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*An Offer*
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An Offer

She had been running in fear for days now. Her encounter with her former teacher had left her more than nervous. It had been years since she had any conflict with her teacher and only once, in the dozen of times, did she manage to get the better of her former teacher. To this day she still don’t even know how she managed on that day. It wasn’t her way to simply let someone win against her.

Her paranoia was due to more than just being with her former teacher, it was being with her former teacher and her teachers former student. Draven would have been a formidable opponent for her and she was not sure what kind of training that she had received or further gained. No doubt she was no push over. It had always intrigued that her teacher had chosen such a wide variety of students from different races. The thought made her wonder which race had conformed best to the training.

Guilt was too fresh yet for her and though her body was healed the emotional wounds still lasted. Kimbra did not tell her what to do though she knew well enough that Storm would regret it later. The leopard knew too well that it does no good and she knew that Storm still had to learn. Though she did not know the other girls she knew that she was one of the few who were still learning lessons. Maybe it was because of her nature or maybe it was simply because she liked the pain.

Always had she purposely gone against her teacher, not directly but in little way; such as twisting her words or only half way completing a task. And then her relationship with Eru, though her teacher had said nothing out loud, she knew that it was not approved. She provoked fights with her teacher and with her vampire lover just to feel the pain. The pain told her she was alive and could still feel the world around her.

Still to this day she provoked people into her fighting her. It was not that she was the best fighter, because she had nothing she wished to prove, but it was simply the pain that came with it. She was too good of a fighter to die though she did not always win the fight. But her last fight had been too much for her. After the fight with herself, the fight with Ka’Bar, and then the little make up session with him had proved too much for her to try and fight her teacher as well.

Feeling a cold wet nose push p against her hand brought her out of her thoughts. She suddenly realized that Kimbra had been trying to talk to her. Standing up she walked to the door; these people would not miss her. Once outside she headed to the forest and shifted forms so she could travel faster. It was late after noon of the following day before she reached the next big city. It was the center of the kingdom.

After several minuets she finally realized where she was. At some point she must have crossed the boundaries of the two realms during the night. The castle loomed in the distance and she thought it might be time for her to spend a few days at court. She knew the king and some of the nobles of this realm. They knew her as a lady of wealth and respect, she had spent some time here years ago and they had wanted her to return. Smiling she shifted back to human form and decided to take up the offer.
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