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*Priestess of Bast*
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Priestess of Bast
Storm Kitten
by Kimbra_ailis

I had been traveling again, only this time farther south than she had ever been. After Kimbra had dismissed me, my companion was killed. Of course I revenged him but there was a great emptiness inside me. I had never told anyone before and apparently neither had Kimbra, but I cam e other only a fear short years after leaving her. By then she had another student she I had to be patient to find Kimbra alone. It was not easy, Kimbra knew I was around and she was bound determine to me things difficult on me.

It was late one night when I finally had managed to trick her newest student on an errand, which she thought, came from Kimbra. I found Kimbra alone in the gardens of a village she had been staying at for a while now. Of course, I am no fool so I approached slowly and cautiously, after all Kimbra had sworn to kill me if I was to come back to her. Maybe that is what I wanted, I still dont know for sure, or maybe I simply wanted to see if I was alive.

To my surprise she did not attack me and try to kill me. Instead I sat down at her feet and we talked for a good long time. My pride will not stand for me to repeat those words again. Though I have often been humbled, I am always slow to remember and my pride can stand in the way. I cling to it only because that is about the only thing I have left to me. No matter little I have had, I have always had at least a little.

Kimbra told me to come back the next night, she gave me directions and told me to be there at moon rise if I still wanted help. I came at the exact time she told me and to the exact place. I found hr in the middle of a clearing. There were many candles around her and strange symbols drawn on rocks and placed around in a circle. When she seen me she beckoned me forward, my body reacted with a will of its own and only for a second did I try to resist. That was too no avail, she had me in some kind of spell. When I stood next to her she smiled slowly, which was something rare for her.

Kimbra turned from me and began a soft chant, in a language I had never heard. A fear like I had never felt before ran through me. If I could have screamed I just might have. Fear has never been my strong point, for that matter it was an emotion I was not use to feeling. Its an emotion I am still not use to feeling. Time seemed to have almost stopped for me or maybe it merely slow down, I am not too sure. I know my heart about stopped when I saw the glimmering light in front of me starting to form and I began to understand what she was doing.

She had taught me a way to open portals to other times, other places, other realms and standing next to her, I knew that is exactly what she had just done. This one was different though. Different form the ones she had taught me. I dont know how to explain it, maybe it was more complex or simply demanded more power but she did it and held it. When it was fully formed she stopped chanting. I could already see the strain that it was causing. Her voice was only a whisper when she spoke but I could still hear her well enough.

" Your pain will always be with you, but you must learn to control it for now. I know some people you might do well with. This will be a different time for you and a different place. I hope you learn well. You know the way back."

With those few words Kimbra pushed lightly on my shoulder. It shouldnt have been enough but it was. I dont know if I fell or if the push was hard enough to shove me through. But I found myself in a very strange place. The sun was hot overhead and the sand hot under my feet. In time I would explore my new world that I was plunged into.

I traveled south, for reasons I dont know, merely impulse or maybe destiny. There was a people that knew no ends the their magick and they created impossible inventions for their time. Much of their technology was lost over the years. Traders and Merchants often talked about the great legends and the stories of the Gods. It was a land of the Gods, Pharos, and Strange Creatures. I dont pretend this is the Egypt that once existed on Earth, but it was oddly close, almost parallel and I do not understand how it exist but maybe only as a shadow of what was.

Travelling was not the easy thing for me at the time, never had I met a place so dry, so hot, so cold, and so full of sand. I did well enough with what few mage gifts I had. Most the time I was either trying to seep water from far underneath sand or build a fire to keep warm by night. As if it was not bad enough, I had little training with water itself. I could manipulate water in its solid form, but as a liquid it frustrated me more often than not. Fire has always been easy enough but it is hard to maintain a fire when there is nothing to burn.

It came to me one night I was on the ground and to this day I thought I was awake but it seemed as if I was asleep. I had lain down to rest for a short while, I dared not stay too long for fear of freezing. The stars I had been watching were suddenly replaced with a different pattern of stars, and the sand I lay on feels different somehow. I sit up and look around I find myself kneeling in front of a giant stone building. The beauty of this building is amazing, the stone work is like nothing I have seen before. As I look more closely I see the steps and at the top, She stands there, as if waiting for me.

I stood up and began to slowly walk toward the temple. She smiled at me and oddly I was not frightened. She had the head of a cat but the body of a young woman. Somehow I felt I had always known her yet I recognized her for what she was, a goddess. After I climbed the steps I stopped a few feet short from her

and dropped gracefully to my knees and bowed my head as a sign of respect. I swear I heard an amused

laugh escape her lips and when I looked up, somewhat startled she ushered me to stand and I had no choice but to obey.


She had green eyes, that excellent seer,

And little peaks to either ear.

She sat there, and I sat there.

She spoke of Egypt, and a white

Temple, against enormous night.

She smiles with clicking teeth and said

That the dead were never dead;

Said old emperors hung like bats

In barns at night, or ran like rats-

But empresses come back as cats!

By: William Rose Benet

She led the way into he temple and I followed as an obedient child would. Long into the night we talked and as the sun began to rise my mind was at ease. I looked toward the door and seen the sun first peak over the horizon. It was then that I realized I was not n a temple nor was I sitting up. Instead I was lying down as I had been the night before but in the distance I could see a temple standing tall and shining like gold in the morning light.

I hurried toward the temple but when I arrived I did not find the Cat Goddess Bast, but her priestess waited at the top of the steps, greeting the sun. She welcomed me inside and I told her of my dream. My dream was of great interest to her. I found it odd how much I felt at home in the stone walls of the temple.

Over the next few months I learned much about life, about Bast, and about myself. I did become a priestess of Bast, though I only stayed in the temple about a year. At one point I journeyed south into the rain forest but that tale will wait for another time. Upon leaving the Forest I had a leopard with me, even the elders of the temple welcomed me back knowing I must have the Great Goddesses blessing.

If you come to know the One hidden in all things,

Like cream hidden within butter,

The One who embraces the universe,

Then you will be released form all fetters.

The Great Soul is found in the heart of creatures;

Framed by the heart, by the thought, by the mind

With this One there is no day or night,

No being or non-being, only It alone.

It is Imperishable, the choicest splendor of the Sun,

Created from primeval Intelligence.

This One has no above, below or middle where it can be grasped,

There is no likeness of it, whose name is Great Glory,

Its form cannot be seen with the eye.

Those who know It with their hearts and minds,

Who know that it is within them, become immortal.

Author: unknown

At the end of that time I went back out into the desert but this time I took what I needed to survive and a few extra things. I found a spot I found to be right and cast the spell as I had been taught. It worked but once I stepped through my strength gave out and again time stopped. Maybe she was looking out for me or maybe I was just not lucky enough to die. I had landed in a secluded place. Though she was young Kendra stayed at my side. I know if it had come to that she would have tried to protect me..

When I had strength enough I traveled back into the world I had left to see what had changed. Much was the same, much had changed. I learned fast what I needed to know and learned how to make a living. I survived because I could do nothing else
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