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The Ice ladder, by Trailblazer,
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Intro: A Dragon awakens beneath an ice castle.


Though many a brave knight and lovesick squire set his foot upon the frozen helix, none made it to the top of the ladder of ice. Day after lonely day Princess Sharon watched and waited for a champion to save her but to no avail.You see, within the chest of each champion beat a warm and loving heart.Therein lay their downfall.It was that very warmth that melted the ladder of ice under their feet no matter how fast they climbed.

The evil queen sat high above the snowy valley and laughed a wicked laugh. Things were going according to plan. Nobody would ever be able to reach her stepdaughter and so the terms of the king's will would go forever unfulfilled. Queen M'liffa would continue to rule the kingdom until the princess married and that could never happen.As long as Sharon remained in the icy tower at the top of castle Frostbaden, M'liffa's future was secure.

Unfortunately for her, the queen knew nothing of the sleeping monster deep within the mountain beneath her castle. Hibernating silently for centuries the beast with blue eyes stirred slightly and shifted in his bed. His undulating scales shimmered in the phosphorescent light.He was frighteningly beautiful. In his dreams he was once again a young prince ,carefree and strong.Once again he challenged the evil witches who controlled the land and once again he felt the agony of the curse inflicted upon him.He turned in his agony and a massive wing buckled under his weight. The pain reached deep into a part of his reptilian brain and started a chain reaction.He snorted as the fire in his nostrils flared to life.The curse was wearing off. High above the monster's cave ,icicles began a steady drip, drip,drip.

At the base of the ice ladder, seven brothers jostled to be the next to try the climb.The oldest carrying a piece of chocolate in his pocket pushed forward and shoved the others aside. In his ardor he dropped the chocolate on the ground and it began to melt.Nobody seemed to notice because the moment he set foot on the ladder, a section of it shattered into glistening shards.The ladder immediately repaired itself and another brother stepped forward. Sharon , hearing the commotion leaned far out of the frozen casement to observe the crowd.

A gasp of admiration went up from the masses.The morning sun caught her flowing hair and set it aglow with golden radiance. Such beauty inspired the suitors anew.The second brother made it up the circling steps to the fourth rung before falling through the melting ice. As the third young man approached the ladder ,a rumbling noise was heard within the mountain.He scuttled away like a fiddler crab running from a wave. On a balcony of castle Frostbaden M'liffa wrapped her crimson cloak closely around her bony form and scowled."What sound was that?"she wondered aloud.

It was the awakening beast imprisoned long ago by M'liffa's ancestors.For in fact she too was a witch though the chronicles of her great grandmothers had never interested her.Had she read them she would have known about the beast below.Now in the mountain cavern a metamorphosis was taking place .The beast was breathing a fiery inferno as it thrashed into consciousness.Trapped in the reptilian form,Prince Bertram felt as if his mind was being pierced by a flaming arrow.The pain of transition sparked and spasmed along his twisting spine.The land shook with his anger and torment.Slowly the mountain of ice began to melt.

Everyone ran in fear from the base of the castle except for one last young man. He, being of a cold and heartless nature,had never felt the warm glow of love. M'liffa and her minions fled the castle as the last man slipped on his gloves and started the climb up the swaying ladder. Loud pops and cracks filled the air around him but he was not deterred.Rungs snapped and fell below him but he carried on.Ice roses melted on the spiraling rails but he was relentless in his quest . He meant to prove himself the champion though he had no real interest in the maiden in distress.

Bertram breathed a fiery blast and spread his massive wings.High above his head a circle of blue sky appeared and he instinctively went for it.The leathery appendages were stiff from years of disuse but he managed to angle himself up and out of his prison.
At that moment, the cold young man reached the window of Sharon's tower. Their eyes met and his frozen heart began to melt.She had to grab hold of him to keep him from falling back to the ground below.Then up from beneath them came a shattering rumble as the ice mountain collapsed on M'liffa and her minions.

The tower began to disentegrate around the princess and the boy so that they fell amidst a million shards of ice directly onto Bertram's back.He felt the magic of the princess's loving heart through his burning rage and a calmness overtook his beastly soul.
spiraling upward to the sky ,he landed far away from the castle.As he touched down,he began to return to his human form. In moments he was standing with Sharon and the young man in a forest glade.In that magical moment he knew that she was his distant relative and heir to the throne.

The once cold young man( whose name was Fuego ,by the way)took Sharon's hand and asked her to marry him. She of course said yes{this is a fairy tale you know}.They went back and found that all the ice had melted and formed a lovely heart shaped lake. They named it Lake Valentine and built a golden castle beside it where they all lived happily ever after.

The End
"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.