', 'just look upon these visits as a gift, don't be afraid of them'. My eyes struggled to open and as soon as I could get them open they closed again. 'Are you my TV?'. 'I am what I am and I am simply just communicating with you through your TV. I sat up at the side of my bed still struggling to open my eyes. 'Goodnight Karl', my eyes opened just as my TV turned itself off. Was I dreaming? I don't Know.

      I got up in the morning and put my trousers on and was about to go downstairs to make myself some breakfast when someone knocked at the front door. I hadn't even showered yet but I decided to answer the door anyway, but before I did so I could hear the sound of chains clanging outside, definitely a sound I wasn't expecting to hear. I opened the door to see a man, completely grey and white, everything about him was grey and white, his clothes, his completion, he was smoking a cigar and had chains hanging from his arms and legs. I just backed up a bit and stared at him. I hate smoke.

      'Come with me', 'what?' I asked, 'Just come with me will ya?', just then I remembered what had happened the night before. 'Are you one of my 3 visitors?', 'yeah, I'm the ghost of Christmas past' he said before he started laughing and walking off. For some strange reason I followed him, even though I had no shoes, socks or even a jumper on. I got to the end of the garden and all of a sudden I found myself in a bathroom, a bathroom that was very familiar to me. 'Where are we?' I asked, 'we are in a house you used to live in so the proper question you should be asking is when are we?' replied my new grey looking friend. I was me as I am now, but when I looked in the mirror, I was all of a sudden 13 years old and was in the house I grew up in on Avonbeg road. I left the bathroom and ran downstairs. I was skinny back then. I hadn't yet started to put on weight.

      In the front room were my family. It was Christmas time, and all 6 of my brothers and sisters were only kids. I have always been proud to be the big brother and have always been a family sorta guy even though I may or may not become a dad in the future. The year 1987 was coming to an end. That year we got the only 2 photos taken that has of all 7 brothers and sister, one taken not long after my 13th birthday when the youngest Rebecca was only a couple of months old and the other was about to be taken. I sat on the chair and all the brothers and sisters crowded around. For a group of kids aged between 9 months old and 13 we were happy and we all smiled. Tears welled up in my eyes and before I could wipe them away I was back in the present, with no sign of my grey friend.

      I got myself ready, the day was passing so quickly that before I knew it, I was running late for work so I got into a taxi and guess who was driving, It was my grey friend except this time he was not so grey and white, his cheeks were now rosy and he no longer had the chains, unfortunately he still had a horrible cigar. 'Your on your way to work right?' he asked, 'Yeah' I replied with the feeling of - what am I in for now. 'Well let me show you something'. Here it comes I thought to myself. He drove off like a lunatic, not even paying attention to the road and laughing to himself again.

      We got down to Joel's restaurant and I was delighted to get out of that taxi. My friend got out too and we went inside Joel's and just after we entered I turned around only to see myself enter again only now I was dressed as Santa. It was nine days earlier. 'Don't worry no one can see us'. As the 'ho ho ho's' sounded, kids went running to get to see Santa, and Santa began giving out gifts. I love doing this sort of thing, it's so much fun and the kids are great. My 'friend' was gone and before I knew it I was no longer at the kids Christmas party but was being greeted by a barman and one of the waiters. I was back in the present and in work on time.

      Work finished, I got changed and made my way up to the bus stop to go home. It was 11:17 and the bus was on time. I got on and the doors shut behind me. My 'friend' was not around as I was expecting, since it was late and I was awaiting my 3rd visit, however, the bus driver must have thought it was Halloween and not Christmas, as he was dressed like the grim reaper. I have half expecting a scream mask to be under the dark hood but what I could see were 2 red lights which I presume were his eyes. He pointed a finger from his purple hand, a finger with a very long yellow nail on the end of it, pointing straight ahead. I looked outside the bus but that's not where I was meant to look. Writing started to just appear on the windscreen. It was writing that was just appearing in pure blood red letters. It read 'always remember where you came from, always remember who you are now as the future is not yet written, you can make of it what you will'.

      Just as I had finished reading, the regular bus driver sitting in the drivers seat asked me if I was ok. I paid him the fare and went to sit down, again hearing the laughter from my friend echoing, and I presume I was the only person on the bus who could hear the laughter.....

"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.