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The Beast of St. Carmine's - Part II
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The Beast of St. Carmine’s
by “Predator”
(copyright 1999, 2012, 2017)


<11> Agony at the Push of a Button

 Igor was sweating from the exertion of the lashing he had dealt Belinda’s bare breasts. He took of his shirt, revealing his huge, hairy torso, more like a bear than a man. Going over to the equipment table, he picked up a vial of smelling salts, and a strange black tubular instrument, about eighteen inches long and three inch diameter, with a dial and a red push button at one end, and two inch-long metal prongs, spaced about an inch apart, at the other. Reviving Belinda with the salts, which he then placed in the pocket of his combat trousers (he had a feeling he would be needing them more often as the girl’s ordeal intensified), he waved the cylindrical instrument in front of her face.
 “This,” he said, “is what is euphemistically called a  an Electrical Riot Baton. Actually, it is a sophisticated and extremely unpleasant instrument of torture.” Igor pressed the red button, and immediately a powerful blue-white spark arced across the two metal prongs, making a loud and terrifying crackling noise, accompanied by the acrid smell of ozone. The captive girl whimpered.
 “This dial,” continued the torturer, “controls the level of charge - and therefore pain. The dial goes from Level 1 to 10. To give you some idea of just how painful this most excellent instrument is, level 1 on this is equivalent to the highest setting on the cattle prod your little bare feet had the misfortune to encounter on our journey here. But enough chatter. You look like you’ve more or less recovered from your previous experience. Let’s try you on Level 1, shall we? Now, where would be good place to start? I know...”
Igor placed the end of the baton against her left breast, so that her nipple was caught between the two electrodes., his finger hovering over the red button that would activate the instrument.
 “Ready, my girl?” sneered the sadist.
Belinda’s pleads segued into a shriek that rose to an ear-splitting wail as Igor’s finger depressed the red button and the vicious blue flash seared through her tender nub . He held the power on for a couple of seconds, allowed the girl to recover, then repeated the attack. After half a dozen shocks, Igor turned the dial up to Level 2, then assaulted her other nipple at Level 3, extending each shock to a full 15 seconds. At Level 4 she started to spasm uncontrollably, and a thirty-second burst at Level 5 proved to be the maximum the girl could stand: she passed out.

<12> The Rape of Belinda’s Breasts

 Igor replaced the baton on the table, then released the swooning girl’s wrists. She slumped into his arms. Effortlessly gathering her up into his trunk-like arms, he carried his prize over to the black marble table, stretching her wrists above her and tying them to the rings at the head of the structure. Grasping her slender ankles, he bound them tightly to the lower corners of the table, leaving Belinda bound spread-eagled , wearing nothing back her dainty blue French knickers. He lovely delicate flesh glowed against the sinister background of the cold black marble, it’s darkness and unrelenting hardness in complete contrast to her soft honey-pale flesh and sun-kissed blonde hair. As he waited for her to regain awareness, Igor examined her beautiful breasts. The lash -marks, far from spoiling the perfection of her proud young mounds, actually accentuated their loveliness. His huge, hard hands mauled and crushed them, and, as Belinda’s eyes once more lighted with full consciousness, the brute towering over her climbed onto the table between her legs, and with an atavistic growl, sank his teeth savagely into her right breast. As the pretty victim thrashed and yelled at the merciless attack on her nude flesh, Igor bit and chewed her tit, finally seizing her nipple in his teeth and crushing and pulling on it with such violence that Belinda felt he was going to rip it off. He continued his bestial assault on her bosom, moving the attack from breast to breast, ensuring each firm mound had its share of the torture. Belinda was beside herself, hysterical, practically insane with suffering and shame. No man had even so much as seen her bare breasts before; now this pervert was practically eating them. His right hand worked its way to  Belinda's left breast, brutally mauling the beautiful flesh, then his left hand followed suit and cupped the other breast. His thumbs rubbed over the already pain-erected nipples.   Belinda tightly closed her eyes and felt the brute’s coarse torso-hair brush her stomach as his head came down to her breasts "OWWW ! UNHHHH!"  Belinda cried out pitifully as Igor worked his huge yellowed teeth over the sensitive bud of her molested left titty. Switching to the other breast he gnawed on the tender flesh.  He could feel the pounding of her heart beneath her heaving young breasts.

