Author Topic: Teddy Bears and Roses  (Read 631 times)

Teddy Bears and Roses
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I love teddy bears. And I LOOOOVE red roses! So vhy not combine the two?  :hooray:  :clap2:  :daydream:

Awwwww... I just vant to eat him up (together vith those delicius griottes), hes so cute!

Check this scruffy guy out... dont look at me like that, you'l make me cuddle vith you all day looooooooongggggggg... SOOOO cute! *kisses its litle nose*

I vant to be in this cutie's place... drowning in roses in a bath-tub, relaxing after good hard sparring! Then dive under-water, hold my breth as long as I can... and vith a few nice... hard... standing at atention... cocks waiting for me to to gorge on, vhen I surface agen, and bathe my face in hot, sweet cum... *salivates* Hmm... theres a good idea for the next orgy party vith the usual gang... need to expand on it a bit ofc and vork out the details with them.

 *falls in love vith those heart-shape ears* I wish my bf gets this intuitive on vhat kind of present to give me.  :daydream:

just my kink list to give you a idea of what to expect :)