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*Madness Begins*
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Madness Begins
Storm Kitten
by kimbra_ailis

A year and a half had passed since she first met Kimbra. A year and a half had passed since she made the decision to train with Kimbra. A year had passed since she drugged Eru and left her teacher for a short while. A year had passed since she killed her two sisters and drank of their blood. A year had passed since she fought Eru for the first time. A year had passed since her first plans to die had failed. A year had passed since Eru had first drank of her; though it had not been the last time. Now a year later life was much the same as when Kimbra walked back into that cave a year ago.

Storm had been training with Kimbra and occasionally Eru. Her training was in medicine and herbs, weapons and their uses, agility, the human anatomy, as well as the anatomy of many animals and a few varying races. The lessons of stealth, procession, location, and camouflage came quickly and easily to her. There were miscellaneous lessons in weather, geography, language, culture, etiquette, illusion, self-control, and magick though her true skill lay with fire, ice and her voice. Her natural ability to shift shapes flawlessly gave her an edge in most of her physical training.

The year went quickly though not fast enough for Storm. Every lesson and every move she made she knew her teacher watched her and was not afraid to speak up when she had made a mistake. During combat training Kimbra was especially brutal and less merciful after she had shown the proper way to do something. Storm learned to be fast to learn and even faster to retaliate. Her skills had always been good enough to keep her a live but know Kimbra showed her the way to win. Eru was not much easier on her, having already faced her once and fearing to relent for fear of his Mistress’s disapproval.

Storm often found at the end of the day she was rather lucky she healed so quickly because she found Kimbra was not any easier on her no matter her injures the day before. Often the vow to someday win was all that kept her going in these times. The other thing that might have kept her going, was Eru. On the nights that Kimbra had left during the day for one reason or another he kept her company. After their first fight she had seen the look of hunger in his eyes yet he never would approach her.

Today’s lesson had been especially brutal. Half way through Storm had released her anger, unable to hold several days of frustration. It had caught Kimbra off guard and for a moment Storm thought she might just win, but unfortunately her anger had blinded her too soon. She would never realize how close she had come; Kimbra made sure of that. In an attempt to mentally push the hunger and anger back Kimbra had inadvertently opened a floodgate that was better off left alone. Storm fell back away from her teacher screaming as the past came back to her faster than she cared to remember.

Kimbra had stopped instantly upon hearing Storm’s unnatural scream. Watching her student she realized too late what had happened and it had taken the rest of the day before Storm’s tears and cries even began to subside. Most of the day she sat with Storm trying to put blocks on the more devastating memories and voices. After only a short while Kimbra had been amazed at the extent of the pain Storm had as well as that was when she truly learned there was more than just one voice to Storm Kitten.

It amazed Kimbra at how carefully much of Storm’s mind had been hide away and how much pain there truly was especially for being so very young. Later Kimbra thought it might even surpass her own. Death seemed to be part of Storm’s life long before Kimbra had come along and so this training was only reinforcing what she already knew about. Beyond the pain though there was a desire to live and a desire to die but she could not tell the two apart or further understand them.

Even deeper than the pain was a darkness that had all but consumed the child’s mind and possibly her soul. But knowing that only added to the riddle that was Storm, because she knew that the child had an overwhelming guilt at times. Which had in fact caused them to come to blows on some issues whenever the mood had set in. Kimbra learned much from trying to replace the memories that had flooded her girl’s mind; yet everything she learned seemed to contradict everything else.

Even with all of Kimbra’s skills she had been unable to reverse the damage. Apparently various people with skill had helped the girl up to this point, thinking that though Storm brought forth images of her latter murdering each of them so they could not tell anyone. She could tell not all of it was others help, some she had been able to do on her own and quiet well. When she was finally tired and unable to do anymore she thought maybe Storm would be able to finish with what was left, what she did not realize was the amount of scars Storm carried and hiding them was not as easy as it looked.

Trying to give her peace she whispered a quick sleep spell and felt the child go limp in her arms. Sighing she carried a sleeping Storm Kitten back to the cave they had found and where Eru still slept. The sun would be going down very soon and she had things she needed to attend. It was the safest place she could put her and the foolish child might stay. She did not know what else she could do for the girl. Everything she had found out was startling but she knew she had to focus on other things here real soon. Even if she traveled fast she knew she would be late for her appointment. Little did she know when she left that cave she left a barely sane Storm.