Igor’s cock was huge again now, practically bursting with arousal. Straddling  Belinda's stomach, Igor took his cock by the base of the massive shaft and smacked it down hard on the blonde’s left breast.  SMACK!  Belinda winced, it stung badly, a harsh, bruising blow..  The cock was so huge that it hurt when he used it like a club. SMACK, SMACK , SMACK, SMACK, the slavering brute began a hard dick whipping of the girl's lovely titties.   Belinda mewled like a kitten as he began to concentrate on her right nipple, swinging the cock harder and harder.
Then he grabbed her tortured mounds in his hands and forced them together around his huge swollen cock, and started to tit-fuck her. Like the violation of her little feet, the friction of Igor’s bloated organ against the whip-lashes and bites that covered her tender mounds caused Belinda unendurable pain, and she twisted and bucked and hollered as the merciless sadist raped her pretty breasts, adding to her suffering by viciously clawing at the tender flesh with his ragged fingernails. The more she screamed and struggled, the more ferociously the ghoul fucked her tormented jugs until, with an inhuman howl of lust, Igor spurted his come over Belinda’s mangled boobs.

<13> Open Wide!

 “What a mess!” chided Igor, as he viewed his jism trickling over Belinda’s ravaged tits. “Time to clean you up, you little vixen”. Once more, Igor retired to his living quarters, this time taking the time not only to clean himself up, but also to have something to eat. He wanted to keep his strength up; he had, after all, only just started on the violation of this little beauty. Besides, the girl needed a break. He had tortured and raped enough women to know that to get the most suffering out of them you had to pace the proceedings carefully.

Eventually, he returned to the spread-eagled girl with his washing kit, and cleaned her up. She wept pitifully, great wracking sobs interspersed with cries of pain as he roughly cleaned his dried spunk off her tormented breasts with brutal strokes of the scrubbing brush. The break he had taken, the refreshment he had taken, and most of all the cruel ablutions he had just performed on the helpless young girl bound to the table had conspired once again to give Igor a fully developed erection.
"Well, look what you've done now", exclaimed the beast-man, waving his massive organ in Belinda's tear-stained face "Looks like you're going to have to have your feet raped again!"
"No, God, no more...Ohhh please please please..I can't take that pain again." wailed Belinda.
 "Are you sure?" jibed Igor.
 "Y-yes, oh please..."
 “Have to be your tits, then”
"In that case, you're going to have to do something for me," said the tormentor.
"W-w-what?" whimpered the terrified girl.
 "You are going to have to take my prick in your mouth!"
 "No!No! Never! Leave me alone..." sobbed the wretched girl
 "Obviously you're going to need some persuading," snarled Igor. So saying, Igor went to the equipment table and selected a pair of pliers and the Electric Baton . He climbed back onto the table.
 “Level 8, I think,” growled Igor,
 “Nononononono......not that ”, screeched Belinda. “I’ll do anything...!”
 “I know you will..”, replied Igor, “but just to make sure...” And he zapped her right nipple with a full 45 seconds at Level 8. Belinda’s body spasmed so powerfully that her body left the table, only her bound ankles and wrists making contact, her mouth opening in a soundless scream, her bright blue eyes starting from her head, her pretty bare toes and delicate fingers spreading wide in agony. As Igor’s finger finally released the button and cut the current, Belinda slammed back down onto the cold black marble.

