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*Captured Game*
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Captured Game
Dyan and Jacy
by kimbra_ailis

In Judaea a revolt was lead in 132 but was crushed 3 years later by the Romans. Pagans rule the Jewish and Christian’s most scared land. Jews are bared and Christians are persecuted though it has not yet become law. The year is 153.

James was on a hunting trip, not exactly unknown to nobles or higher lords. Romans had long gone to Egypt collecting rare and exotic animals for the uses in the Coliseum and for private ownership. He had taken several trips into Egypt and traveled a good bit of the Nile in the last 168 years. The reason he still lived and still looked a man of 22 was unknown to him but he thanked the Good Lord and His only son, Jesus Christ.

Given if he was asked of his fortune by anyone else he might have named Zeus, Jupiter, Odin, Wodan and so the list goes on and on. The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius had banned the games but that did not stop the small sport in Roman providences and the ownership of exotic animals by wealthy Romans and such.

He had been recruited because he knew the area and the animals. James wasn’t exactly a fan of capturing the animals but they were of no value to these carnivals if they were dead. The men he worked with were not known to him, he had not met them before this little adventure. It made her leery but he had lived nearly 2 centuries already so death did not mean that much to him.

Traps had been set as needed and it was their last day hunting, they had been at it a fortnight. James was more than happy for it to finally end, hey had killed and captured a good many animals of so many variety. It seemed wrong to him to cage such creatures but that had been the orders so he followed them. What pained him most was to look into the eyes of the big cats. He knew they would not live in captivity, their spirit would die and their body would soon join. With his guide he was making his last rounds on this day when he spotted on of the cages tripped.

Walking toward it and looking inside he found a beautiful black cat. He could not remember the name of this creature but looking in its eyes he knew this would be his claim. Every man was entitled to one creature and though he felt it wrong to hold these creatures he could not help himself this time. The cat laid in the cage simply watching him, upon seeing him it tilted its head slightly and he could have sworn it was nearly human.

They loaded the cage and headed back to camp, most of camp was already packed, ready to head out the next morning. He went to his tent for a while and at night he finally emerged again. That night there was much celebration and he could not help himself, though he did end up taking his pitcher back to his tent. It was not that he thought himself better than these people, it was simply he did not care for their ways.

Travel had gone well but he was unable to keep track of the days. They had arrived at his castle and unloaded what little equipment he had and his cat. Upon arriving he went to inspect the area he had ordered to be constructed for his new pet. Upon arriving at camp he had sent a messenger back to his castle to begin construction for this creature, he was determined it would not die.

By time he was done with the inspection his hunting party was gone, they still had a long way to go before reaching the inner empire. He was glad to seem them gone and glad to be back home, it had been too long. Sighing he decided to check on his prize. Talking to it as he entered the room and looked into the cage, his jaw nearly dropped to the floor when he found a barely clad woman staring at him.

It was several long minutes before he could compose himself again and have sense enough to get her out of the cage. When he attempted to let her out she acted as wild as the cat she had sworn was in there. Playing it safe he sent for a sedative and had one of his guards shot her with a dart. The sedative was quick to act and only then did he have her taken out, but then the question became what happen to his cat, who was this woman, and how did she get in there??? Despite all attempts he can not seem to make her understand in any language he knows.

Dyan had woke slowly with her head pounding and her wrist sore. Starting to feel her body again she could feel the chain bracelets around her wrists. She laid on a bed thought it was not soft but not uncomfortable hard. For a moment she could not figure out why she was here or where she was, the last thing she remembered was….

That’s when she remembered the hunting party. Pulling slightly at the chains she remembered him. Now she was his prize, well for the time being. He had been impressed when he opened the gage to find a woman instead of his prized panther. Well he had looked into her eyes and he was lost. Maybe he saw the wild spirit and a chance to tame her, or maybe he simply was intrigued by the fact that there was no leopard but a wild woman. Whatever it was she was drugged and brought with him.

She might have gone with him willingly but he would not have the patience or the trust. In a game she had made it hard for him and had refused to answer him, in any of the languages he spoke. She merely hissed and growled at him repeatedly, though it was not really threatening he did not want to be defaced in front of his fellow hunters. So he drugged her and so she fell into the blackness, but now she awoke still wanting to play. Somehow she doubted he would play though, something about him made her wonder.

Giving the chains another tug she was dismayed when they did not release. After a long while she slept again till she heard the door open. Looking up she notice four rather large men come in, one places a collar around her neck while two more release the chains from her wrist. In the process of taking her to another room she played with them, though they refused to play back. Her holder had chosen not to try and clad her in more clothes than she already wore and she could tell the guards were trying hard not to look.

Upon finally entering a room they chained her to a post in the middle of the room. Her hands are placed over her head in iron chains. Growing tired of their refusal to play she ignored them as they left and leaned back against the pole, wondering what was going to happen. She did not have to wait long before she heard the door open and watched as he walked in and slowly toward her. She watched him not holding much hope for him.

He stopped about 10 feet or so in front of her and merely watched her. Her hair was wild and for the most part stray hairs fell in her face. In the wild she had been content because she could shift at will and always could find a playmate but in this place it was different. He started talking to her, switching languages every few words trying to get a reaction from him. Most the time she could understand him well but if he was not going to go by her rules she would not go by his. Growing tired of this place she thought about leaving. Leaning back against the pole she sighed and closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes she thought she could see a change in him. For the second time she thought she sensed something different about him but she was not sure what it was. Maybe he was like her or maybe some kind of demon??? Like he had made up his mind about something and was going to act on it. The game was push and see what would happen, do something to get a reaction and go from there. It changed each time she played because different players had different ideas. She hadn’t let things get too physical before but again no one had dared to. Lifting her head up and looking at him with renewed interest she wondered if he would play a new game.

Christians would be officially considered out laws and persecution would start in177 and continue throughout Emperor Marucs Aurelius’s reign.
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