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Smiley Design Contest - Rules And Information
« on: June 08, 2017, 03:23:12 PM »
After completing the SMF upgrade and putting everything back in order, it has come to my attention that our smiley system is completely borked, with many smilies missing and some refusing to work. This is largely due tot he fact that many premade smiley sets do not conform to the SMF ASCII trigger settings specific to this forum. Also, after everything I just did to fix this place, I really do not fell like crafting an entire set of custom emoticons. After talking discussing forum business with Kimbra, I have gotten her blessing for a great idea: a contest!

Contest Parameters

Contest entrants have until the deadline to design, create and submit a full set of custom smilies according to the guidelines set out below. The winner will not only have their work installed as the default smiley series, but will also be granted moderatorship of a given section of the forum. (Note: this is not a global moderator position, the winner will only oversee specific boards within a given category/ This moderatorship will also be subordinate to guidelines set out by SV admins.)

Design Guidelines

  • The smiley set must consist of one image for each emoticon trigger; the triggers will be listed below.
  • Images must be 20x20 pixels in size.
  • Images must be in either .png or .gif format.
  • Animated GIFs will earn you bonus points, but the animation should be as fluid as possible, and must not include any strobing animations that may trigger photosensitive epileptics.
  • Images must be packed into a .zip or .rar archive and emailed to with the subject "SV Smiley Contest" by the deadline.

Smileys Required:

Smiling face [:)]
Grinning face [:D]
Wink [;)]
Rolling eyes [:roll:]
Frowny face [:(]
Crying face [:'(]
Cheeky face [:P]
ROFL! [:rofl:]
Evil grin [>:D]
NOPE [:nope]
Thumbs up [:bd:]
Puzzled [???]
Hitting someone over the head  [:club:]
Applause [ :bravo:]
Angry [>:(]
Oops! [:oops:]
Heart [<3]
Broken heart [</3]
Feels/wibble [:3]
Horny [):)]
Geeky [:geek:]
Whoa! [:whoa:]
Embarrassed [ :embarassed:]
Kinky [:kinky:]
Drunk [8)]
Flipping the bird [:flipbird:]
I'm going to rape you [:rapey:]
Daydreaming [ :daydream:]
Stabbing someone [:stabby:]
Bring it on! [:bringit:]
Innocent look [:whome:]
Celebratory drink [:drink:]
Affirmative nod [:nod:]
Masturbating  (male) [:fap:]
Masturbating (female) [:schlick:]

Contest ends July 9, 2017.
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