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Oh my God there are men, powerful men, in Hollywood taking advantage of women. I'm shocked, shocked. I tells you.

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Y, vhat else is new... Predators and molesters prey on the weak, and most of the time, the "weak" hapen to be women. Half of it is there own fault tho, for leting men do that, and not standing up to it. One is only a victim if one MAKES one-self a victim. It hapens all over the world, not just in Hollywood. Thats why I rarely even read the news lately (and never read books or watch movies vith that in it), because I dont want to read shit like that and get pissed off and get in one of my rage-moods vhen I feel like killing someone. Vhen I get like that, I need to vent it out. So I avoid reading that crap, for 2 reasons: 1), I want to spare my temper and keep my blood-presure at relativly normal levels, and 2, I want to spare any of my sparring partners from me in that mood, when-ever I read shit like that and need to vent it out on something - or someone. That someone is liable to end up vith a concusion.

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