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*Beginning of the Storm*
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Beginning of the Storm
storm kitten
by kimbra_ailis

She sat in the tavern toward the back in the shadows. She has been there since the sun went down about two hours ago. People had been coming in and out all night but they had meant nothing to her. The serving boys come once in a while but everyone else kept their distance. The ale wasn’t strong and wasn’t very good but it had taste, so she tolerated it. Nearing midnight she notices someone is watching her. She knew they had been watching her for sometime and it began to truly get on her nerves. Her only thoughts were that he was some fool thinking he had a chance with her tonight. Oddly enough he had not come over to her as many of the others had. Somehow it did not seem to matter though. He was no threat so she ignored him best she could, but his presence was hard not to notice.

Her attention was drawn away from the crowd around her when some drunken man stumbles over to her table dropping into the chair across from her. Something doesn’t seem right about him but she barely let it register in her mind. She was too busy being annoyed with him; too many old men had tried to catch her eye already tonight. His speech is slurred badly, a side effect of the ale he had been drinking now for hours. He reaches across the table saying something unintelligible. Grabbing his wrist she slams it down on the table staring at him coldly. Quickly downing the rest of her drink she stands to go. Her tolerance level for this town was past breaking point and she was ready to be gone. Dropping a few coins on the table for her tab she walks out into the night.

Pushing the door open she steps out into the night air. She is glad to have fresh air to breath she pauses in the middle of the road and looks around her. Making her way to a small house in which she had been staying she slowly sense someone behind her. She was half way down the road when she realized she was being followed. She was made her way through the alleys trying to think of how best to rid of the follower. She knew her limitations and wasn’t going to push them by trying to confront an unknown enemy. She simply wanted to be home but that was the worst thing she could do. Finding a safe place had been hard enough and she was determined to keep it safe. Looking around her she tried to remember if there where any short cuts she could take but she had been through these alleys so little she was unsure. Deciding to take a chance she toke the next ally she came across.

After a few steps she realized she was no longer alone and that someone was waiting here. Turning to escape before she blocked in she found that her exit was blocked as well by two large men. Looking around her she could now see in the shadows three others and one in front of her. She didn’t like the odds of one against six and the one who had been following her had yet to get there. Hoping to at least defend herself she pulls out her knife that hung from her belt inside her cloak. One of her attackers stepped forward in an attempt to grab her, she stepped back and swung the knife but she missed.

She felt a hand close around her wrist and squeeze hard enough to cause her to drop the knife. Trying to pull free she kicked out at him but he was quicker and knocked her feet out from under her letting her wrist go so she could fall at his feet. Realizing that the thing could not possibly human she started to panic. Her gifts had always been strong enough against humans but they were untested against other creatures. She could tell these creatures knew what they could do and what there powers were. Obviously they must have known what hers was too. In her panic she forgot to even try her own powers.

Scrambling to her feet she tired to move away from, still she was not fast enough. He grabbed on to one of her wrist and twisted it behind her causing her to stop pulling away because of the pain. She could feel his large arm go around her neck and starts to squeeze. In a simple fluid motion he pushed her knee out from under her and she went down with him right behind her holding tightly to her neck. He moved his head next to her ear. She was thankful the hood of her cloak was still covering her face; she didn’t want him to see the fear in her eyes.

"You would do good to stop fighting."His voice was cold and chilled her to the bone and she was not sure if he was bluffing or telling the truth; "The only order was for you to be alive and such a pretty thing. We wouldn’t want anything happening to you that will make your worth go down."

It was all she could do to keep her self from fighting against him. She knew he wasn’t human but she wasn’t sure what he was. A low murmur went through those that stood around and then they all took a few steps back. She knew that the one who had been following her had arrived, she could sense his approach. With a renewed effort she tried to break his hold but he simply griped her wrist that much harder and choked her that much more. The stranger stepped in front of her. His hood was down over his face and she couldn’t make out any of his features. He appeared human, though appearance was often deceiving, and she could feel his eyes on her. After a long minute he made a quick signal with his hand and she was instantly dragged to her feet.

She toke the opportunity to try one last time. Half catching him by surprise she managed to pull away only for the new arrival to kick her hard in her chest and knocking through the others and into the wall. The shadows moved around her. For a moment out of the way and the next they had a hold of her pining her arms against the wall. She tried to kick one but another grabbed her legs and held them against the wall. Still she tried to fight against them. Her stalker simply laughed at her attempts. His laugh was cold and nearly paralyzed her with fear. He reached out his hand and she tried to pull away. The ones who held her were too strong though and she was unable to move. He touched her cheek gently and when she tried to pull away he grabbed her jaw tightly.

