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Looking for F to RP in Vegas
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New to the site and very much enjoying the like-minded postings.  I'm a handsome, ddf white guy in Vegas looking for someone to RP - needless to say, this is a fantasy and all relevant details would be worked-out in advance....if you're interested, let me know.  I've done this once before and it was great; would like to find someone who wants the same thing so we can both live-out our fantasies.  Reply to this post if you're interested.


Re: Looking for F to RP in Vegas
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I live in n.las Vegas and keep having rape fantasy day dreams  and don't really know what to do with these thoughts! I'm redhead  in my 30s 5foot and 147lb!! I'm ok looking be nothing special!

Re: Looking for F to RP in Vegas
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What is the most important content within this forum? I want to know the source.