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Breeding Pack
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You closed the shed door with a soft click so that the only light remaining was faint daylight from the high windows. I was helpless, tied to a breeding post with my ass held high in the air still dripping with cum from an earlier session. I could feel my breathing shorten and even though I'd been bred multiple times, it still made my heart pump fast and uncoordinated beats. My legs trembled as I felt the pack's attention begin to perk up. They could smell the cum, smell the fact that their breeding bitch had been deposited here for their use. Unconsciously I let out a whine, I needed this - wanted this. You had asked me earlier in the day as we were out for lunch how I was feeling and I sassily responded, "unbred and unfucked." How that backtalk of mine can get me into trouble.

The alpha Great Dane came over first, licking my cunt as I writhed and gasped on the post, my upper body prostrated downward. His paws moved upward, positioning themselves on my back. A whimper escaped my mouth as I felt his cock push up against my already sensitive cunt. Unconsciously I pushed my hips back as far as I could while restrained. A few thrusts later, and I was being fucked against the breeding post. Each time I did this, I could feel my brain turn off a bit more, lose a bit more of whatever kept me from begging you to keep me here every night. A tortured gasp. Even as I wanted to moan, my mouth brushed up against another member of the pack, this one a Golden Retriever, and my baser breeding bitch instincts took over. I reached forward as much as I could and took his cock in my mouth, lightly stroking his balls with every thrust in my cunt. The cock in my mouth was already slightly dripping, each drop of dog cum on my tongue causing my cheeks to flush red.

Each thrust of the alpha grew more frenzied and much to my mixture of lust and worry, I could feel the sensation of the knot beginning to form in my cunt. My breathing hitched as he pushed in as far as he could go, and I moaned as I felt the knot expand inside me. God, it hurt. Even with it totally inside my cunt, I cried out softly in pain. The slippery sensation of dog cum began to fill me up. I could feel it leaking through where we were knotted together and with each movement, high-pitched squeals escaped me. It was like cumming over and over again, lapping up the cum and dog cock in my mouth that grew with each drop of my drool that unconsciously dripped down my chin. My eyes glazed over, only focused on the double sensations of cock in two of my holes. I wanted to cum. I really wanted to cum. But you had told me earlier that I wasn't allowed unless I asked very nicely.

All I could think of how in that moment, I craved being bred over and over again. How I loved being used by an animal who wanted nothing more than to fill me up with cum and treat me like a set of holes. I needed to cum. With the knot inside me, I couldn't move, mated to the Great Dane, moaning like a bitch in heat who couldn't control her own craving for dog cock. It was at that moment you came back inside the shed and watched me lazily from the door.

"How's my breeding bitch feeling?" you asked, lifting up the Great Dane's tail to feel the soaking wet mixture of cum around my clit. I groaned in frustrated need around the dog cock in my mouth with a garbled request to cum.

"Oh sorry, I can't hear you." I made to move my head but the Golden pressed more insistently on my mouth, causing me to stay put and filled on both ends. My eyes stared desperately at you, begging you to please let me come. You considered, gently rubbing your fingers tortuously against my clit and watching as I squeezed my eyes shut with the almost impossible urge to stop myself from cumming.

"How about you can come once I've fucked your ass again, is that fair?" My body shuddered and I wanted to say no, how could your cock fit in my ass while a knot was in my cunt. But I knew the perils of disobeying, so I just remained still, frozen in panic. As you pushed the Great Dane to the side and used my cum to lube up my asshole, I couldn't help myself - I jerked away, trying and failing to remember that I was restrained. Both you and the Golden pressed into me, your cock at my ass, slowly pressing inside as an unbearable moan passed my lips. Spit coated the Golden's cock as it came all over my face. I gasped at the air, for only a moment as the German Shepard took its place and I was again, completely full of cock.

By this point, your cock was inside me. I could hardly breathe, hardly think as you fucked me hard. Each second felt like a decade and I could feel my whole body shunted back and forth between the cocks like a spit roast, utterly taken, and completely at your and the pack's mercy. You groaned that you wouldn't last long, that you hoped I was ready to be bred again for the fourth time that day. My moans had become whimpers of defeat, submissive sounds of a breeding bitch who was exactly where she needed to be. A second, a minute or an hour later, I felt you cum deeply in my ass, just as the knot popped out of my cunt and the cock out of my mouth. Cum coated my legs and face and I didn't even bother moving, just laying there without any feeling left in me.

You walked around me and touched my matted hair gently, bringing my face up to you, tear stained and covered in cum as I trembled from my continued inability to cum.

"Do you feel bred now?"

"Ye-yes," I stuttered, "Pl-please Master, can I please cum now?"

"Do you feel fucked now?"

"Ye-yes," I panted, my voice high-pitched and needy, "I need to cum, Master, I feel so fu-fucked and bred, I'm-I'm begging you."

"Hmm," you looked at my whole body trembling, "Why don't we say another hour of this? You don't seem nearly desperate enough."

My eyes widened, horrified by the idea as you dropped my head back to the ground and walked back to the door. "I'll come see how you are in an hour, Sweetheart," I could hear you say sweetly, "See how desperate you are then." The door clicked shut and as the light dimmed, I could feel another set of paws on my back as I resigned myself to another day, another evening as a breeding bitch.

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Fantastic read!

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  • Hi everyone, jenny is this victims name.
totally wonderful, I would love to try something like this