Igor straddled the whimpering girl, his enormous, lust-throbbing cock inches from her mouth.
 Looking at the pretty face he grasped her hair and raised himself towards her.
He slapped the side of her face with his engorged, club like dick, then rubbed it all over her lovely face. Then, to Belinda’s horror, he pushed the massive head of it against her lips.
His right hand had taken moved the spring-loaded pliers and placed the jaws around her left nipple.
 “Open your mouth, honey. Open it wide!” he commanded, tightening the jaws of the pliers on her nipple till she yelped with pain. Terrified of the metal instrument that threatened to destroy her sensitive nubbin, Belinda opened her mouth, retching with fear and disgust.
 “One warning, once only,” growled Igor into her ear, his voice thick with menace. “If I so much as feel the slightest touch of your teeth on my dick, I’ll rip your sexy nipple right off your titty. Do you understand?”
Terrified, Belinda nodded in assent. Suddenly, she was gagging as he thrust his member into her soft, moist mouth. He was so enormous that she was nearly dislocating her jaw trying to accommodate the invading tool. She felt the vile hot pole slide down her tongue, desperately trying not to choke on the massive organ. Working from a pushup position and rolling his mighty hips, Igor was stuffing more  and more of his meat into her achingly gaping opening.  Then she started to panic as Igor grabbed the back of her neck and started to force the impossible bulk of his cock deeper into her mouth, the stinking man-flesh bruising her soft, succulent  lips. Belinda gagged, and as her throat opened  Igor gave a terrible shove, forcing the bloated head of his organ down towards Belinda’s larynx. The wretched girl went crazy, her beautiful young body straining and twisting and writhing in utter terror as she felt herself suffocating , the huge shaft choking and smothering her, the repulsive stench of her attackers musk invading her flaring nostrils as he relentlessly raped her moist virgin  mouth. As Belinda’s frenzied struggles reached their peak, she felt the brute tense above her. He roared, and the suffocating girl felt a hot, salty gush of fluid flood her mouth and throat as the monster unleashed spurt after spurt of his vile rapist’s cum into her abused orifice.

Igor withdrew from the spluttering lovely, his cock still dripping. Climbing down from the table, he went to get a sponge to clean up the spunk that dribbled from the sweet ravaged lips of the sobbing , gasping little blonde.

<14> The Ladder to  Ruin

Having cleaned his victim up, Igor untied her from the table and roughly dragged her over to the apple picker’s ladder leaning against the barn wall. The ladder was made of rough hewn timber and was about four feet wide at its base, tapering as it rose to about two foot at it’s apex, which was secured firmly to the wall . It leant at an angle of about thirty degrees to the wall.  Igor made the sobbing girl face the ladder, then forced her to bend over the rough wooden rung that was level with her waist. Swiftly, he stretched her arms down as far as they would reach and  tied her wrists securely to a lower rung. Then he kicked her legs apart and tied her slender ankles to the sides of the ladder. Belinda was now bent double over at the middle rung of the contraption, with her thighs forced wide apart by the binding of her ankles. Slowly, Igor ran his hands over Belinda’s soft, trembling thighs. Never had he encountered such soft, beautiful, translucent girl flesh. His insatiable member yet again leapt to attention as he grasped the waistband of the helpless young woman’s panties, and with a brutal wrench, ripped them off her tremulous form. Igor gasped at the sight that met his cruel gaze: the girl’s mound was completely smooth: not just shaved, but professionally depilated. Her delicate pussy lips were tiny and perfectly symmetrical, closed tight together like an unopened rosebud. His giant prick strained against his trousers, and it was only with the greatest effort that he restrained himself from attacking Belinda’s helpless sex right then. But no, he must wait: there was no hurry, and anticipation was the spice of cruelty.

Belinda sobbed uncontrollably as the cold air struck her most private regions. She was naked!  Belinda Rivers was, for the first time in her life, utterly, completely, defencelessly naked before the gaze of a man. Except this was no man, this was a giant, monstrous, deviant, perverted, sadistic, rapacious demon, who had already ravished and tortured her flawless body in unspeakable ways. What now? What more could he do to her?

