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SHIP OF DREAMS, by actung,
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Intro: A tour onto an old ship, shows me events from the past.


      On the river Liffy down by the docklands, a very old ship by the name of the ‘Mary Jane' was on show for all to see. You could board the ship and take a tour of it and be told of the many trips it took and of some of the passengers that went along on its many journeys.

      The ship had its own guides to take visitors through the tour, but for some strange reason I did not need a tour guide, the ship itself would tell me, rather show me some of its history, with me being an actual part of this history, but how is it possible for this to be.

      A group of 20 which would include myself began their tour in the enormous ballroom of this very impressive ship. It was easy to tell just by walking into the ballroom that this ship has been around for quite some time. The windows were up high on either side of the room, not much light was getting in and the pure age of the place made it look cold and dull. All of a sudden the room lit up bright, the tour and the tour guide were no longer in the room and I somehow now was wearing a tuxedo, I had definitely not come on board wearing a tux.

      The ballroom began to fill as seven large round tables appeared with ten chairs around each table. People also began to appear dressed like they were from the 1920's, three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling lit up. It was clear it was no night time as those windows from way up high were now dark. A big band consistent to this 1920's look also appeared on a stage at one end of the room. An elderly gent with a large grey and black handlebar moustache with bushy eyebrows to match wearing an eye piece came over to me, ‘I say, what an astonishing place this is', ‘it is indeed‘, I replied as I smiled. Somehow I felt very at home here, very comfortable with what was happening.

      The big band began to play, and those in the room began to dance. A beautiful young lady approached me, ‘are you not going to ask me to dance?', she somehow seemed so familiar to me, ‘it would be an honour and pleasure if I could have this dance with one whose beauty is beyond comparison', the words just rolled of my tongue as if what I had just said was meant to be said. The lady smiled and curtsied as I bowed and so we began to dance. This was a moment to which I didn't belong but at the same time it became a moment that belonged to me and how I didn't want it to end, as to how and why I am here, for this moment in time didn't matter.

      The song ended, she curtsied again, looked into my eyes, turned and quickly exited the room, picking up her blue bell-bottomed dress as if to avoid tripping over it. I was surprised by this and was about to follow her but before I could, I was tapped on the shoulder and as I turned I was met by a punch to the face which knocked me to the floor. The ball room was once again dull and old looking, I was back amongst the tour group only now I was sitting on my ass with a trickle of blood flowing from my nose. I wanted back in to the moment that I had been transported to and from.

      Embarrassed from having fallen on my ass, I decided not to continue with the tour of the ‘Mary Jane', so I went up onto the deck and as I made my way to the bridge I seen her. It was her, the woman I had danced with in the ballroom, her long blonde wavy hair, her bright blue piercing eyes that had looked into mine. There was no mistaking her for someone else, she was most definitely the same lady. I quickened and made my way across the bridge but she was gone. I could no longer see her anywhere.

      The next day I went back to the ship and began the tour again. I was only in there a matter of seconds when like before it lit up, those taking the tour along with the tour guide were no longer around, tables, people and a big band all appeared and as they did, the same song that I had danced to the day before was playing. I was once again wearing a tuxedo, only now I was not dancing but sitting at a table, next to the man with the handlebar moustache. Once again he says ‘I say, what an astonishing place this is', ‘indeed it is' I reply as I look on as the lady I danced with is dancing with another man and just like the day before, the song ends, she picks up her dress, leaves the room in a hurry, her partner receives a punch to his face and I fall of the chair I'm on and once again find myself sitting on my ass as those on the tour of the ship just look at me, some of them sniggering.

      The tour continued down along by the living quarters, as I looked into one such cabin only for the lighting to once again change. I now found myself in bed with this beautiful lady, and it suffices to say that it was an adult situation, and even though I had only one dance with this lady, which for me was only just one day ago, and with the likelihood that I am not myself but possibly living in a situation through someone else's eyes, there was a very strong feeling of love on my behalf for this lady and I don't even know her name.

      Very strangely my position changed, I was now looking through the eyes of this lady. Before I could make anything of this situation, I was met with a punch to the face. I am once again back with the tour and in the present day moment and also once again on the ground, on my ass.

      Tour moved on and concluded up on deck where things would become clear. For once more, I would become part of what I can only presume was the ship showing moments from time gone by, and in this moment I am staring into the barrel of a gun. I too also knew what exactly was happening. This woman with the long blonde wavy hair who, I had found myself to have fallen in love with, had once travelled on this ship with her abusive husband, a man she did not love and was also accompanied by her lover, something she had not tried to hide, and I am in the moment where her husband wanted to gun down the his wife's lover but as gun fired, the lady threw herself in front of her lover and was not to make it.

      Back in the present moment I couldn't help myself but cry. She was again watching me from off the ship and again I try as quickly as possibly make my way off the ship and get to her. She stared at me with her piercing eyes from which one tear released itself down along her left cheek. With a kiss, she smiled and vanished.

      I made my way back onto the deck of the ship and was approached by an elderly gent with a grey/black handlebar moustache. ‘I don't even know her name', I said. ‘Yes you do', came his reply. He continued ‘what an astonishing place this is. ‘Indeed it is...., it is indeed'. With that it dawned on me, her name was/is Mary Jane. The ship may be gone, but she will stay with me, always and forever, in my heart.

"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.