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The Oracle, by woody2112,
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Intro: Sci-fi, fantasy, pagan and the love of music....


The moonlight is beaming down from the clear night sky, and the glittering stars break up the lonliness and solitude of the great forest below. Picture in your mind in the centre of this great wooded blanket a solitary figure, standing at the edge of an even more solitary leafy clearing. Imagine the cool air and slight breeze of the late summers evening, and a small wood fire in the middle of that clearing. A figure emerges the tree line and into the small light of the crackling fire. It is a young woman, she is of a slim and graceful build, pale complexion and long flowing deep red hair. A slightly stronger and cooler breeze dances across the clearing. She shivers. Goose bumps spring up all over pale and naked skin, and she stands with nature and all living things. A delicate balance, too delicate for any science to detect exists between the trees, the moon, the fire and the young woman, and no artificial barrier or manmade fibre stands between her and that perfect energy.
This is the scene as we perceive it. And now, deliberate action takes centre stage, and we must therefore concentrate on deeds both mystic, and most importantly, secret.

With the flames reflecting upon her deep dark eyes and her breathing subdued, she unsheaths her ritual dagger which hung from a thick scarlet cord about her waist. She grasps the tool in both hands and thrusts it out towards the fire. Meaningful words begin to fall from her mouth, it is second nature to her and is done as easily as you or I would breath. Repeated three more times each as elegantly as the first, she completed the four points of the compass. The final words are spoken in a raised voice, she dropped to her knees, energies nearly exhausted and breathing rapidly. For a moment she catches her breathe and glances up at the moon, and just for an instant, an expression of serenity and complete understanding passes across her face. A bead of sweat rolls down her face catching a moonbeam as it went, and in the tiny moment that the sparkle existed, everything seemed to make perfect sense. She arose to her feet and stepped around to the other side of the fire, she had the air of a person with great purpose.

Staring at the flames with blank expression, she raises her arms towards the sky. Her gaze then follows the direction of her outstretched arms, and she closes her dark eyes. Her thoughts turn to the galaxy and beyond, and the energy with which it all must be joined. Drawing on that cosmic energy she began to tingle all over, the hairs of her nape stood up. She opened her eyes. And now with heightened senses, she was able to see what she had been lookng for. An expression of indescribable joy settled upon her parted lips, her dark eyes widened and tears began to roll down her face, catching more moonbeams and more understanding than ever before. And she understood this.....

Many years before her birth, Earth and her neighbouring planets and the inhabitants of these had lived in great harmony, until a terrible tragedy had befell them. A deep space mission had returned home and unwittingly unleashed a virus on the human race. The virus was very singular, in that it destroyed the hearing of anyone that came into contact with it, and it spread so voraciously that no one could stop it. Some decades later a cure was discovered that reversed the damage caused by the alien virus, but by then war had broken out everywhere. Any words of peace had fallen on the unhearing, all communication had broken down.

She realised that there must be a connection between the sudden deafness and the outbreak of many pointless wars, and what had originally brought harmony must have fallen upon deaf ears. And on that late summers night in the Redwood Forests of New Mars, and under the ghostly glow of Phobos, the beautiful woman had been given a word. The meaning of this very special word was communication, and the word was, MUSIC........
"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.