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*An Inn of Trouble*
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An Inn of Trouble
Storm kitten and Killian

by kimbra_ailis

Storm has been traveling several days through the surrounding forest, fighting herself most of the time. Kendra is in and out f her line of sight but for the most part letting her companion be. The leopard knew when it was best to let her be for a while. Storm had been waking up more and more with nightmares and the past haunted her badly in her waking hours. She kept moving trying to forget them but it had done no good.

From time to time Storm would look through Kendra’s eyes for a change in view and maybe some comfort but she was still engulfed in her own thoughts. Her pain was heavy and there was desperation in her to run from everything. In reality she had ran that first day from dawn almost till the following dawn. Kendra had kept pass for a while but eventually she tired and had to slow. It was not until mid day the following day that she found Storm once again passed out near a small stream. Slowly Storm had begun to wake up around sundown and they had begun to walk again only at a more decent pace for the both of them.

Now on the seventh day from the castle Storm began to relax a little but the memories still haunted her. Kendra hunted whenever she began to get hungry and sometimes she would talk Storm into eating as well. To avoid any more problems she had cooked the meat all the way through so that it was almost burnt and not enjoyable. She ate when she absolutely had to but was always on edge. Kimbra had made sure the hunger went into hiding for a while but there was no guarantee it would stay that way, so she toke no chances. She felt ashamed of herself for having lost control over it.

In the days that followed eventually the trees began to thin out and the scent of others became more apparent and more frequent. Though she didn’t see any one right off, she knew that they had to be close by. Within an hour she reaches what appears to be a main road. It is empty now but she can see it has been used enough. Looking both ways she finally picks one and decides to follow it a while. Calling Kendra to her side for both their safety, she begins to walk at a slow pace. Secretly she hopes to find someone else eventually. Her own company is getting more than she can bear and she knows she needs a distraction from her life for a while.

During her travels she wore her deerskin pants and her sleeveless shirt. For the most par she kept her hood up and her hair tucked neatly inside. When she set out her clothes had been rather nice but after traveling though the forest they began to have a nice worn look to them. She carried fresh clothes with her but found no use for them while traveling due to the fact that they would look the same as the ones she had on. Within the hour she can see an inn in the distance. Adjusting the strap to her travel bag she continues on wondering where she landed herself this time. She doesn’t remember having been here before but is curious. Kendra moves closer to her side and keeps an eye out around them, looking for dangers.

Coming closer she notices a carriage sitting in front of the inn. Her heart drops in her chest wondering if somehow Draven had come looking for her. She had suspected the vampire had never cared for her and would have killed her at will if Kimbra had allowed it. Storm had the same training as Draven but the problem laid in the fact that despite what Storm was Draven was still stronger.

Unable to so anything else she moved forward. Coming closer she noticed one of the wheels was now a dust pile. She could smell the work of magick. Deciding against looking any closer she approaches the inn. Noticing a hole clean through the wall she guesses what had happened to the carriage. As she reaches for the doorknob the leopard rubs against her then steps into the inn behind her.

Storm was somewhat surprised to find so many people inside. Closing the door behind Kendra she looked around at the new faces and found herself relieved that her guess had been wrong. It had not been Draven or Kimbra’s carriage but apparently a lord or nobleman from around here somewhere. Silently walking to the other side of the room she finds an empty table and sits down happy for a short rest. Kendra sits down beside Storm with her head on Storm’s lap while watching the others curiously.

Over the hours a few of the local drunks had stumbled over to her table and dropped into the chair across the table from her. Many had promptly feel off that same chair but none stayed long. She was not much for conversation and her mood was not the best to socialize with. The scare that her former teacher had not come or a fellow student hadn’t been there. Time didn’t seem to matter in this place as she drank. Before she realized it she had ten or so empty cups in front of her and a fresh one had just been sat down.

Something in her stirred as she looked up at the door. The door opened slowly and a figure walked in. no one else seemed to notice, they ere all busy with their own conversations and cups. She could tell that the new arrival was a woman…. Well, a young female at least. She watched as she sat down at the bar and ordered.