The alleyway melted away and looking around her found herself in a darkened room. It had a few candles, just enough so she could see a few feet around her. Slowly she realized that she could move, that no one was holding her and those who had been had now vanished. In that moment she realized that he was still there though. That he was next to her and she could no longer move. Again he reached out his hand and touched her cheek but this time he ran it gently down her jaw line and down her neck. No matter how she tried she was unable to move. She began to panic but he did not seem to notice but instead was studying her body. Moving down her neck, he traced the line of her shirt and come to the bottom of the opening and her breast. He slowly undid the top two or three buttons.

She let out a blood-curdling scream and the room melted away and the alley reappeared around her. His hand still only held her jaw and her shirt was as it was when she left the tavern. Slowly the scream died in her throat and she realized all the other creatures around her were doubled over holding their ears. It toke a moment before they began to uncover their ears. He seemed unaffected and she was free of her captors yet she could still not move.

Slowly the shadows around her shifted again as someone came close. She recognized him as the man at the tavern. With renewed effort she attempt to move against the spell that held her. Her attempt to move against him sent a chill down her spin. Her stalker seemed to back up a little as if this new arrival had some great power. When he said nothing but simply nodded her stalker took on a playful smile. His voice was strong yet calm and quiet.

" Child you best behave least that little illusion wont be an illusion…. It will be the real thing. And when I am done the rest of my company will have you as well."

Despite the warning she continued to try and fight, thinking he could not hold her forever. Forever never had the chance to come. One of the original creatures stepped forward and hit her in the jaw. She fell the to ground, unconscious before she hit. The darkness surrounded her and she went willingly thinking it might be her death and save her from these animals.


It was just after midnight when the doors opened and a man named Agarwaen walked in. Agarwaen was always looking for self-gain and rarely could be trusted. He kept a band of assorted creatures to do as he told them. Eru and a bunch of others whose names meant nothing to her followed him in. Eru was a vampire but a very loyal one to the right people. Eru stepped forward from the others. He had the body of a young woman over his shoulder and he set her down carefully. Before he had set her down she could see it was the one she had hired them to find. Once lying on the floor she could see girl had a bruise on her arm and one on her cheek as well as red marks on her wrist. Eru stayed on his knee as she approached. Having a great respect for her he always honored her as a great lady of the court.

The anger was plain on her face as she knelt beside the girl. Placing her hands on her she could feel the girl stir. After a moment the child managed to sit up though she barely seemed to have the will power to do so. Kimbra knew that look on the child’s face. It was the look of thinking oneself to be dead only to reawake still alive in this cruel world. Her black eyes showed great fear and her black and purple hair fell loose around her face. The hood had been pushed back off her head revealing her face. Even as the girl sat there the bruises were already starting to fade. Kimbra nodded in acknowledgement, happy to see she was not wrong.

" I am sorry little one. My name is Kimbra Ailis and I am the one responsible for having you brought here. My orders where for you to be unharmed and unhurt but I see someone did not listen. Child tell me who was the one that put the bruises on you and the one who so blatantly ignored my orders."

The girl seemed to calm down at the sound of her voice and when asked who it was the girl could not seem to find her voice but instead looked at Agarwaen and one of the creatures that stood next to him. Kimbra nodded. She had known the answer but only wished to make sure. She let out an ear shattering scream focused one by one on the others who had come brought the girl in. the power must have seemed strange to the girl, that the magick could be directed at one or two people while others were left unaffected. When she was done only the girl, Agarwaen, Eru, and Aeolus were left alive. Aeolus was the man whom owned the house and business that she had went through and hired the men. He started to protest the death of his men but quickly shut his mouth when he seen the look in her eye.

" My orders where for her to be unharmed and look at the bruises. I am sure there is more to the story than that and you will be lucky I wont find out till after you are dead. They are lucky I didn’t do worse to them and you. Next time you will do as I say. I am not one to be taken lightly. I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me. You would do good to remember this lesson and pick your men more wisely… men who can follow directions as told the first time."

Kimbra knew the girl had some gifts but they were untrained, maybe only called on by accident a few times. She gently took the girls hand and formed a fireball in it. The girl almost let it go to surprised to do much more. Kimbra held it together for her and smiled looking at Agarwaen.

