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Castration Party (Fdom/M, gelding)
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Castration Party (Fdom/M, gelding)
By Jenne (

Single men could be lured into making a sex video, without them knowing the true nature of the script. You would want to make sure they were not married or in a relationship (no one to miss his member), and that he had no way of tracking you down for retribution.

It would help if it were advertised as a femdom type video. That would attract a more submissive type who would be more likely to accept his castration than a macho male, and less likely to make trouble. Again castration would take the edge off his desire for revenge and help him to adjust. This would be one of the cruelest ways, but you have to remember; only men fear emasculation, as eunuchs they don't think about it any more.

Some time later...

The day he'd been eagerly awaiting had finally come. A couple of weeks earlier he'd answered an ad seeking young men to participate in a sex video. Unable to resist the opportunity he answered the ad and was interviewed shortly after.

He doubted his chances but at the end of the week he got a call saying that he'd been accepted and was to meet two of their represenetives at such a place and time. He was estatic and thoughts of wild sex and strong, beautiful women having their way with him filled his thoughts all that week.

He was picked up at the appointed time by a couple of women who identified themselves as being with the video company. Once they were on their way, one of the women placed her had to the side of his neck and he felt a sharp sting, but before he could do anything he became dizzy and the world quickly went black.

When he came to he found that he was naked and helplessly bound to a narrow padded table. Aside from his head he couldn't move in the slightest. He was along in a small room, like the bedroom of a house but one empty of furniture and all else.

He called out an soon a woman entered and said that he would have to make less noise if he didn't want to be gagged. He quieted down some but asked what the hell was going on. He was supposed to be in a video, not be kidnapped.

"Kidnapped? Oh, not at all. You ARE going to be in a video. You're going to be the star in fact. And we'll put you back where we found you after we're done."

"This isn't anything like what I was told," he said. "What's going on?"

"No, it isn't like you were told. Not exactly. You see...."

"Hey, Jenne," said another woman entering the room, "I was wondering if he'd ever wake up."

"He just did, Lynn, and he's a little confused," she said, grinning.

"I guess you haven't explained to him about the party yet. He looks much too calm."

"I was just getting to that," said Jenne. "Now dear," she said looking back at the man, "we didn't tell you everything 'cause we thought you might not want to come. It's going to be a very special party. Just the girls you could say. What we have in common is that we're all facinated by castration. Some of us have seen it and the rest are eager to. Of course, one of us has actually done it, right Lynn?"

"Yes," she said smiling. She reached down and massaged the guy's balls. "There's nothing quite so exciting as cutting a guy's nuts."

He began to get truly upset and loud so they gagged him and told him to just relax and try to get used to the idea. "I'm not going to cut you right away," said Lynn. "You have a few hours to go, and when I do it I'll use anestetic, so you'll hardly feel a thing."

Before they left the room, Jenne put on a porographic video for him to watch. In part this was to give him something else to occupy his mind and hopefully keep him quiet. But also to help insure that he was as sexually excited as possible when they castrated him. As Lynn had said, castrating a guy who is simply frightened and limp is just not as satisfying.

Soon after the video was over the door opened again and Jenne and Lynn reentered along with several ladies, all dressed for a party, most carrying drinks. Obviously the party had already begun.

Jenne announced that the castration would begin in exactly two hours and that they were free to come in and talk to him, tease him, whatever as long as they didn't physically harm him or do anything to make him cum.

He was frightend but also excited. He couldn't quite accept that they were REALLY going to castrate him. It seemed more like a very realistic role-playing game. He was embarrased though at being naked and errect in front of a roomfull of women. Especally as some of them were giggling and making comments about the fact.

The next two hours were both heaven and hell for him. Women strolled in and out of the room and there were at least a couple there most of the time. He was still gagged and couldn't talk, but they would still ask him how he felt about losing his balls, and how it was too bad that he wouldn't be havng sex again, especally since he was so obviously wanting it. Or was it that he was just eager to be cut? Don't worry, it won't be much longer.