She hadn’t long to wait. Igor once more visited his table of horrors, returning with a whip in his right hand and the Electric Baton in his left. Belinda strained her head round in an attempt to see what her tormentor was doing, but she couldn’t get a view. But she could hear, and what she heard was the now familiar hiss of whip-leather as it missiled towards her captive flesh. Then Belinda’s world exploded into pain as the vicious lash sliced into her perfect pert buttocks. She screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed as Igor repeatedly flagellated her delectable buns, lacerating her poor asscheeks with his merciless whipping. Just when she thought her agony had reached it’s apogee, the whip found a new route as it curled up between her legs and bit into her tender cunt-lips. With extraordinary accuracy, the torturer wielded the vicious whip so that the very tip found her defenceless pudenda, causing the lacerated virgin to howl piteously as the savage instrument cut into her tender labia.  Throwing the whip to the ground, Igor strode up to the girl and, turning the dial of the Electric Baton to the highest level, he applied the tip of the instrument to her anus, and pressed the button. Belinda’s body convulsed, and her high-pitched shrieks shattered the air as he moved the crackling electrodes down to the lips of her pristine sex. Her little pussy went into spasm as the unutterable agony of the electro-torture coursed through her most delicate tissue. Rampant once more, Igor could wait no longer. He dropped the instrument of torture, and grabbed Belinda’s tender firm buttocks. Then, with animal grunts of lust, the vile monster stretched her cheeks apart, revealing the puckered bud of Belinda’s rear entrance. To the tortured girl’s unspeakable horror, she felt the knob of his huge, terrifying man-organ being pressed against her little arsehole. “Oh please sweet Jesus ....nononononoNONONONO! Don’ won’t...the painnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!”. Belinda’s sweet voice rose to a crescendo as the brute heaved his bulk forward and pierced her tiny opening with his gargantuan shaft. Completely unable to defend herself, the sobbing beauty could only howl her agony as, doubled over the ladder-rung, the monstrous Igor mercilessly buggered her virgin ass. Each time he forced into her, the wretched girl felt as though she was being devoured from within; each time he withdrew she felt she was being disembowelled. Igor’s pleasure mounted with each increasingly savage penetration, the tortured little beauty’s tube incredibly tight around his rapacious cleaver. As he felt himself approach climax, he thrust massively into her, burying his throbbing club into the pain-demented girl until his balls ground against the downy skin of her whip-marked buttocks, and came, pumping his seed into her mangled guts.

Igor stayed inside her for several minutes after coming, savouring the waves of spasms that rippled through the whimpering girl, before withdrawing from her agonised anus, untying her from the ladder, throwing her onto the bed and tying her wrists, then viciously repeated the agonising ass-rape until Belinda's torn anus could take no more and the young beauty passed out. As Belinda returned to consciousness, Igor  cleaned first himself, then his victim, ready for the final, and most devastating  instalment of her degradation.


<15> The Road to Violation

It took Belinda a full three hours to recover from her buggery, hours Igor used to revive himself with food and drink. He also swallowed a large dose of Viagra. Not that he needed it, for within ten minutes of ripping Belinda’s little asshole for the second time, he was fully erect and ready for action again. His reason for taking the drug was simple: he intended his already monstrously oversized penis to be as mind-warpingly enormous and rock-hard as the combination of nature and science could arrange, for his next act of ravishment on the abused body of his gorgeous young captive was to be the ultimate act of defilement that could be forced upon such a lovely innocent virgin.

He had dragged Belinda from the bed, thrown her to the ground and bound her wrists to the ring at the base of one of the oak roof supports, leaving her legs and ankles free.
He went to his table and produced a large syringe, filled with a clear liquid. “This, young lady” he said, addressing his terrified captive,” Is a rather interesting drug. It was developed by the torturers of the Agentinian junta. It basically removes the rather useful ability of a human being to pass out when pain reaches a certain intensity. It will mean that you will shortly experience pain unlike anything ever inflicted on a pretty girl before”. Igor bent down and grasped Belinda’s naked foot. ”Just think”, he sneered, “you will be a pioneer of suffering!” He brutally thrust the hypodermic needle into Belinda’s soft instep and injected the full contents of the syringe. She cried out as she felt the liquid burn through her veins, then curled up into a sobbing ball of fear and pain.