As Storm lay now in the cool darkness her head split and she heard so many voices she was unsure who was who. Sleep had taken her after she felt Kimbra departure. The sudden memories and voices had overwhelmed her and she had felt her teacher trying to stop them but it did little good. She knew her teacher did not understand the full impact of what she had done and maybe she never would. Laying in the darkness she tired to control herself but she as no longer sure of anything. There was no physical pain only the scars that never showed and the past that still demanded revenge.

In the past she had had help in controlling this and herself, for she was not strong enough to do it on her own, and now the only one who could have helped had left her. The others who had helped her were dead at her hand so they would be of no use. Trying to help herself she tried locking some of the memories away and it toke all her strength not to hide deeper within herself and not come back out. There was so much pain and so many of the voices and memories had been locked away for a good reason. The darkness begged to be released and the guilt over ran her mind. The darkness of her life haunted her now more than ever.

The hunger rose in her, as it had not done since she killed her two sisters and with the hunger came the guilt. Over time she had learned to live with herself and the hunger but that was gone now. As her training continued with Kimbra a new voice of guilt, or rather maybe simply an old one coming to surface and began to often gnaw at her and even disturb her sleep. The guilt came from the voices of the dead and of the past. When she thought one was gone another would come.

She could here her sister’s voices talking with her, blaming her, and damning her. After her sisters came her parent’s voice, they blamed her for their deaths, claiming her to be a disgrace. Latter the voice of friends and family came and went all demanding revenge on her. From time to time she could hear other voices yet they did not stay long or perhaps she had locked them away unconsciously. Even the voice of a frightened little girl wanted to be heard. The child her parents once knew had been locked away to avoid hearing that voice. She told of shortness of her life and that she had not even had the chance to be a child, had not had the chance to live. That child was her years ago just before the death of her parents. Her own voice was often pushed aside by the guilt and the hunger.

Despite the voices she managed to slowly come back to realty. She did not know why she would come back and listen to the voices and survive but she knew she could not stay in the darkness. Mental sanity seemed to be such a strange thought and she though her mind had lost that already long ago she still held to the hope that maybe she could one day regain it, even if only on her deathbed. The journey back to life was a hard road and there was several times she thought she might prefer the darkness of her own mind. Somehow she managed to escape her demons if only for a short while, she knew all she had to do was close her eyes and they would be there again.

When things began to clear for her, enough so she could be aware of her surroundings, she realized Eru was holding her and lending what strength he could. Still she fought with herself most of the night, though his presence comforted her even if she was not always aware of him.

Sun had come and it was dark again before she finally was able to focus on any one thought. She still lay in Eru’s arms though he now slept and Kimbra was not back. For the most part she had slowly fought what Kimbra had released though she would never, could never be the same. If death had been on her mind before it was now brought to the forefront. Much of what was released could not be seized to be hid away and would later haunt her dreams at night and her vision in the dark. What she was able to hide was not properly put back, for she could not do that on her own, and often it would surface during stress or extreme cases of guilt.

The shadows faded slowly around her and sleep came to her. She woke around midnight to the smile of Eru. Nestling back in his arms, against his chest, she was far from fine but she thought she could come to deal with it, later that would prove to be wrong. In the years after her parents death but before Kimbra found her, she had learned to live with pain and how to keep it from interfering with her life. Whatever instincts she had been born with kept her alive and that was all that mattered, at whatever cost.

Only with Kimbra’s training did she become aware of the guilt and the other voices. Hunger had always been there but never guilt because it was the rules of survival. With Kimbra, she was taught the finer points to death and more. Only after Kimbra did she start to feel guilty for things, knowing the difference between surviving and killing. Kimbra had thought to take a small child and train her in the arts but she did not understand that there was no small child and she did not know what she was training.

Everything she now felt was rather new to her. The voices had always been there but now they accused her of things she could not yet understand. People who had spoke to her parents had often told them that their youngest daughter was not right mentally but they had not listened. She was not slow or anything and they did not know exactly what was wrong, just something wasn’t right. Her parents knew about her well enough; turns out the voices ran in the family, on her father’s side. It had never been a real problem and most had seemed to out grow it eventually.