(Much laughter)

One woman pulled down the top of her dress and leaned directly over him, her large full breasts only inches from his face, and just out of reach. She wondered aloud if he'd still be interested after he was castrated. Probably not. She carresed one of her breasts and said it was too bad he couldn't feel for himself while he could still enjoy it.

Finally it was time. Everyone started gathering in the room and Lynn set up the surgical instruments and supplies. She fill a hypodermic needle (the anastetic) and begain injecting him in various parts of his scrodum and into his testicles. This DID hurt somewhat, but not for long. And his aching case of blueballs faded away which was a relief. Even so, the full horror of the situation came home to him. She was really going to castrate him. For real! And he was helpless to do anything about it.

Lynn picked up a scaple and looked at him and said, with an evil grin, "This is it, stud, say goodbye to 'em." She then cut open his sack on one side and begain working the testicle out. She tied it off then cut the cord. There was an audible gasp in the room. She cut open the other side, brought out and tied off the remaining testicle.

Then, after a dramatic pause, she cut the cord, castrating him. There were sighs and gasps and screams of excitement from the ladies in the room. This was no fantasy but the real thing.

Lynn stiched him up, then washed the severed testicles and sealed them into a small jar. She went to the head of the table and showed him his balls, floating in the clear liquid.

She slowly rubbed the jar against one of her breasts and told him that even though he was offically a eunuch, his testosterone level was still high but that it would fall quickly and that by this time tomorrow it should be near zero. He would no longer be tormented by the flustration he was feeling now.

She handed the jar to one of the other ladies, to be passed around and looked at if they liked, then gave him an injection which would put him out and keep him asleep until the next day.

They all gathered in the living room to wind down and talk about what they'd witnessed. One woman said, "I've seen three other guys get their balls removed, and it's STILL an unbelieveable turn on!"

All agreed that it had been an awesome experience. The woman who had teased the guy earlier, Liz, brought up the idea of doing two guys at once.

"Oh, come on Liz. Don't be greedy!"

"Well, I was just thinking how I'd have liked to have seen him shoot off one last time. At the same time it was exciting the way we did it, not letting him get off. So I'm thinking that if we did two guys we could have it both ways."

"Hmmm...." said Jenne, "interesting. How would we decide which would be the one allowed to get off? The one with the bigger cock?"


"That would be one way," said Liz, "or we could just flip a coin. I like the idea of it being left to chance. Not knowing which it would be until the last minute. Then we'd... Oh! I've got it! The guy not allowed to cum would be castrated first, but not until he watched us getting guy #2 off, knowing that he'd wouldn't be getting any. Then guy #2 would have to watch the first one get nutted while waiting his turn."

"Liz, that's evil," said Lynn. "Absolutely evil... I love it! What do you think, Jenne? Do you think we can we do this?"

"I think it could be arranged," said Jenne. "It would take a while but I believe it could be set up. Let me think about it..."


"Innocence" he said, while his eyes fell away and slowly slid black irises to study the mist-laden woods around him.
"Losing your innocence, is like losing a limb."
The smile that appeared on his lips was neither cold nor warm - it was colourless.
"She crippled me"
"For that, I will cripple her.

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Certainly sadistic! I liked it but still had to cringe when he was gelded.
I am a 50-year-old male almost 51 and have decided to self-castrate because of physical pain I now live with primarily to get rid of my sex drive.  I am single and NOT looking.  When I self-service it increases pain level.  This for me is about 'need' NOT fantasy, kink or fetish.   It is about removing future pain.  I have considered bringing in a trusted female or three (only female) when it happens as this is a popular female fantasy, but have yet to find the right one(s).  My story "The Chair" will be posted here soon.  It gives many details I will use but is definitely fantasy.  WARNING: It is 23 pages long on my computer.  I hope it is not too big for this site.

This is beyond what most would call 'edge play' and is NOT for most.  Respect the fact that my body is mine!  If you disagree move on I won't have someone else telling me what is right for me.  Take Care.
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