Igor loomed over her, watching her tortured form writhe helplessly on the cold stone floor of the barn. His eyes took in once again her perfect, lithe young body, the soft delicate skin, and the marks his perverted cruelty had inflicted on her breasts, her thighs, her little bare feet. Igor started to shake with a lust of an intensity he had never felt before. Suddenly, he felt the Viagra kick in and his erect member swelled and hardened to an ache that grew and grew, demanding release. His thick, ugly mouth exuded drool, and from his belly came a low, atavistic growl of bestial desire, a sound that caused Belinda’s body to stiffen in instinctive terror. Igor dropped to his knees and seized Belinda around her insteps. Viciously crushing her naked feet in his hands, Igor forced the screaming beauty's lithe legs apart, forcing her knees to bend and totally exposing her defenceless pudenda to his malevolent stare. He manoeuvred himself between the hysterical girl's thighs so that his rampant cock was inches from the girl's naked virgin quim. All that he had done to this gorgeous young beauty, all the tortures he had inflicted on her sexy little bare feet, her firm pert naked breasts, her tight trim ass, the ravaging of her feet and mouth and ass with his rampaging prick, all this had been a precursor, a warm-up, a preamble to what he had in store for her now: total, cunt-ripping, sex-splitting, bestial, vicious, utterly sadistic RAPE.
Gripping both her pretty naked feet in one giant hand, he extended the forefinger of the other and forced it between her labia, parting the soft curtain that hid the entrance to her womanhood, his calloused fingertip rough and threatening against Belinda’s tender vulva. The weeping girl saw his massive rigid penis throbbing with a terrible life of its own, like some giant anaconda stalking its prey, and she knew that her little pussy was to be its victim. As her tormentor's intentions dawned on her, Belinda's struggles became totally frenzied. She had to escape: if he tried to put that “thing” inside her it would kill her, she had no doubt. She would rather die than suffer the agony and shame of being ravaged by this monster. She had always been frightened and disgusted by the idea of sex...and as to rape, the very mention of the word had invariably caused her to feel faint with fear. And now, it was about to happen. To her. If only it was just a nightmare, if only she could just wake up.....but any fantasy of her plight being imaginary was suddenly and brutally dispelled by the most terrifying sensation of her young life: she felt the gross, mutant mass of his prickhead being forced between the dry, unready lips of her tiny virgin sex.
"Noooooooo......ohhh God......pleasepleaseplease...don't... .you can' won't're going to kill me...stoppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!" Frantically, the naked girl thrashed and bucked, jerking wildly at her bound wrists, swinging her hips, wrenching her pelvis back in a desperate attempt to dislodge the rapist's massive swollen member from her defenceless, pristine pussy.  Igor let her succeed; it encouraged her to struggle, and the more she struggled the harder and bigger his cock became. Never had he been so engorged: his fourteen inch rape-engine was rock-hard, aching with lust, mind-bendingly thick.. No wonder the doctors had told him he would never be able to have normal sex with a woman. He wasn't sure how he was going to fit all that meat into this petite blonde virgin, but he did know one thing: nothing in the universe was going to stop him from raping her now. Once more he pushed his glans hard up against Belinda's quim, forcing her soft labia aside and prodding at the utterly tiny entrance to her vagina. The word tight didn't begin to describe how closed-up she was. Her natural tightness had been incredibly accentuated by a state of fear- and pain-inspired spasm. "Vaginismus", growled Igor aloud, remembering the medical term for such a spasmed-up pussy. "God, girl, this is going to hurt you so very badly. If you think what I did to your sexy little bare feet and little ass was bad, wait until I get this monster dick into your tight little cunt and start raping you. You're going to beg for death rather than endure a single thrust!" Once more the utterly frenzied struggle, once more Igor let the girl think she had successfully repelled him. One last time.

