Author Topic: Gender reassignment in progress.  (Read 37 times)

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Gender reassignment in progress.
« on: February 07, 2018, 08:52:27 AM »
I just got back from an interstate trip to the endocrinologist; I got an interstate referral so I could beat the horrendous waiting lists in my state and also stay with my relatives. My family and friends all know of my situation and are behind me 100%. For those of you on this forum who didn't know, I was born male, but am currently undergoing gender reassignment to fix the horror-inducing discrepancy between the gender of my brain and the gender of my body.

Thanks to my wonderful endo, I am now in the trial phase of hormone replacement therapy: 1 month on 1mg of synthetic estrogen to see if my body can tolerate it, then I have a Skype call with the doctor to see where we go from there. I took my first E pill yesterday and just took the second a few minutes ago. People have already noticed that I seem more chill, though that's mostly just a psychological thing; I'm comforted by the fact that things are finally being set in motion.

Yes, I will happily role play as female with you if you want. Yes, I will show you my boobs once they've grown. Yes, I will show you my snatch as soon as I recover from the surgery (though that won't happen for some time, gender reassignment is a lengthy process and surgery is expensive). Yes, I have chosen a female name, but I am keeping it a secret from everyone until the time comes to start using it.
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