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*Consequences Of Peace*
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Consequences Of Peace
Storm kitten
by kimbra_ailis

The peacefulness of the woods and snow seemed timeless. For a moment it reminded her of her last real home. The thought of Ka'Bar brought a sad smile but that shifted into one of contentment. What had happened had happened and she held no regrets beside their now distance. For a moment she let her thoughts drift even farther to the gardens that she had once roamed. The thoughts were there before she had any real chance to question why her mind had turned in such a direction when someone she knew might be in danger. After a moment why didn't matter as she just let herself enjoy the momentary peace. She recognized the child in her that was easing past the rage and hunger.

Of all her moods, it was the rarest but at times most treasured. It helped her forget all the bad and bask in the innocence. Somewhere in her mind she recognized that usually she could only relax like this was with magick or other aid. It seemed the child feared her darker side and liked to hide deep inside. Despite the fact that she might have been wrong and the stranger could be near, she could not make herself care and it was quickly not mattering.

The snow made her movement a little more clumsily as she danced around in circles. Her laughter was soft as she feel to the ground. There was no hurry for her to stand back up so she took her time and wiped the snow from her clothes before returning to twirling in the snow. The euphoria left her a split second before she felt something slam into her sending both of them sprawling. Her recovery was slowed by the fact that she had been caught completely off guard and unaware.

It had one more chance to knock her off her feet before she realized what was going on. The pain and rage of being caught off guard was enough to ground her and reopen her to her senses. Standing up again she reacted faster and was out of the way by time it went for strike three. There were some minor cuts but nothing that would begin to slow her. For the first time assessing the threat she realized the over sized fur ball in front of her had to be a direwolf. If the animal had not been preparing to spring again she might have wondered what such an animal were doing here.

The shift happened on a moments thought deciding to test a theory she had held... how a wolf would last against a lion. In size there were equals and she would soon find out who was superior in strength. The lion spoke to her confidently, an animal who's nature was to defend her young and pack. The direwolf paused in its attack at the sudden sight of something new in the place of such apparent easy prey. Circling both took their time trying to size up the other.

The direwolf was the first to make a move and she was prepared. Where the wolf was more adapt to biting she was able to keep it at distance with her claws. It didn't whelp at the first strike, but she had its attention when she layed into its muzzle the second round. On her guard she could see the tension in the other animal starting to get annoyed at night finding an opening. The lioness was becoming more confident knowing the wold would not do damage if it could not get close enough to bite. She had not expected the sudden lunge resulting in a all out cat fight at close range.

By time the wolf broke free both were bleeding form any number of wounds. The sound of a howl in the distance was enough distraction for her for the wolf to slink past her. She could feel the animals resentment that the lion had taken his easy prey from him. But deeper down she could also feel his restance to take on an equal. Another desprete lunge and a shorter teeth and claw match both managed to break free. Growling softly and bearing its teeth she watched as it began to move away. The lioness whispered for Storm to follow, and she wanted to but something else was pulling at her mind, telling her she couldn't, to just let this go for another day.

She stood a long time watching after the dire wolf before she breathed easily that it had truly gone. Shifting back to human form she slide down the trunk of a tree still trying to understand what had just happened to her. Her ribs were sore from the wolf's initial impacts and there were more cut and scraps to her than she could count but nothing life threatening.

When she had caught her breath she stood up to begin walking again. It wasn't too far before she remembered where she was suppose to be going. If she had missed the presence of a dire wolf it was likely she could have missed any call for help. She kicked herself for having enjoyed the moment of peace and allowing this kind of consequence. Well it was another justification to Arak why she lived like she did. Picking up her pace she hoped nothing had happened that she had missed.
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