<16> Ultimate Rape

But now he has teased enough. Now his lust has turned him into a total monster, a huge, sweating, evil demon with but one thought, one instinct, one mission: to penetrate the gorgeous naked virgin writhing beneath his massive bulk, to ravage, to violate, to despoil....TO RAPE HER!!!!!
With an inhuman cry, Igor thrusts his gargantuan cock into Belinda's totally unprepared vagina, ripping tissue until he meets her final defence. He stops a moment, savouring the piercing screams of his victim, allowing his prick-head to feel the thin, inadequate defensive veil of the girl's intact hymen.
 "Right now, girlie, you're still a virgin...just. But that's about to change. If you think that hurt, try.....THIS!!!!"
Bending her legs up towards her head, Igor rises above Belinda on the steel toecaps of his huge boots, holds a moment, then lets himself fall, throwing the full mass of his three-hundred-pound muscle-bound body onto his prick. Belinda's tight little virgin cunt has no defence against such an awesomely brutal assault: her soft mouth-lips part in sympathy with her torn cunt-lips, and as her virgin membrane rips and shreds before the power of the massive club-like rape-organ of her assailant, a scream of  utter agony and despair rips from her sweet mouth, arising from such depths that for its first few moments it is soundless. And now the rape begins in earnest, Igor unstoppable as he forces more and more of his impossibly gigantic prick into the demented blonde beauty who thrashes wildly beneath him, her lovely petite nude body in such sharp contrast to the inhuman, freakish gigantism of the rapist. She is like a wood-nymph, an elf-girl,  impaled on the cunt-destroying rod of some mythic, priapic minotaur. For Igor, all the years of being shunned, regarded as a freak, growing up being told he could never know the pleasures of ordinary men, his long years of incarceration, all the lust, frustration, anger, all was now being resolved by this merciless thrusting into this screaming little virgin. Her unutterable suffering was his exquisite pleasure. He has found his metier, his joy, his fulfilment. Igor is in ecstasy, he plunges with utter brutality into the softness of Belinda’s desperately tight, dry little cunt, which grips his cock like a velvet vice.  She screams, sobs, gurgles, beyond language, her lovely blue eyes utterly glazed with pain, her entire lithe, sweat-slicked naked body a single knot of thrashing, bucking, writhing, shrieking, twisting agony. He releases her legs, grasps her around her slender waist, his massive hands fully surrounding her. As he hammers his super-hard cock into her body, he hauls her down onto his invading prick, impaling her more dreadfully with each sadistic thrust.

Igor pushes his hips forward, driving his cock into  her tortured opening, grunting in satisfaction as he feels the head of his cock grind roughly into her dry channel, scraping harshly against her dry labia.  He revels in her screams as he penetrates her, her thrashings under him like those of a small, trapped animal. For fifteen long years he has dreamt of dry fucking  a young cunt like this: now he is doing it with a vengeance. Never has he known a snatch as tight as this; in all his experience as a rapist, he has never violated a vagina as unbelievably small as this, or a girl as intolerant of pain. Each time he feels close to coming, he rapid-breathes, uses a squeezing technique on his balls to stop himself: he wants this rape to go on and on, he wants to squeeze every last whimper of suffering from the helpless little virgin impaled so brutally on his cunt-ripping cock.

Belinda is practically out of her mind with the pain.  Her cunt feels like it is being torn apart, and she can feel every inch of his cock against her tender insides as he agonisingly thrusts his way further into her. She is nearly smothered by this hairy bulk of a man lying on top of her, and she whimpers as she feels his cock devastate her dry, tight pussy  She screams and bucks, but it is no use, she is trapped beneath his weight.  Her legs flail at his sides, and she tries to kick him , but he just ignores her, the kicks only serving to send renewed waves of pain through her tortured naked feet as the monster continues to force his cock into her shredded hole.   