A fight broke out near her and Storm stood up somewhat unbalanced. The two men fighting were rather large and very drunk. Storm thought to try and break them up but before she had a chance most of the rest of the room erupted into a fight. If she had been in her right mind that is when she would have left to find her room, but the wyne had gone to her head and she just stood there for a moment. As she was about to finally leave someone was thrown into her and everything went black as she hit the wall.

Next she woke she was on her bed. The pain in her head was gone and the wyne was gone form her blood. Kendra lay o the floor next to her. Storm sat up slowly confessed as to how she had gotten here. The last thing she remembered was…

Before she could finish her thought the door opened and in walked a young woman. Storm was on her feet in an instant, ready for an attack. Instead of coming at her the girl smiled and sat down in a chair across the room. This confused Storm even more… Did she know this girl?

Kendra got up and walked out of the room. She called to Storm that she was going to hunt for a while. Storm knew something had hppne4edn and slowly she remembered the fight… then the wall. Slowly sitting back on the bed she wondered what kinda hole was in the wall now. Pushing the thought aside she looks at the girl.

" Who are and why are you in here?"

The girl almost laughs as if it was amusing.

" You don’t remember me Storm Kitten? How fast our memory fades… though I cant say I blame you after the knock you took to the head and the amount of wyne you had. I know you said you could hold your alcohol but I guess it’s a different story when it’s spiked. I am sure you can deal with the bar tender later. Maybe drain him within an inch of his life. You where talking about it earlier."

Storm about lost patience with the riddles and the girl apparently seen the look in her eyes. She stood up raising her hands like calm down.

" I dragged you in here after the fight. I had seen the bartender putting something in your drinks last night. I told you so last night and I was simply repeating what you had said."

Pausing for a moment the girl looks at Storm playfully. After a minute she moves her white hair away from her neck and looks into Storms red eyes with her own crystal blue eyes. She almost seemly offers herself to Storm.

" You know? You talk a lot in your sleep. But come now enough of the questions I know you must be hungry."

Storm finds the offer inciting but she is still angered by the girl’s presence and confidence. Slowly Storm stands up and looks at the girl, studying her. The girl begins to walk toward her slowly giving her a chance to make up her mind. For some odd reason Storm doesn’t move and the girl runs her hand down Storms arm and pushes her own hair back farther from her neck. When Storm makes no move the girl leans close and whispers something in her ear.

The foolish girl’s words were the breaking point. She had gone too far for Storm. Before the girl knew what had happened she found herself on the ground, Storm had back handed her across the face and sent her sprawling. The looks of surprise widened the girl’s eyes. She didn’t even have a chance to respond before Storm had picked her back up by the throat and slammed her into the nearest wall and held her there. The uncertainty in the girl’s eyes only made Storm smile. She drew her dagger slowly looking at it then at the girls exposed neck. Gently she put the knife against the girl’s neck.

"Stupid, stupid girl. When you mess with fire you are going to get burned. Since I talk so much in my sleep, I must have told you that already. I don’t play games with foolish children. First off you don’t know how to play the game and if you continue to play in such a way you will not be around for many more rounds."

To emphasis she pushed the blade a little harder and a small trickle began to run down her neck. The girl leaned her head back and closed her eyes trying to calm herself. Storm licked the blood once.

"If I leave you alive and with a tongue…. Don’t ever mention either of them again. Got it? They are dead and I will not listen to their ghost along with so many others. You don’t know anything about them or about me. Trying to use my past against me will get you killed quickly."

Storm let her go and backed away looking the girl over again. Slowly the girl slide down the wall to her knees still looking terrified. It was several minutes before she could meet Storm’s eyes.

" What you offer is a good way to get killed quickly. Trying to find creatures like me is not mart but offering yourself is even worse. Take my word for that… goddess knows I have made enough mistakes in my life and I should be dead."

