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SEPARATION, by actung,
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Intro: When 2 people collide, their personalities join in one body, while the other body lays motionless


      Sam and Greg had never met before the day they accidentally collided. There was no malice or intent or even any force in the collision, it was totally accidental but it did knock both of them off their feet.

      Sam got back up quite quickly but felt strangely woosey and there was no movement what so ever from Greg. It didn't take long before Sam knew something was seriously wrong, he suddenly knew everything there was to know about Greg, without ever having met him before. Somehow. Greg was now a part of Sam, as if their personalities has joined together inside Sams body, not separated but somehow Sam and Greg are as one entity inside Sams body while Gregs body just lay on the ground.

      It was Greg looking at himself on the ground through Sams eyes while having all of Sams memories and traits, neither separated but both together as one soul, one person.Greg had been wearing a chain with a red rock like charm at the centre of it, something he had bought earlier that day. Since Sam and Greg were now like a new entity/person gelled together, he/they whatever way you want to look at it decided to use Sams middle name of David (Dave) as an identity for this new joined persona inside of Sams body.

      Of course they (Dave) now needed to find out what exactly happened while Gregs body would lay in a nearby hospital. Since Dave has both Sam and Gregs memories he, decided to begin his investigation at a pawn shop that Greg had visited earlier that day and had bought the chain with the red rock which he had been wearing.

      Dave arrived at the pawn shop, gave a description of Greg and had asked if the shop keeper remembered him, which he did. Dave spoke of the chain Greg bought and inquired about it. The shop keeper explained that there was a lot of mystery surrounding this chain, that there was a legend that somehow it could transfer personalities from one person to another, and that it had origins in Asia. The shop keeper also explained that he had 2 of them and had only just sold the other one as Greg had entered the store, so that was Daves starting point to get to the bottom of whatever it was that was going on.

      Dave didn't know where to begin, being both Greg and Sam, he had the motivation to go on, but all he had was some strange legend, and a description of a man he didn't know how to get in contact with.

      Being in Sams body, he went to Sams home, knowing all there is to know about Sam he could easily interact with those around him. Tiredness lead him straight to bed, but at approx 2.30am Dave awoke with the strange compulsion to go back to where Greg lay in hospital.

      Just as Dave got to the ward where Gregs body lay, the man in the bed next to Greg flat-lined, leading to him needing to be resuscitated. Dave strangely reacted to each attempt as if it was he whom was being resuscitated, and he felt like somehow he was being pulled apart from the inside out. The man was in his late 60's and didn't make it, his body was taken to a private room across the hall, as the body passed Dave he could see the man was wearing a chain identital to the one Greg was wearing.

      The strange reaction Dave had, knocked him to the ground making him woozy again. As he got up, Greg awoke. Had they been separated back into their own bodies. Both Greg and Sam had each others memories right up to the point when Greg awoke, but were they truly separated?, Neither were sure about that, things didn't feel right.

      Suddenly there was a scream from across the hall, the man whom passed away was not in the room where he had been brought to, his family members were hurt enough with his death but his body not being where it was supposed to be obviously made things all the more difficult, somehow Greg and Sam reacted in unison both calling out 'Dave'.

      After things calmed down a bit in the hospital, a man in his mid 20's approached Sam and Greg and before saying anything, he showed them the chain he was wearing. It was identical to the chain Greg was wearing, then he said 'guys, we separated into 3 identical parts, so I guess I am Dave, but I am now also Peter':
Greg: Peter?
Dave: Yeah the man whom had been in the bed next to you.
Sam : But you look as young as we do, that man was much older.
Dave: Yeah but don't you guys feel somehow strong, healthy?, somehow this separation rejuvenated Peters body. Now having all your memories up to the separation and now all of Peters memories, I guess puts me at an age now of 116.
Greg : What happens now?
Dave : My family is here, Peters family that is, but I am Peter as well as you guys, so my wife is here but physically about 37/38 older than me, and now because of you guys, mentally 50 years younger than me. She will recognise me, I am still physically Peter, and look as he/I would approx 40 years ago.
Sam : You may be Peter but you are still both me and Greg too. Does this make us triplets on a personality level?, Hey can we save lives with these chains then so?
Dave : Hold on a minute, we can't alter nature, even if we can figure out how these things (chains) work, Do you really want hundreds, maybe thousands of possible Dave's out there? with all of our memories? Maybe we should destroy these chains.
Greg : Hold on a minute, if we destroy the chains, what happens to us? are we connected somehow to these chains, Can destroying them possibly hurt us?

      With Peters family still in the hospital, it was only a matter of time before Peters wife would recognise a young looking Peter. So when Dave/Peter came out of the room where had been with Sam and Greg, Peters wife knew straight away that she was looking at her husband but before either of them could react, Dave (who we'll call Peter, since they are both one and the same) was grabbed from behind by a man, a junkie who attempted to steal drugs and failed and now needed to escape.

      Security had already been chasing this man, so they were close by when Peter was grabbed but there was no need for them. When Peter had been grabbed, his chain began to glow and the junkie began to age seriously quick, he became an old man in seconds and dropped to the ground. The lights in the hospital flickered off and back on again.

      Doctors were hesitant to approach the man but when one did, he announced that the man had died. Peters wife approached him, 'Peter?', 'yeah, its me', they hugged each other. Anna (Peters wife) was told everything by all of Peter/Dave, Sam and Greg.

      'If these 2 chains did what you say they did, where are the chains now?' Anna asked. It was only then that thy noticed that the chains where gone.

      Peter decided to stick with that name, it'd make things easier but he'll always be Dave to both Sam and Greg. Back in the pawn shop, its owner opened a safe and into it he placed 2 identical chains, both with a red rock at its centre.

"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.