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*Blood Donor*
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*Blood Donor*
by kimbra_ailis

Jade woke slowly only moments after the sun set beyond the horizon. She could hear the faintest heart beat and the scent of blood hung heavy in the air. Opening her eyes she looked over at her lover, lying still on the bed next to her. It was his blood she could smell. Just before sun up she had slight both of his wrist, it was to be a test. She had given him as much as he had given her and now was either the last step or a new beginning.

He could chose to let himself bleed to death. The average human took six hours to bleed to death depending on how deep the wound was. Her hand was expert and she knew how to cut to give him that six hours to change his mind. If he left to go to the hospital in order to properly dress his wrist, their relationship would end. If he bandaged his wrist himself he would be giving himself to her and she would she would change him over when she woke. Because of how she cut his wrist would be useless if he tried to bandaged them himself and not want the change.

He could choose to lie there and bleed out, letting his life slip away. If he got lucky she would wake and he might still be able to ask for the new life she could offer. The bath tub would offer a quicker way to bleed out if he was afraid of changing his mind before it was done.

By the scent, he had choose to let himself simply bleed. She laid still wrapped in his arms. His life was almost spent but she still felt enough will he did not want what she could offer. She laid in his arms for another hour before his breath still and his heart stopped. For just a few more minutes she laid there before finally climbing off the bed.

Getting into the shower she washed the blood from her hair and skin. Dressing in a comfortable skirt and low cut near sheer shirt she opened the door. Looking back one last time she closed the door softly behind her. The night air was warm but the light breeze was refreshing. The sky was

This was one of dozens of lovers had offered a night in the life, yet she had not sired a new vampire yet. Her lovers would have made strong vampires but they had a strong will and were warriors. They had enjoyed the glory she could help them achieve and welcomed the death that she promised would come.

Walking the streets she let her mind consider her options. With his body still in the apartment she knew she was going to have to leave the city. No one really knew she existed but she did not need to bring attention to herself. Even an apparent suicide, the authorities would question it because no one would have believed its possible.
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