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*Breaking of the Dam*
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Breaking of the Dam
Storm Kitten
by Kimbra_ailis

Storm knew she had the bitch this time.

A smile played on her lips as she moved down the hall way silently. More than once had she nearly scared a servant to death by simply walking. These halls were natural noisy, as she understood something about the stones made it near impossible to walk without letting others know you were coming. The owners of this house liked it that way, he feared assassins more than he feared the tax collector.

The connection between him and Kimbra was still a mystery to Storm but she knew Kimbra had come here often enough over the years. At times, she had even sent Storm on a simple job of interrogation or assassination. She guessed Kimbra only sent on the easy ones, for fear she might mess anything else up. Her teacher knew better but still showed her authority in such trivial ways to simply annoy her.

Near five years had passed since she was dragged off the streets and became the latest student of Kimbra Ailis. Though she made sure Kimbra regretted the decision more than once in that time. It was foolish to constantly incur the wrath of someone who you do not even measure up in skill but it went on anyway. Something about being constantly beaten, bested, and out maneuvered that she still would not give her the satisfaction of breaking her. This of course had brought Kimbra’s wrath down on her more than once but it was worth it.

Eru was away this month for whatever reason. Kimbra had said he had things to take care of but Storm guessed she dismissed him for a reason. So while he was gone Kimbra decided to come here. Training and lessons went on as usual. Storm did occasionally act like she was listening now. Surprisingly her teacher had put up with her apparent inattention long enough and one day she caught hell for it, and every day after that she played that game.

That’s all this was to her, a big game. Kimbra didn’t see it that way. Maybe once in the time of knowing her did she ever see Kimbra smile. Rarely would emotion be found in her eyes or expression. Storm had adopted that to some degree. She could hide her emotions and intent well but she used them as well to unsettle people. Eru said she had a sadistic smile but she just considered it playful.

Well she had lived long enough to play another day and so another day has come. Her drive and determination over the years has not dimensioned. At first she had thought to keep track of and repay every hit, every insult, and every humiliation but somewhere around her seventh month she lost count. This was consent thought and now she thought to bring it to an end.

Each of her attempts had been planned carefully and executed just as she had planned, except for the ending where she always ended up bloody, broken, and beaten. Kimbra always had a scratch or two and ended up rather upset but mostly unfazed and very much alive. The difference about now, Storm thought, was that this was one place Kimbra felt safe and the one place she could hope to best her, the most humiliating place she could.

The halls were silent now. The owners had gone on a vacation of sorts and left the house to Kimbra till they returned. Storm sent out her senses and confirmed what she already knew, Kimbra was coming this way. This time she did not have it planned out. This was whim but she felt confident as before, this game was getting old and it had to end.

Now she could hear Kimbra coming, just ahead. The hunger was there but it was silent. Her mind felt calm and there was not real thought or emotion, just the kill. Death Rage, as how Kimbra called it. Storm kept to her pace and bid her time. Kimbra had just come around a bend in the hallway but Storm could hear the hesitate in her step just before she came into view. It was too little too late.

Storm had the first dagger out of its brace and in midair. In the past she knew better than that. The second dagger was short behind it, followed by the third and fourth. By now she was looking for the re-fire as she reached for her fifth. It left her hand in time for her to catch the first of Kimbra’s. The second one was too close for her to do anything but catch it. She heard the third one hit the stone as Kimbra caught the fourth. And then she heard something she had never expected to see, her fifth dagger had made its mark in Kimbra’s left shoulder.

The scent of blood filled the hallway and the sound of Kimbra’s swearing. For a moment Storm hesitated and lost the edge, Kimbra was retaliating with magick. She wild aimed the two daggers she had caught and closely followed the sixth and final dagger. Druid fire scorched past her, hitting the walls and scattering sparks everywhere.

Not willing to stop now, Storm retaliated with her own fire and then ice. It was badly aimed at best but at least Kimbra could not get an unobscured shot at her. Storm stepped back against the wall just out of sight and knew Kimbra had done the same. Light fire came from around the corner but nothing that was of any harm. Thinking she still had the advantage she was about finish the game when she felt it. Any victory thoughts died from her mind as the spell grabbed her and the hallway melted away.

*~* A dark room faded into view, replacing the hallway. She began to panic telling herself it was just an illusion, this wasn’t real, but it wasn’t fading for her sight. Kimbra had done this to her once too many times and though not much scared her, this did. Slowly she noticed not only the darkened room but found that her arms were chained above her head. Blood was already running down her arms from the cuffs biting into her wrist. He stepped from the shadows, obviously enjoying her panic and fear. For once her hair was not in her face to hide the emotion and she realized her hair had mostly been cut off and was barely three inches long. She tired to remember this was just an illusion and her sudden change angered Him. The hard slap across the face was not real, she knew that, but it felt real enough. Another hard hit and then someone else stepped from the shadow. He stepped close to her, never looking at her face, but rather interested in something on her body, cuffs. They did not have chains but they could be threaded to. He touched the two on her wrist, the two on her upper arms, one around her neck, the one around her waist, and the two around her ankles. He stepped back as she began to struggle against the bonds. Barely did she notice his lips moving but instead read hot pain flared where the cuffs where. At first they felt afire and then they felt like knives beginning to sever. Then she felt a dagger slip into her bottom ribs. She knew it did not hit anything vital but if she moved too much it might. Storm screamed and the dark room faded the to hallway. *~*

Storm continued to scream unable to stop herself. Slowly the sound died from her lips and she was on her knees on the floor. The illusion was gone but the pain remained and she could barely clear her mind enough to think of anything else. Gasping for air and trying to block the pain she tried to climb to her feet and failed.

Half way to her feet she began to scramble back down the hallway she had come, her teacher forgotten. Had she looked back she would have seen Kimbra was bleeding from her shoulder and from her right side. That she was too drained by the spell that she could have been killed easily. Storm only knew to run while she still could. It had only been an illusion but she could still feel the effects of it.

After what seemed forever she made her way out of the fortress and into the woods. She stayed there for a short time moving around so she would not be found. Somehow she knew she would have to go back. This defeat lay heavy on her mind, but even heavier with Kimbra. In the end Storm had been the victor even if her goal was not completely finished. She had no way to know those days would be her final days with her teacher.
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