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Feeding the land explaination.
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I have a idea for a vast and extremely fertile plot of land to be used by several villagers as farm land. the special thing about this land is that anything planted in it grows super fast. (as in overnight a seed can turn into a bushel of wheat or a ear of corn.) Its also super soft, as in walking in it barefoot is almost like walking on feathers. The farmers dont know WHY food grows as fast as it does (or feels as soft as it does), nor do the villagers.

However, the king does.

Beneath the kings throne in a secret cellar a beast lives that feeds the land a potent protien that causes the growth spurt in the land. However, the beast must feed. not on food like we do. the beast feeds on emotions. mainly, the pleasure of ravished women.

I G2G. finish this up later.

Re: Feeding the land explaination.
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Okay, finishing up now.

The creature also feeds off of the womens pain and helplessness. Due to the sheer size of the beast, as you can imagine, it takes A LOT of women to feed it. the underground 'lab' meets the need nicely as its about the double the size of a public parking garage. As the women pass out (or in some cases die) from exaustion, they are removed to another area and new women are brought in.

The villagers are told that thier women and daughters are needed to 'sustain' thier land and lifestyle, they just arent told how  :winkz:

Okay, now Im done.

BTW, this RP has already been started in the group section if you want to be a Doctor, captive, male or female villager. Maybe even the King himself!