The girl looked at her for a long while and Storm finally looked away at the wall. Slowly the girl got up and came to kneel in front of her. Her confidence was shattered but her resolve was still there. Her neck was till exposed but the tiny nick was already beginning to heal. After a moment she takes Storm’s dagger and makes a small cut.

Storm sighs, frustrated. But for some reason she fins her self-barley able to resist the temptation. Oddly enough she cannot find a good enough reason to say no. Leaning down she licked the blood slowly but as her hunger built she began sucking the blood a little harder. She feed for a good while yet she didn’t take nearly as much blood as one might have thought. Over her years she had learned to be careful, drink slow, and enjoy it while it lasted. Though she had not lost much she was light headed and felt unusually weak. Storm felt as if she had been drunk do to drinking hard liquor for three straight days. There was something about the girl’s blood, the taste was strange… not in a bad way but the mixture of races seemed very strange to her. After a moment she lay back on her bed and beckoned the girl to lay beside her. The girl falls a sleep quickly and Storm lays awake to think for a while about the girl next to her. She was unable to stay awake e long before she falls into a peaceful sleep

Storm woke to still find the girl snuggled against her. It took her a moment to remember what happened. The child was a fool and she was an even greater one for allowing her to stay. Slipping out of bed she changes her clothes to something clean and opens the door. Before she walks down the hall she closes the door and locks it behind her. Walking out into the tavern she sees the damage that has been done. A huge blanket had been put over the hole till it could properly be repaired.

She sat down at a table away from the hole and the bartender soon came. She ordered a wyne and he soon came back with it. Something about his manner disturbed her. He was skittish and seemed bothered. His eyes also wondered the room as if waiting for something. She finished her wyne quickly and went back to her room. The girl turned over and slowly woke as she closed the door.At first there was fear on the girls face as she reached up and touched her neck. Storm sat down slowly at a near by chair with a smile on her lips.

" No, child, I did not kill you… or for that matter take nearly as much as you thought. You are a foolish child. Its not wise to wake a sleeping beast…. You know so much about me yet I know nothing of you…. Let’s start with a name…."

It took a moment for the girl to finally get herself composed enough to answer. She seemed quiet surprised to find herself still alive and maybe feeling half as good as she did. Her blue eyes had lost the seductive hunger that had been there the night before. After a moment of running her fingers through her white hair before meeting Storms eyes. Before she spoke she bowed her head and slowly a pair of wings could be seen coming out of her back. She met Storms eyes again, this time she had some of her confidence back.

" I am Killian…. Killian Apsaras…..And I am not a child I am over half a century old but I thank you for my life. I had thought you would have killed me or left me nearly dead. I did not realize you could be angered so easily…. Anger had not what I meant to provoke but it seems I miscalculated you."

" I am not what you think Killian, well not all the time. Some things in my life has caused pain, pain causes anger, anger is a damn good way to get killed. You are lucky I was not too hungry last night or you might be wishing you were dead…. And forgive me for not thanking you for my life."

She stops and looks over this girl. She may appear young but Storm knew the girl told the truth, there was wisdom in her eyes that only came with time. And oddly Storm could not find the pain in her expression or in her eyes. It took her back to think this girl had lived so long and never truly cared about the past. It made her wonder what kind of things she had done in the past that thought chilled her to her bones.

" Well I need to be getting out of here. I think the display of going through the way and still walking has the locals spooked. I think the cat put them on edge and now they are scared."

Storm picked up her bag. She sent a silent call for Kendra, remembering to have a nice long talk with that cat next time she had a chance. Killian stood up and the wings could no longer be seen. She was a little unsteady on her feet but she managed to hold her own. Walking out the door, Storm, hurried down the hall to find the inn keep. She paid her bill for the room and what she had drank at the bar. Killian dint wait but went outside to let Storm conduct business quickly.

Once she was done paying she quickly waked out the door. Something behind her did not feel right. Side by side her and Killian headed toward the woods. Once inside Storm shifted to a leopard and Killian took to her wings and the air. Kendra caught up with them moments later and they headed south. Storm had not meant to take Killian with her but for the moment she said nothing.
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