"I like that. Now I give you the chance to have revenge yourself. All you have to do is blow it like a kiss. Lets say a ‘Kiss of Death’…. I know what you are. I know what you can do, even though you don’t and have not had any training. I am sure by now you have caused things to happen you can’t explain. You will be able to do this on your won soon enough if you choice to let me teach you. You will be able to do much if you want to. I can see it in your eyes already… you are confidant about yourself."

The girl looked at her for only a moment before she did as she was told. Before Agarwaen knew what had happened he was on fire. Minutes later his screams died away as he fell to the floor dead and still a fire. It was only moments latter before he was simply a pile of dust and memory. Eru never moved from where he had knelt down, for he feared his punishment would be the same or worse. He had been the one in charge only he had come too late to control things properly. Kimbra gave him little more than a glance. Her next glance fell on Aeolus. He was pressed against the wall terrified. She stood and the girl came easy with her. Pinning him against the wall she pulled out a dagger and held it to his throat.

" Lesson one is always repay those who do not obey you or how betray you. It’s one of the most important lessons you will ever learn. It will also be the most costly. If you let them disobey you then they will betray you. There can be no trust if they think nothing will happen to deserters and disobedient fools."

She kicked his left knee and with a sickening crack it shattered. He fell to the floor in pain. Kimbra pushed his head against the wall and lightly ran the dagger across his throat. She did not cut all the way but enough to make him bleed well. She gently pushed the girl closer.

" If you want your revenge on those who killed your village and for any one else who my have wronged you, know that I can give you the knowledge and skills that you need. Drink his blood and come with me if you choice my path. His blood will right his foolishness and carelessness at choosing such creatures to do his work. If you wish to go back to whatever existence you had before then turn and leave now. You get one chance. If you drink you are mine till I release you or kill you. If you lave now don’t ever try to find me again, I will kill you. That is the risk you take. What is your choice?"

Kimbra could see there was no doubt in the girl. She leaned forward and drank. By the way she drank, Kimbra could tell the girl had a taste for blood. Truth be told, Kimbra was surprised how truly eager the girl had been. She knew the girl would learn quickly and grow strong. But now she could also see the girl would have a strong hunger if she let it surface. Kimbra took a moment to look the girl over, in her mind and her body. The first thing that caught her attention was that the girl had some schizophrenic tendencies. It made her worry if the girl would split under the pressure and if she would become conscious about what she did or in the next instant bloodthirsty. Thinking she could work on it later she let the thought slip from her mind, to be dealt with later. When the girl was finally done Kimbra looked her over and smiled.

" You will need a lot of discipline in order to learn what I have to teach. You are mine from this day forth till I say other wise. Whatever names you had let it go. For the moment let your past go and focus on now. I will tell you when you may have your revenge. From now on you shall be called Storm Kitten."

At nightfall Kimbra and Storm Kitten left the house with Eru. He had been faithful so he was permitted to live and chose to join them. In the months that followed Eru and Storm became very close and over time she developed a love for him. She often allowed him to feed from her and she in turn would feed from him. Kimbra guessed the reason Storm never turned was her ability to heal destroyed the vampire blood before it had any true effect.

In the years Kimbra had spent with Storm she taught her everything about herself and her kind. Her powers and her weaknesses. Kimbra’s first fear became apparently true two years after their first meeting. Storm had two personalities constantly fighting one another. First was the hunger for blood and the second only wanted forgiveness. Storm managed to control it and use both to her advantage over the years. As she got older it often haunted her but as with many things she got use to it.

(Storm and Kimbra's parting)

The hunger for blood proved to be too strong in Storm for them to stay together as long as Kimbra would have liked. Had Storm stayed with Kimbra a fight would have come about and neither wanted that to happen. But she knew Storm left with enough knowledge to keep her alive. Eru also went with Storm to watch over her. A slayer killed Eru only two years after Storms parting with Kimbra. Storm had caught the slayer before Eru’s blood had time to get cold. For days she had tortured the bitch for weeks before finally drinking her blood and breaking the girls neck. Eventually Storm hunted down the slayer’s family and killed them as well. In the weeks that came Storm hunted many slayers for spite and often killed their families as well.

Storm kept her hatred for slayers though over the years she learned to live around them and not kill them on impulse. She never got over the lose of Eru and rarely did another come into her life that left an impact that lasted. When one did each was a vampire… or at least part vampire. She kept a fondness for vampires and from time to time had adopted one as a feeder. In this she had been careful about who she choose. A couple had to be killed thinking that her death would be a good idea. Her love for blood never decreased over time but she did learn the love of being the one that was feed from.
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