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New RPer
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Hello All,

I have an interesting Fantasy I would like to explore... I was wondering if there was some interest in this place...

This is a superhuman fantasy and requires 4-5 men and women to play though it.... 3 of both would be acceptable but the minimum... This world is roughly modeled around the rules of Urotsukidoji. The fantasy is set in modern day New York or Tokyo (doesn't really matter). The Senario sets up like this the players are set up in a general location (shopping ogling women or guys whatever...) when a large tentacle creature erupts out of the ground (more to it than this but this is a brief explanation to get interest) looking to feed on the most powerful women and men in the area by fucking them senseless and stealing their essence.

Men: in this game are strong... very strong, but must be careful the creature is stronger if its full attention is on you... Also you can fight the players in the game but be careful one of them has your number. More than that... if you attack and claim a woman (which will make you more powerful) that has become more powerful than you she may turn the tables on you... and one of the women has your number as well...

Women: This is the ultimate mass rape fest, there will be all kinds of torment... Your mind and body will be dominated by the massive body of tentacles reaching and groping every part of you... You will feel the dark presence behind the creature calling to you...   The power behind the tentacles is offering you its dark power, will you accept it or try and keep your innocence and distroy or wear the beast out...  This is a story if you ever had a fantasy where you were superpowered and someone (quite possible several someones) still took advantage of you this would be it. 

The goal is to defeat the creature or/and each other can claim as many other players as possible... To diverge from the world of Urotsukidoji in this world both men and women can claim other players.  You may have nearly any form you want... if you have one that you have a question about just ask me!  There is a very small amount of book keeping involved with this story, you need to know that before you choose in. 

In this story, nearly anything goes.  If it would break your heart to get dominated by a woman or man I wouldn't join. If it would break your heart to get raped to death or your mind mutilated I wouldn't join.

All this being said... this is a very large campain that I have planned and will take time to complete...

EarthElement   :evilgrin:

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Your group rp sounds excellent but I am not really fond of group type rps.  I get impatient for my turn you see.  I hang out in the rp area mostly and if you would like to do a one on one I would like that.

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I have been spending the last day trying to figure out how to adapt the scenario.  Then I realized that I couldn't but what I could do is (if you are interested in this world) take the world we could just co-compose, if you would want.

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According to the scenario post what type of character you would like to play. Or the one you play most often

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Dammit... This looks really cool...
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