Feeling a slight shift she slowly comes out of her thoughts realizing tears had been running down her cheeks. She could feel Eru tighten his grip on her; she could feel his fear for her. He did not understand what had happened but he could feel a change in her and it scared him. After coming out of whatever daze she had been in he could feel her begin to relax again in his arms. Eru knew Kimbra had left as the sun went down but just before he woke and she had apparently left Storm with him. It had not really surprised him till he found she did not wake after a while and gently touching her arm he realized there was more to work than what met the eye.

He was more than happy now too see she apparently was getting better but he could see she was not right. For the moment he simply held her and she was not anxious to move any time soon. To had surprised him when he had watched the tears come down her cheek, that was when he shook her. He wondered what in the hell Kimbra had did to her this time. Over time he had gotten use to seeing the bruises disappear before his eyes but this wasn’t physical damage there was more to it than that. Had it been physical she would be able to heal quickly.

Wiping away the tears she tries to get herself back under control. For the moment the voices go silent and the memories recede to giver a little peace. Soon after she could feel the hunger come. Feeling the hunger she sat up in his lap and after a minute she turned in his lap so she sat straddling his legs and facing him. She tried to smile at him and ran her hand gently down his cheek. Smiling she did not fully meet his eyes but she could feel him tense under her slightly. The look on his face told her he was confused and maybe slightly unsure of her.

Controlling herself for the moment she pushed her hair away from her neck and leaned closer. Storm caught the look on his face when he realized what she was implying. He had drank from her only a few times after she had severally drugged him, but this time she offered to him without anything to alter his mind set. Sighing after seeing his resistance she leaned forward and softly touched his lips with her own. He tensed under her and she could feel him begin to move, try to push her back some.

Smiling again but not meeting his eyes she gently bit his bottom lip. Sliding her hands down his arms and to his wrist the to his hands she intertwined her fingers in his and gently but firmly pushed his arms back away from her and to his side. Though he fought her she used what strength was left to her and kept him in place. A second kiss she felt his resistance beginning to fail and by time their lips met for a third time he stopped struggling against her. Releasing his hands she embraced him tightly he returned her touch beginning to run his hand over her body.

The last years tension began to melt in a floodgate. Though he had embraced her she could still see his hesitance to stop his hunger. Softly kissing him she pulls away slowly, biting his bottom lip. Kissing and nipping lightly at his neck Storm brings her hand up slightly. Suddenly feeling a slight sting on his neck and he jumped in shock. Storm quieted him before he could react and he felt her lips on the wound. Unable to think what else to do he did not try to push her away, instead he wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to him.

He knew that she had a hunger for blood, as vampire might yet this was the first time she had expressed it toward him. He had seen her hunger and it surprised him that much more when she pulled away and let the wound heal quickly. She had taken very little, which would become normal for her if she found a willing partner. Having her close and having teased him already, she could feel he was at the edge of control, it had simply taken one more act to push him over the edge.

Resting her hands on his knees, just behind where she is sitting on his lap. Licking her lips of any remaining blood she meets his eyes for a moment and knows he has nearly forgotten that she sat there, but simply saw her as prey. Leaning forward she softly brushes her lips against his. He gently but firmly grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled her closer to him. She fought against him just enough to make him want her just that much more. Looking at her he smiled slightly and felt him pull her hair harshly and then she felt his teeth.

Storm rested her head against his shoulder and was nearly breathless. She has often watched him feed and had prompted him on several occasions but this was the first time she had not had to twist his mind around to get him to comply. Each time she had let him drink it was a difference experience for her and this was no exception. Time stopped at some point and only slowly did she realize he growled and pulled away from her. She did not think to open her eyes but simply moved slightly so she had slipped off his lap. In her experience he usually would push her away anyway.

It was then that she realized how much he had taken; though that was not unusual. Her head swam and at the moment she could not focus, the feelings of him were slow to leave her body. Storm was surprised when she felt his arms wrap around her from behind. He had moved to his knees and wrapped his arms around her to simply hold her. She had that blank look on her face that usually followed such an episode. Soon after she fell asleep in his arms.

Kimbra found them the next day, Eru was asleep for hours and Storm lay at his side, her head resting on his chest. She could find nothing wrong so she said nothing about it. Touching Storm’s head she could still feel the chaos but for the moment it had receded some and left her to sleep. Sighing she figured she would find out soon enough how much damage had truly been done. She was not ready to give up on the child and the efforts she had spent on her. Kimbra sat down at the entrance of the cave to wait for the cover of night.
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