Author Topic: May as well talk about biting during Halloween ;)  (Read 848 times)

May as well talk about biting during Halloween ;)
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I know I'm a bit new to this site, but from reading through a bit of it, I thought I'd come across biting, especially in BDSM. I know that biting is extremely dangerous, not only from the possible transmission of blood-based STDs, but also from the possibility of infection. So I have to say I DO NOT recommend biting unless you do it with a trusted, STD-free, partner - and also you know how to treat any possible breaks in skin because open wounds are dangerous.

However, I just... like it. I like how there's a pinching fealing followed by a deeper pain - an almost fiery pain. Not quite like a burn. I mean, nowhere near as permanent as a burn, but still, a type of unique, intense, pain.

The closest thing to it is wax drippings, which I have to recommend. I always thought wax dripping was stupid, until this goth cam-girl wanted me to try it... And it was surprisingly stimulating. It can leave a bit of a mess - wax bits that fall over the floor, but if you don't mind that, it's just... fun. :D

Does anyone else like these things? I'm a dom by the way, but I like new experiences. I explore a little. ;)

Re: May as well talk about biting during Halloween ;)
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Hot wax is awsome! Biting... have to agree, its too risky, disease-wize. I only trust my bf to bite me, since I know hes totaly clean, and takes as good a care of him-self as I do. Vhen it comes to drawing blood during BDSM, I prefer blades or a thin whip that can lash thru the skin. Sanitized in alkohol ofc, so vhen the blood is drawn, it gos in and keeps the wound clean. Also adds to the pain, since alkohol on a open wound burns like hell! :) I'm a bit of a dom too, tho more on a switchy side (but never full sub), and I love lashing my partners like that, vith a alkohol-soaked whip. They get SO hard as they moan in pain on the rack, then I slowly suck them down.

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)

Re: May as well talk about biting during Halloween ;)
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I like it a lot, I hope it is very good. I like biting it makes me feel very good.

Re: May as well talk about biting during Halloween ;)
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I agree with your opinion very much.