The girl is going crazy beneath him as he drives his cock into her pussy, determined to get the full, incredible length of his insanely thick fuck-pole into her, even if it means tearing her in half.  He revels in the feel of her legs flailing against his sides, the brush of her adorable, soft little naked feet bouncing harmlessly off his muscle-armoured physique, the sound of her whimpering, screaming, begging. She is so small and powerless, so completely overwhelmed by his massive, vastly superior strength; she is like a little fawn in the death-grip of some huge primordial predator. He grinds his pelvis towards hers, feeling his cock squeezed by the impossible narrowness of her tortured pussy. He stops his thrusting for a moment,  grabs her hair, jerks her head up. "Look, little one, look at the source of your suffering", he growls. She shakes her head,  screws up her eyes, but he seizes her left nipple and crushes it viciously until she complies and looks down at the horror of her violation. She can see his inhumanly enormous, forearm-thick cock, huge, purple, vein-encrusted, lathered with blood from her torn and lacerated sex, she can see it buried in her pitifully overstretched vagina. And with a surge of terror she realises that less than half its length is inside her. "Oh please God, no more...don't push any more in.... there's no room....too big...too much...oh pleaaassseee!!!" Igor leers, his vile, evil face alive with sadistic lust. "You're going to take every millimetre of it, girlie, right to the root, even if it means tearing you in half!" And to prove his point, the brute gives a massive shove into Belinda's torn, pain-racked little cunt, forcing in a further three inches of cock-meat. Feeling him tearing her sex apart,  Belinda tries to stop screaming long enough to beg. "Please...please stop.  I  can't take any more... oh the pain're hurting...Godgodgod please help me ...Aiiiieeeeeeee!!!!.  Please...." He ignores her, and begins slowly drawing his dick from her tortured sheath, feeling like it is pulling her guts out with it. She shrieks as he bears his full weight down on her, driving his shaft hard into her guts, scraping mercilessly against the tender pink flesh of her sheath. He pulls out again, bringing a moan of pain from her lips, followed by another scream as he plunges back into her.  She keeps begging, shrieking  at him to stop, but he doesn't, he just keeps riding  her, smothering her, pounding into her cunt, raping her virginity, filling her cunny with unimaginable, excruciating pain. "See bitch," he roars, spittle flying from his mouth, " I'm raping you! Violating, ravishing, ravaging, reaming you! You are being raped by a freak cock twice as long and four times as thick as normal! No girl in history has suffered such agonising rape as you! How does it feel? How does it feel to be cunt-tortured and raped by a monster?" She draws her left leg back and somehow manages to aim a kick at his face, but he catches her slender ankle with his right hand. "What's the matter ,bitch" he snarls, " not enough pain for you?". So saying, he thrusts Belinda's delicate bare toes into his mouth and grinds his molars into the tender flesh of her poor tortured extremity. Once more Belinda's naked foot enters the dance of pain, as searing unutterable agony lances between ped and cunt, till it almost seems to her that it is her foot that is being raped and her cunt that is being chewed. His left hand goes for her lovely naked breasts, the nipples still hard and erect from cold and torture. He seizes her right nipple and twists and mauls it, rhythmically crushing it in time to his brutal cock-ramming into her traumatised sex.

