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*Dialog of a Falling Angel*
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Dialog of a Falling Angel
by kimbra_ailis

“Aleera.... Aleera... Come on... Wakey wakey....”

“hmmm... do... don't.... don't touch me...”

“Aleera... sweet angel.... your making this difficult on yourself.... come on”

“no... no”

“You don't want to feel the pain anymore do you? Your a cherub... and at one time a favorite to your Lord... He does not want to see this happen to you.... but you know your sin....”

“I... I.... no....”

“All you have to do is renounce the human and renew your oath to your Lord”

“please... please don't... I can't....”

“You know there is another way Aleera.... The pain can stop but you need to renounce your Lord”

“cant... I can't...”

“Tristin? That is your mortals name right?Tristin?

“shut up... Shut Up... SHUT UP.....”

“Renounce your Lord, cherub, and bind yourself to Lucifer... you keep your wings and precious little mortal....”

“the price... no, the price....”

“Yes, the price.. its a little steep but is it not worth it to stop all your pain and suffering... Lucifer is on well terms with your Lord. He has been for a few thousand years now... your human lover may not know that but you know. How much is your life and his worth?”

“I won't... I won't turn my back on Him.... Nybras, you can't ask that of me...”

“Well then sweet angel... turn your back on the mortal and let this game end. You cannot have both.”

“Why... Why is it that Lucifer was cast down for refusing to love a human as he loved Him... And here... here I am being punished for loving him, loving Nicca, as I love my Lord....”

“Aleera, don't play such games with me, you know for a cherub to love a mortal as she would Him, is a sin... But at Lucifer's side you may have your mortal.”

“At a blood price.”

“Don't be so naïve... Even at your Lord's side he may demand you to kill.”

“No innocents! Not innocents!!!”

“I am a little older than you... by a few thousand years... but don't act like you don't remember all the innocents that have been sacrificed in His name. And I know you have a stomach of the violence, your legends are as colorful as those of Micheal... Among Lucifer's ranks, it was thought you would become the female mirror of Micheal.”

“Don't say that... NYBRAS... you don't know anything... Nothing! You know nothing of me... of Nicca... of My Lord... your fallen, turned your back on our Father! You disgraced him in ways not even Lucifer could have, would have.”

“Don't make me cuff you to silence... maybe the irons would work better? No your getting use to that pain... Your getting use to me. I could call the Alp.... He likes your cherub flesh and blood. I think he would do better than I to get your attention. Oh now come. All this struggle for one visit by the Alp... I thought you were done fighting the chains. You already proved they could not be broken by you. He will break you before you ever get away from your ever free.”

“Keep it away from me... I should have destroyed them when I was still free... before....”

“.... before your fall? The Alp will not like such talk from you Aleera. Lets make this easy and lets be done with the this game you have insisted on. You have drawn this out long enough... no one will question your courage but I grow tired of such batters with you. Why don't you just choose? Life with your Lord... just renounce your love for the human. Or choose to your mortal human and vow your services to Lucifer, stay a fallen angel.”

“I... I...”
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