Author Topic: Stealing the Badge!!! {Jaded}  (Read 818 times)

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Stealing the Badge!!! {Jaded}
« on: March 20, 2010, 02:10:14 AM »
~sneak sneak sneak~
~Steals jaded's badge and runs off to hide it!!!!~

Jaded: *nuzzles and grabs* Now, about my badge..... I wonder how much I will have to escalate my torture before you tell me what you did with it.

kimbra_ailis: ~eeps~ Iiiiiii...~Eyes going wide, stuttering softly~ Iiii... lost.... lost it? ~nodding slightly~

Jaded: Lost it....

kimbra_ailis: ummmm... misplaced?

kimbra_ailis: it got legs and walked away? ~tries to smile appealingly~

Jaded: Yes, and perhaps those legs should be severed that this will not happen again..... but, that being said, muse, have you heard of a flensing knife?

kimbra_ailis: flensing? no

Jaded: Should look it up.....

kimbra_ailis: oh wow

kimbra_ailis: why you ask?

Jaded: Well, I suspect I should have my badge back before I reach your ankles.

kimbra_ailis: ~eyes wide, bottom lip slightly quivering... ~

~Hurriedly gets the badge out of its hiding spot and returns it to Jaded~

kimbra_ailis: do i get a reward for finding and returning your lost badge? ~bottom lip still quivering but eyes hopeful~

Jaded: Am I wrong? We can begin with your little... a reward? For finding and returning it....

kimbra_ailis: ...I... I... didn’t... know... if there was a reward... ~nods slowly, still looking hopeful~ ... but if there is.... ~eyes momentarily uncertain before focusing and trying to reinforce~ ....I did find it.... ~quick to add~ ... and return it

Jaded: Indeed.... I would be certain to.. repay you... for your efforts.....

kimbra_ailis: ~smiles widens a little bit ~

Jaded: *smiles*

kimbra_ailis: ~at your smile, mine widens~ ok... okays...

Jaded: Very good, you found it swiftly.

kimbra_ailis: ~a slow nod~ I... i.... stumbled... across it... yes I stumbled across it

kimbra_ailis: Arent... you... you glad to have it back?

Jaded: I am... very pleased..... where ever did you stumble upon it?

kimbra_ailis: ~looks a little uncertain~ umm ummm... somewhere...

kimbra_ailis: Somewhere between here and your profile ~speaking a little stronger this time~

Jaded: Interesting.... I rarely walk that route. Fascinating you would find it there.

kimbra_ailis: I.. don’t know what to say.... ~a little shaken and uncertain~

Jaded: Now, about your reward..... just come with me then, I have your reward in my chambers.

kimbra_ailis: ~Still a little uncertain but I nod easily and reach my hand for yours, willingly following where i might be lead~

kimbra_ailis: What is my reward? ~ tone clearly turning eager~

Jaded: *smiles* Oh, something quite fulfilling... in here please...  *Leads you into a back room*

kimbra_ailis: that is fine, i will be needing to take off soon

kimbra_ailis: ~my pace picks up a little bit at the words, quickly moving into the room ~

kimbra_ailis: ~under my breath i am softly whispering~ yay reward yay reward

Jaded: *once in the room, grabs you by your hair and one shoulder, guiding you forward roughly and bending you over a sturdy railing and kicking your legs roughly apart.* Now, the only reward you deserve is a severe beating for your theft... made worse by lying and seeking reward for return what was stolen. *This is hissed into your ear as I hike your skirt up and your panties down, tearing them as needed.*

kimbra_ailis: ~Everything chances after we get through the door. Stumbling slightly. Shocked at the now rougher behavior. Whimpering softly as I am forced forward. I don’t really resist, trying to believe I am going to get a reward. A noise escapes my lips as my feet are forced apart. I don’t bother to try to close my legs again. Shivering at the words. My head ducking slightly. Feeling my cheeks heat up. Another noise as my panties are ripped off. Shifting slightly as I feel a cool draft on my ass~ .... but... bbbuuuttttt... buuut...

Jaded: Arch your ass up, little thief and be thankful I do not take your delicate hands for this. *I begin swatting, hard and slow and lingeringly, first one cheek then the other.*

kimbra_ailis: ~With hesitation, I obey. To fearful that you will change your mind and take my hands. Whimpering softly before I start to full out sob. Already know what is come and scared. Probably the knowledge is worse then the actual act, but my body already starting to shake. I struggle to keep silent ~
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Re: Stealing the Badge!!! {Jaded}
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I like this kind of want and want to give.