And now all hell breaks loose. His mutant cock sheathed in Belinda's torn, dry, desperately tight cunt,  her taut plump nipple crushed between his thick, calloused digits, her delicious little naked foot writhing in agony in the grip of his jaws like some tender dove in the maw of a wolf, all this exquisite sensory overload blows what little self-control the sadistic rapist has held onto. His massive organ drags her delicate labia into her tortured quim, and Belinda's screaming rises still higher as her tender petals tear. Howling and slavering, he starts thrusting into Belinda's ravaged cunt like a demented beast, reaming her out, her vagina ripping, her perineum splitting from pussy to anus, yet still too tight and tiny to accommodate the gigantic raping penis that is destroying her virgin sex. As the sadist’s rhythm speeds up, so does Belinda’s screams, until rapist and victim are synchronised in some terrible parody of the act of love.  His cockhead is battering at her cervix, his vicious thrusts coming faster and ever faster, hammering, smashing, ripping, raping the convulsing virgin with demonic power, with insanely furious thrusts that, although less than half a second apart, still consist of almost complete withdrawal followed by near-total penetration, until, with a final, inhuman thrust of such force that it lifts the wailing girl completely of the ground, he sinks the entire massive bulk of his cock into her, ripping through her cervix into her womb. As his pelvis finally meets hers, as his grotesquely enormous rape-pole sears into her to the very hilt, the lust-demented rapist loses all control, his entire being focussed on an instinctual need to rape the lovely virgin impaled on his rock-hard member. He racks up his thrust-rate even further, hammering into Belinda’s ravaged sex with inhuman speed and power, the terrible stretching and friction removing whatever pitiful lubrication the shrieking girl’s cunt-blood might have provided. With each sadistic stroke, he pulls his cock out until the massive purple glans rests just between her ripped labia, then plunges the entire monstrous length of his rape-tool through her destroyed cervix and into her tortured centre. Belinda’s screams have reached a keening, ear-splitting high pitched wail of such desperation and intensity that Igor’s ears are ringing, his own deep guttural grunts of lust counter-pointing her pitiful sound  like some duet from Hell. Her beautiful lithe young body has become a temple of pain, her agony so intense that she begs for darkness, for unconsciousness, even for death. But the drug her tormentor had pumped into her prevents the blessed release of insentience: there is no relief, only inexpressible, mounting agony as the monstrous brute rips her apart with his colossal phallus. He is fucking her now like he has never fucked a girl before, utterly impaling her on his gargantuan rape-pole, reaching a power and savagery beyond his wildest fantasies, the sensory overload so intense that he seems to have reached an altered state of consciousness. As he gives himself totally to the wonderful sensations coursing through his grotesquely engorged fuckpole,  to the taste of the girl’s tortured naked foot crushed between his teeth, to the thrilling sound of his victims agonised screams and the feel of her nude body thrashing in agony beneath his, as the pain-ravaged virgin's entire body goes into a throbbing convulsion of agony, a spasm so complete that it travels all the way down to the very tips of her pretty little toes clamped so mercilessly in the rapist’s grinding teeth, as, finally, the lovely screaming pain-demented blonde is completely overwhelmed by the full enormity of his violating organ, he comes, pumping rush after rush of semen into Belinda's utterly raped cunt.


Igor kept Belinda for a further twenty four hours. He raped her repeatedly, never tiring of the girl’s exquisite young body, each subsequent rape lasting longer and longer until the final brutal penetration, when it took him over two hours to reach climax. He would have kept her longer, but realised that any further abuse would almost certainly kill her. He was a torturer, sadist and rapist, but not a murderer, so reluctantly he made the necessary arrangements to return her to her college.

They found Belinda the next morning, tied naked to a tree in the grounds of her school, half-dead, incoherent, her body covered in the marks of torture, her vagina  savagely injured by rape. In the hospital, they took samples, including a cast of a particularly deep bite mark on her left foot. The police forensic laboratory eventually match it to bite-marks found on the feet of over twenty rape victims from fifteen years ago. It was over a week before the girl had recovered enough to give a description of her captor, and  to tell them how she had been tortured, buggered, and finally raped over a dozen times, giving the police confirmation of the identity of the rapist. But by then Igor had flown the country, leaving Britain by night on his powerful ocean-going yacht. Strangely, it had taken the school over twenty-four hours to discover that another of their girls was missing: Isabelle O’Connor. The frantic search revealed two deeply disturbing clues: her bedroom window was found flung wide open, and in the snow outside were found two sets of prints. One set had been made by a deeply-treaded pair of boots of quite extraordinary dimensions. The other set had been made by a pair of small, female and completely naked feet. The rapist had obviously decided to take a souvenir of England with him on his flight to freedom.