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*New World Tabliod*
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New World Tabliod
By Storm Kitten *~*Rome, Italy*~*

Today is the 100-year anniversary of signing of the World Peace Treaty, in 2085, which united all nations and continents under one governmental rule. After World War 3 ended with bloody battlefields and most of the human population lying dead in shallow graves, the nations finally came together and agreed that there needed to be an end. The solution came in the form of the Wide World War and Peace Council, in which senators, presidents, ambassadors, kings and queens, emperors, prime ministers, and many other important diplomats of the world came together in Rome, Italy.

After a weeklong discussion the Council for this new government was well underway in the forming of the new world politics. According to many of the participants there was some underlying jealousy for those to give up their power or even power between the most powerful and the least influential. The foundation was started with the ideas of democracy, though it was set up as a council and each member had an equal say and share in the control and running of the new government.

The main goal of the Council was to wipe out fascism, communism, and dictatorships. Monarchy was also asked to step down and though they could still hold their title and be part of the Council their word held the same weight as everyone else. It was agreed that the basic principals and ideals of a monarchy society were flawed and could not sustain the strain now asked by a single world government. After the initial month it was found that for the council to run they could not be run solely as a democracy either. A medium was found after much debate.

The Council was established within 6 months of its first meeting. The Council was presented to the world population and widely accepted as the right choice. Several paper and TV shows published and ran for the public to further explain the Council and the decisions behind this choice. Publications also were distributing in large to the public to explain some of the first steps the Council was planning on taking.

First steps went toward reestablishing school systems and education, which had been put on hold during the war, or simply seemed unimportant. Cities were rebuilt and cleaned up; making them once again livable that had lacked most of the war. Many homes were rebuilt as scientist came together to neutralize what had once been bloody battlefields and wasteland caused by nuclear and chemical bombing.

It was agreed a new form of currency was needed and was later established in the form of debit cards. Everyone world wide was fingerprinted, had DNA on file, statistics taken and ID, put into a global computer system. Those that came to the institutions and handed over paper money, was given that amount in their account. Those with nothing left after the war was given a base pay and placed in jobs to further eliminate poverty.

The council also began the year long debate of what laws should be established and what. They began a constitution and though it was not completed for 5 years, signed into law 2091, it began as a forerunner. Many of the laws established were general, common ones that had existed before the war. Also common punishments were planned based on the crime and the times of offense, not judgmental on personality. Prisons were nearly empty and stayed that way, most cases dealt with within a month of sentencing. Crime rate was near 3% and stayed that way, with the most popular crime was Contempt of Truth. Cases of murder, rape, and thief were a rare case, far and few between, after people saw the punishment for these crimes.

Within 2 years nearly all prejudice and discrimination was eradicated and considered a crime worth punishing after 2088. After 2089, discrimination was declared gone and in the past, there had not been one case filed for almost six months and punishment for it was upped to the penalty of death. Though the boundaries remained between countries, it was considered for overall view and to stop further confusion, the world was united. Steps were started in the second year of the Council to unit and convert all languages to a single universal language; this was not complete till 2096.

The religious orders were in shambles and faith had waned even in the midst of death and destruction. Religion fought to reestablish itself within this new Council and several major religious leaders held place in Council till 2123, when a law was passed disclaiming religious ideas and such practice would be punishable by death under the Contempt of Truth Act. With the exception of a few out cries from religious leaders, the decision was accepted by the general public who were looking for a way to free themselves from the guilt religion placed upon them and their freedom.

Within in a few years any books containing religious material, myths, fairy tales, and in general works of fiction were destroyed and any found in a home or anyone found repeating these things would be found in Contempt of Truth and executed. This went with no real resistance. A few people a month might be executed, which became an event on TV, and broadcasted live. This helped run any resistance underground.

The Council, in a span of 50 years, has changed the world; ending war, nearly wiping all religion out, and stopping most crime dead in its track. A new money form was established and proved valuable. Schools reestablished taught the basics and went on training people to further their careers. Classes such as religion and philosophy of course were banned. So now, 100 years after the signing of the World Peace Treaty and the war to End All Wars, is life better?

August 31, 2185

Volume 62…. No. 8:32

World News in the New World Order

Special Addition


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    World Events and Entertainment

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