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Clarissa had always wanted to travel, but as often happens when you live in a small town, your life passes by with the day to day things until you wonder where the time went. As she left the office and got into her car a smile spread across her lips. Glancing at the suitcase in the back seat she started to imagine what awaited her on her cross-country drive.

Unusually for one so work obsessed she had decided to take four weeks vacation in one hit, a whole month, she thought. Leaving thoughts of the office behind she put the car into drive, cranked up the radio and set off.

Over the next week Clarissa discovered just how much good this was doing her, she felt relaxed, happy and for the first time in seven years she wasn't worried about schedules. She had made it through New Hampshire, down to New York and through Maryland. Where next, she thought as she headed south on the interstate, should she head over to D.C. or continue south.

BANG! The car skidded side ways across the road, cutting lanes. Awoken from her daydreaming, Clarissa tried in vain to steer out the skid, a blowout, she thought, dammit! The car finally slammed to a halt as Clarissa's head slammed into the steering wheel, everything went black.

It was the soothing voice that surprised her, half dreaming, half awake Clarissa thought of her mother tending to her when she had chicken pox, she was seven years old again, she felt safe. A soft hand stoked her face, a woman's voice whispered in her ear. Clarissa woke up. Everything was confusing, she could see only shadows and dimmed light, there was a softness on her skin, her face was covered by some material that fitted snugly but she could make out shapes. It took several more minutes for the groggy patient to fully come round.

"Good morning, Clarissa", said the woman, "You're safe now, you had an accident". Clarissa lifted her hand to her face. It was caught on something. She pulled and pulled. A cold feeling went through her as she realized that each wrist was tied to the side of the bed with silky material. She tested her ankles, also tied.

"Oh, you may feel a little restricted, that's for your own good, Clarissa. You see you've been here for several days, you took quite a nasty injury. My sisters and I who live here in this special community took you in, nursed you and looked after you. You'll find that your wrists and ankles are securely tied with silk scarves, several in fact", she said proudly admiring her skill. "Also there are bands of silk over and around your body and that chiffon scarf over your face is tightly wrapped and attached to another scarf which is knotted to the bedstead".

Clarissa tried to move but couldn't the panic swelled up in her as she realised her predicament. As she begin to moan and cry out the woman, almost instinctively took a chloroform soaked scarf in her leather gloved hand and pressed it tightly over Clarissa's chiffon covered mouth, the patient was soon at rest again.

During next few days Clarissa couldn't distinguish between dreams and reality, under heavy sedation, she was fed, bathed, toileted. Images of veiled women tending her with gloved hands, binding her with silk scarves and every so often the choloroform  would send her once again into a deep sleep. They always used a large white silk square bundled up in a gloved hand, Clarissa began to call it the dream scarf.

Time was of no consequence now. Clarissa simply had no idea. Her first day fully awake found Clarissa standing against a wooden post. She came to as two slender women in long silk gowns, faces veiled with black satin, were binding her body with long strips of silk winding it over and over. Still weak from the sedation Clarissa looked up and saw a third woman. This one was different, although she wore a silk gown, she was unveiled and had blue piercing eyes and jet black long hair.

"Clarissa, you're recovery is almost complete, well done. Now you're ready to fully join our family".

Clarissa protested, "Who are you, where am I, why - " ,one of the veiled women calmly tied a scarf over Clarissa's entire face, knotting it tightly to the post. A balled scarf was then pushed into her scarf covered mouth, with a third scarf over it binding the ball in place and knotted behind the post. The last thing Clarissa saw was the shape of one the women holding one end of a large roll of satin about 4 inches wide up to her eyes, then she began to wrap. As her world became dark again another pair of hands were wrapping her jaw tightly shut over the gag with more satin.

"I'm sorry Clarissa, I forgot to mention that you no longer have control over when to speak, or see, or move. Let me explain as my sisters continue to wrap. You now belong to us, we are a small community dedicated to the art of silk domination, bondage and mummification. You are on a large private farm, and the nearest civilization is over 135 miles away. Your old life is gone. You will learn our ways and you will learn to submit to us. Soon you will forget what it is like to have control, or to have rights, or responsibility. You will learn to love the silk that binds you, and the freedom of your bondage. There will never be another day when you won't be bound and gagged with silk. We own your every move. I will decide if and when you ever speak, what you see, and where you go. This is your new life, free of stress, a silk plaything, a prisoner." The woman placed a kiss on Clarissa's silk wrapped mouth. As she walked away laughing, two veiled woman finished there wrapping and stood back to look at their new acqusition. Clarissa could only manage soft mumblings through her layers of silk gag. Here body was so tightly wrapped that the women couldn't make out if she was struggling or not. Everything was dark, a veiled voice whispered in her ear," You know what they say - finders keepers".

Clarissa was secretly relieved, if she could smile through the silk she would have - she felt safe, she felt free.

I am not the author of this story
All credit goes to the author - Kamarack

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lovely story!

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Agree Kitten. :clap2: