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Savage Tales / Re: An American Cutie
« Last post by joey on Today at 03:52:13 AM »
     Why did I start humming "The Boys Are Back In Town Again" while reading this new chapter.  Let's not have the fellas making any mistakes and getting caught.  Nice to wake things up a little around these parts, been kind of quiet for a while.
Rape Roleplay / Re: A Fantastic New Idea
« Last post by Thedoctorisin on May 22, 2018, 01:25:04 PM »
As she walked out the door her creepy old neighbor gave her a slap on the ass.  her father spoke.

"Have fun with your friend.  Don't forget your college visit."
Rape Roleplay / Re: The Eye of Horus (Kimbra, JDrake)
« Last post by Parrtanaka on May 22, 2018, 08:13:03 AM »
Can I give you more information? Can you give me a link?
Introductions / Re: looking for an rp third in Fresno ca
« Last post by Parrtanaka on May 22, 2018, 08:12:56 AM »
I felt that was a very good thing for me. Since I need more knowledge of this.
Savage Tales / Re: An American Cutie
« Last post by dodger on May 22, 2018, 12:26:08 AM »
He sat in a jail cell he'd gotten careless, hubris had overtaken him. After working over the mother and daughter he got sloppy and got caught. So he sat in his cell,  but in the confused wisdom of the penal system he had been put into a encounter group where he met a guy with his peculiar taste for rape. So Jack met Kevin, they shared their stories. In painful detail they talked it out, who, where when they did it and then they decided that in the end they would get together. Kevin got out on parole and swore he would wait for Jack and they would go together and wreak havoc on the world at large.

The day came, they they got together and played the system. Good parolees they got simple jobs and saved their pennies until they could buy a van. A van that they could turn into mobile chamber of horrors. Southern California proved to be a fertile feeding ground. They took turns picking out unsuspecting college girls and then on a summer's day after almost a year and five victims and they had abused a young lady for 2 days they decided to take time off from work and take a vacation across the southern United States. It would be a one-way trip, breaking parole, the word would soon go out, the authorities would be looking for them.

On a lonely stretch of New Mexico Highway Joey Edwards sat in her cruiser she had been A New Mexico state smokie for five years, her parents has slowly grown to accept it. She had grown up on a Colorado cattle ranch with a sister and a brother. When she was born she was the first child and her father was less than happy because he wanted a son. But Joey surprised him, petite though she was, she did chores and took to ranching. Then her sister was born and then finally a brother. Joey went off to college to study animal husbandry but in her third year she changed her degree to criminal investigation. For two years her parents didn't speak to her but after she got her degree they slowly came around and accepted the fact that she wanted to be a police officer. So there she sat in her car waiting for another dull shift to end.

Kevin looked at Jack as they drove down the lonely desert highway "What do you think is it time for another caper?"

"Too soon man we just got rid of that bitch in Phoenix we can't do them too quick.  Oh shit look at this." They both saw the police car sitting by the side of the highway. "Son of a bitch." Kevin said. Jack said  "I know." he saw the headlights go on and the police cruiser come out behind them. "We'll just take it easy, we might be able to get by they may not know who we are."

Joey saw the burned-out tail light. Ok, she thought, let's go see what we've got here. After half a mile she flipped on the lights on the roof of her car and waited for the van to pull over.

Great Jack thought this is all we don't need. "Kevin get in the back and when I pull over you take the taser quietly out the back door and you put this cop to sleep,  all right? Kevin nodded his head and moved it to the back. Jack pulled over and thought well I hope we can pull this off.

Joey pulled to a stop and after calling in a routine traffic stop, stepped out of her cruiser into the late afternoon sun. In the van Jack looked at the young woman walking toward the side of his van "Well well what do we have here?" as Kevin moved to open the back door Jack opened the driver side door.  Joey barked "Stay in the vehicle." her hand on her service weapon. She said "Don't move!" her concentration fixed on the driver she didn't hear the back door open until it was too late. When she felt somebody behind her she turned and went to draw her gun. Kevin squeezed the trigger on the taser the prongs hit her on her left thigh. Spasms went through her body and she collapsed on the ground. Jack got out of the van and told Kevin "Hit her again." Kevin gladly squeezed the trigger.

Joey looked up, every muscle in her body was twitching as Jack leaned down pulled her hand away from her gun and took it out of the holster '"Pig you just made a big mistake." As she lay helpless he unbuckled her belt and pulled it away from her body. As she lay trying to regain her senses he flipped her over and cuffed her hands behind her back. He looked up at Kevin "Want to fuck a cop?"

No answer was necessary. They manhandled the helpless cop into the back of the van and threw her onto the dirty mattress.  They rolled her over onto her stomach and using hemp rope tied her ankles together then pulled them back and as Kevin put pressure on her shoes forcing them to touch her bottom her ankles were tied to her wrists putting her in a stringent hog-tie. She was rolled onto her back, still half stunned, she felt pressure on her face and opened her mouth. Kevin paused and looked at her face, her dark brown shaggy bob haircut made her look younger than her 26 years. He packed a dirty foam ball into her mouth and then sealed it in with three strips of duct tape then she was rolled back onto her stomach. He looked up at Jack and said "We got to go"

"Not yet." Jack pulled out a small tool kit and got out of the van and went to the squad car. While he was gone Kevin rubbed his ever hardening cock. Just when he almost lost control Jack got back into the van with something in his hand. "What is that?"
"This is a dash-mounted video recorder."
"You don't think they could see us do you?"
"No but they could download it if they got a hold of this thing  We'll get rid of it later. Let's get out of here."

As the van cruised down the street Joey managed with effort to roll on one side and then the other . She looked around the van, apart from the mattress, the dirty mattress she was laying on, it was an unremarkable van. Relatively clean, there were two storage trunks off to the side. The one thing that bothered her was a winch attached to a crossbar overhead the chain of which was hanging down over the mattress. She didn't want to think what that was for. She lay on her side and looked toward the front of the van where her two captors were. The van without air conditioning was hot and stifling, sweat was running from her armpits and adding to her discomfort a sheen of sweat had broken out over the rest of her body. Joey grunted in discomfort, her legs folded the way they were, were cramping and her shoulders were aching. For the umpteenth time she grunted again into the gag in her mouth as the van stopped. She looked up with a fearfull look on her face has the two captors moved into the back of the van.

"All right pig we're going to get this party started." Kevin said kicking her in stomach. They flipped her back onto her stomach as she desperately tried to regain her breath through her nose. The rope connecting her ankles and wrists was cut and then Kevin sat on her legs. On his knees in front of her Jack pinned her to the mattress by squeezing her neck as Kevin removed her shoes and socks. Kevin cut the rope tying her legs together and spinning around reached under her. He undid her belt and opened her pants, which he pulled down and threw off to the side as she cried out"NOOOOOOOOOO!" They quickly flipped her over onto her back, each of them grabbed an ankle "Let's open this bitch up." Joey tried to kick and fight but was soon overpowered, her ankles were tied to anchors in the van floor, spreading her legs wide open. Jack grabbed her shirt tail in his hands and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. Quickly he ripped open the velcro straps on her shoulders and then the side strap and pulled away her bulletproof vest leaving her in a sweat-soaked t-shirt and her sports bra and panties. Using a pair of scissors he cut away her t-shirt and sports bra, revealing to them her b cup breasts. "Nice." Kevin said as Jack cupped one of her breasts and ran his thumb over the dark pink nipple. "Let's see what else she has that's nice." Has Joey squirmed and shifted around in a pointless effort to get loose as Jack cut the sides of her boy shorts, he peeled them away revealing a dark brown patch of hair. His already hard cock hardened even more. "Excellent I'm tired of fucking nude pussies."

Joey raised her head and groaned, seeing she was split obscenely wide open, laying on her hands made her pelvis arch up. She laid back, knowing she was going to be raped and hoping that's all they would do, turned her head to the side closing her eyes. When she heard a zipper go down she squeezed her eyes shut tighter.

Rape Roleplay / Re: The Escaped Prisioner (Open To RvPlymates)
« Last post by ISM_Rules on May 21, 2018, 11:09:47 PM »
I reach down and unbutton your pants, and slide my hand inside your panties, feeling your pussy.

"Stand up and remove your pants, and don't even think about covering up." I say, slapping your breasts as I get off of you.
Rape Roleplay / Re: Making Her A Bimbo (Open To RvPlymates)
« Last post by ISM_Rules on May 21, 2018, 11:03:55 PM »
As we walk to your car, I take out the IQ lowering spray and give you a few sprays of it, when you turn and look at me, I act like I didn't do anything..

I watch you, hoping the spray will take affect soon
Rape Roleplay / Re: Abducted, Converted & Sold (Open To Rvplymates)
« Last post by ISM_Rules on May 21, 2018, 10:56:33 PM »
As my friend continues to ram in and out of your ass, I tighten my grip on the back of your head and roughly fuck your mouth.

"Yeah, I love your mouth, Ginger, you're gonna make us all rich." Just as my friend empties his cock in your ass, he slowly pulls out, wanting to make the pain last as long as possible.

"You want to clean off my friends cock, Ginger? It was just in your ass, it's real dirty." I say, releasing your head
Rape Roleplay / Re: Mind Conversion (Open To RVplymates)
« Last post by ISM_Rules on May 21, 2018, 10:50:18 PM »
You start walking up the stairs, but to speed things up, I scoop you up in my arms and carry you into my bedroom, and gently put you down on the bed.

"Take your clothes off, Daisy..." I say, snapping my fingers.
Rape Roleplay / Re: Boss Lady - rv and ISM
« Last post by ISM_Rules on May 21, 2018, 10:43:13 PM »
You start pushing against me as I get on top of you, and I tear your bra off of you and begin roughly pinching your nipples.

"I know a doctor who can reverse your tubes being burnt and tied, you're going to have a baby...then your company will be mine...: I whisper in your ear.
I move my mouth on top of yours and begin kissing you, roughly at first. Pushing my tongue in your mouth
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